Readers’ Questions, Part 1

In this post I will answer some of the questions that we have received. Feel free to submit more through the Q&A page but please note that I won’t be copy-pasting your old stories here or giving it any kind of attention. Circumstances do not matter and you can always ask questions without reaffirming your …

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lecture analysis

Let’s Read: The Art of Dying

The lecture that we will be reading and analysing in this article is the lecture called The Art of Dying. Let’s start it off with this quote from Neville: “…you would see that no one can grow without outgrowing. But man is not willing to outgrow, [and] yet he wants other things than those he …

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inspirational post

Thinking From

“What makes a present sense impression so objectively real is the individual’s imagination functioning in it and thinking from it; whereas, in a memory image or a wish, the individual’s imagination is not functioning in it and thinking from it but is functioning out of it and thinking of it.” The Law & The Promise, …

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