“It’s Enough To Only Affirm Once” & Other Similar Things That Trip Up The Beginners

The topic of today’s post is a bit different than what I normally write. In the past, we covered the topic of rules that may be limiting you. In this post, I want to focus strictly on the things that some people say once they manifest something, without taking into account that it may actually be discouraging or send the beginner in the wrong direction. This is all, of course, based on my own observations and interactions with others when I was a beginner, as well as some mistakes I made myself when talking to beginners. 


“You can manifest by affirming once only.”

Okay, I will admit this right away – this one drives me bananas. Affirmations are a great tool. Neville talks about the inner conversations more than he talks about affirmations but if you are familiar with his technique known as the lullaby technique, then you know that what you do while you are using that technique is that you actually enter state akin to sleep and affirm that your desire has been fulfilled. Neville recommended some phrases that can be used, such as, “Thank you Father” and “Isn’t it wonderful?” However, you can use any phrase or affirmation that you want. Whatever feels most natural to you will work. What would you say to yourself/think to yourself after you’ve received your desire? 
But, the reason it drives me bananas isn’t because it doesn’t work. In actuality, it does work. It drives me bananas because there are beginners out there who hear this and think, “Well, I affirmed once… It didn’t come to pass. I didn’t see that otter I affirmed I saw. It doesn’t work.” 
Listen! It doesn’t always work that way! If it was always that simple, we would all be billionaires. You thought about being a billionaire at some point in your life for sure. You thought about driving a Bugatti. Well, are you driving one now? No? Then you have some more work to do. Then you aren’t in the state where these things feel natural to you. It wouldn’t feel natural for someone who has a Citroën C3 to suddenly shift, with one affirmation only, into the state where they’re driving a luxurious sports car that they probably perceive as so far out of their league that they may even (and naturally) be thinking that this could never come to pass for them. 
We have to make a distinction between the state and the technique. When you hear things like this, you may be thinking that you absolutely need to start affirming now and that that is the technique that will work. And yet it doesn’t work that way. We use techniques to shift states and once we shift states, that is when the manifestations arrive. This is why I am constantly going on and on about persistence, states and doing the work. Let me give you an example.
I know a guy, a neighbour of mine, he has so much money he doesn’t think twice about buying new stuff. He wants a new car, he goes out and buys it and I mean literally, goes out the next day and comes home with a new car. Why? He knows he can do it. He is in the state of knowing that he can get whatever he wants, whenever he wants. It doesn’t take long for him to fulfill his own whims. Now, I don’t know about his state of mind, I don’t know about his beliefs. I don’t know if his state is the consequence of his belief in himself or his belief that the money always comes to him or simply that he has a lot of money and he can do whatever he wants. I can’t speak for that. But I see what I see and I can tell you that this is one person to whom it feels natural to just get stuff like that. He could, technically, manifest it with one affirmation only because he is already in that state, he already has that belief system that goes along with what he wants to achieve in life. 
Now, if you don’t have have the same belief system, if your state is different, don’t despair. It’s okay. Acknowledge that your starting point is different and work from there. Work on reprogramming your subconscious mind first. And let me tell you, before you know it, you will see changes. You will see that you think about abundance differently. I know because I’ve experienced this as well. Once I reprogrammed my subconscious and accepted that the money always comes to me, the amounts I was earning when I started my business seemed so ridiculous I would sometimes sit down and laugh. I couldn’t relate to that person anymore. To that version of me, that was a whole wealth. To the current version of me, well, it seems like an amount I can earn in minutes now and I don’t much care for it anymore. I know for certain I will earn it and if I affirmed it once today, well, it’s going to come to pass for me and then I, too, can say, “Well I only affirmed for this amount once and it came to pass.” But it came to pass because I was already in that state. I didn’t even have to use the affirmation. I already knew I was going to earn that much. I shifted my state prior to this affirmation. See the difference?
And trust me, persistence wouldn’t be such a big deal if everyone could always manifest like that. You work your way to that point. How? Through persistence. Now, since we are talking about affirmations, don’t confuse persistence with constant affirming. You don’t need to affirm 24/7, you don’t need to think from the end 24/7 and you don’t have to be in SATS 24/7. You simply have to return to that state of the wish fulfilled, whatever that state may be for you, through a technique of your choice, frequently until it becomes your new dwelling place.
And if you are a complete beginner, you can do that with SATS. Whether you visualize your end result or you affirm it makes no difference. Both will work. As long as you are consistent with that work, as long as you are using that gateway to your subconscious mind, as Neville calls it in the Feeling is the Secret, it won’t really matter if you have moments throughout the day when you doubt yourself or doubt the Law. You don’t have to have strong faith all the time.
If it’s the law that your subconscious beliefs are always outpictured in the World of Caesar, then that is the law and it must work even when you doubt it, as long as you do the work.
You may get a parking ticket today, well, go to the judge and tell him you don’t believe you got that parking ticket. He will scoff at you and charge you anyway. If you have to pay for your parking spot and that is the law, then it’s the law and it’s gonna work whether you believe it’s the law or not. Well, you broke it, so now you will see it work. You did the work by not paying for it, so now you will see it in action because the consequence of this human law comes when you break it and that’s how you get the results in that case.
The same applies to the law of assumption. You keep assuming that your desire is yours when you are in SATS, and you know that sleep is the gateway to your subconscious mind, well then you will see results of that even if you have moments of doubt. 
Now to finish this, let me remind you of what Neville said in a lecture I covered in the Let’s Read series:

“Many times I have heard someone say: ‘I believe that imagining creates reality, but I once imagined something and it never came to pass.’ Then I ask: ‘What are you doing, saying: ‘I once imagined it’ and not imagining it now?’ For God’s name is I am, not I did!”

Neville Goddard, What Are You Doing

So no, you didn’t fail if your desire didn’t manifest after you affirmed once. Persistence is important in this journey and it’s the key to manifesting what you want, in most cases. Some day, you may enter this state where affirming once and manifesting your desire is a natural thing to you but if it isn’t your natural dwelling place right now, the only thing that that means is that you have to enter it. Now, yes, that can take some time for most beginners but it’s the only thing that has to be done before you receive your manifestation. It’s through persistence that you enter this state and that is why I always talk about it. 


Other Ways of Saying the Same Thing

Of course, there are always different ways to say the same thing. One of the most common variations of what I mentioned above is, “Just believe!” I have covered this topic in one of the podcast episodes. You may also have been told to, “Just assume!” Or, “Just change your state!” Or even to, “Just ignore the current reality!” The latter is something that I covered as well in one of the podcast episodes
Once we get a good grasp on how to operate the Law and once we get the results, it is very easy to summarize it in this way. At the end of the day, it really is about “just assuming.” That is what it all comes down to and there is nothing wrong with those sayings in the grand scheme of things. 
But my whole entire reason for writing this post is to invite you all to take into consideration that, although it may be possible for you to “just assume” because you have learned to operate the Law consciously and have the proved to yourself that it works, it may not always be as easy for a beginner to shift the state, just by snapping their fingers. Instead of summarizing it, let’s share our whole journey with those who are only now beginning theirs. Tell them about the techniques you used, tell them how you shifted into this state where it’s possible for you to “just believe” and get what you want.


The state from which you are speaking when you say things like that is the state in which you have already “obtained” this mindset that this is possible and natural for you to experience. This is why such an advice may be hard to follow for somebody who is in the state that is not the same to yours, a state that is temporary, a state from which they have to shift into this state of the wish fulfilled. They will first require advice on how to shift into this state in which you are now, in which obtaining your desire is effortless and natural. 

Again, I repeat, there is nothing inherently wrong with saying that the person needs to just believe or just assume or just ignore the circumstances. But these things are the consequence of us shifting the state. So, to all the beginners out there who have been trying to follow that simple advice and haven’t seen results: first, shift your state. That is where we all begin when we’re manifesting, no matter what we are manifesting and how experienced we are. Sure, it may take a bit more time for a beginner to shift the state but once you get a grasp of it, it becomes effortless.
I won’t go into details on how to shift the state in this post but as you all already know, my advice is always to ask yourself what it would feel like to have your desire and then enter state akin to sleep and either visualize or affirm that you have already received it. Imagine yourself at a point in the future where the desire is already yours. 
But most importantly… Persist. 


I leave you with this quote:

“Now to prove that you are, you can create – create in this simple, simple way: What would it be like if it were true? Just what would it be like? How would I feel if – and then you name it. How would I feel if she, or he, were as I would like them to be? So, you would like something lovely to happen to them, and then you feel it. Now, can you persist in that assumption? I imagine it to be so. I am still imagining it to be so, and I will continue to imagine that these things are as I have imagined them to be until it is objectively realized. Can I do that? Well, if I can, they will conform to it. Must I get their permission? I don’t need their permission if we are one. That is what I want for them. I don’t need their consent if it is something I would like for myself.”

Neville Goddard, Persistent Assumption

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