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Let’s Read: Your Supreme Dominion

If you follow us on Instagram, then you probably aren’t surprised that I have chosen this lecture as the next one in this series. After all, I’ve been posting quotes from it for a while now. Let’s start off with this quote from Neville:  “For man himself is the great psychological earth that must be …

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May Q&A: Part 1

Before we start, I just want to say that if your question isn’t answered in this post, it will be answered in the next one. We will be publishing a couple of posts throughout the next few days. We will be catching up with questions we’ve received since the middle of April because we didn’t …

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Stop Robbing Yourself Of Your Desire

Many times when people are asking whether or not something is possible, they are coming from a place of being limited by their concept of themselves. They think that their past matters more than their present and they base their plans for the future on things that happened in the past. Most of the time, …

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