Assumptions, Not Actions

In this post, I want to cover a topic that I saw popping up in the comments of our Reddit page many times: people thinking about what actions they would or would not be taking if they already had what they wanted. I talked about the topic of “living as if” a few times before, therefore I will not go into details about that. What I do want to make clear in this post, though, is that thinking that way is the same as “living as if.” On the FAQ page of this blog you can find an answer I wrote a while ago, about manifesting money and spending as if you already have the money that you are only beginning to manifest now. This kind of thinking isn’t consistent with living in the end or Neville Goddard’s teachings at all. Therefore, I am writing this post to make it clear to you guys that you do not have to concern yourself with questions such as, “Would I be doing this if I already had what I wanted?” Because, let’s face it! If we had what we wanted, we wouldn’t be doing SATS, reading Neville or even have that question in the first place.


State Determines the Action

The first thing that I want to repeat and that I want you guys to keep in mind is that it’s your state that determines your actions. As you reprogram your subconscious mind and as your state changes, so will the way that you think and the way that you act. Forcing yourself to stick to certain actions because you think that those are the actions that you would be taking if you were in your specific state is going about it backwards. 

Instead of trying to figure out what actions you would or would not be taking, focus on the intentions behind your actions. For example, if you are manifesting an SP, are you checking their social media because you are still in the state in which you believe that they are involved with a 3P? Or are you doing it because it’s something you do casually, with other people in your life as well? If you are reading success stories on Reddit and other pages, is it because you are looking for a way to manifest your SP? Or are you doing it simply because you enjoy success stories? If you are in Facebook groups that discuss Neville Goddard’s teachings, is it because you are interested in discussion and sharing experiences, or is it because you are seeking reassurance and new techniques?

You see, the same action has a different meaning when it comes from a different state. This is why it is futile to try to control your actions in order to change your state. Instead, change your state and the actions you are taking will come from a different place, have a different meaning to you. 

Of course, this is not to say that you should continue stalking your SP’s social media, obsessively checking if you won the lottery or obsessively checking if the car you want is finally on sale,… Not at all! As a matter of fact, if you feel that the actions that you are taking are coming from the place of obsession, or that there is an intention behind it that is affecting you negatively and keeps you stuck in the old state, it is perfectly alright to decide to stop taking that action. But, instead of putting the emphasis on the action and the lack of results, blaming the action on the lack of results or even blaming yourself for the failure to manifest something over some action you took, put your focus on the action of reprogramming your subconscious mind. Because, once the subconscious mind starts accepting the new reality, you will see that the approach that you have is changing as well. The thoughts, the intentions, the “urge” to take a certain action may simply disappear. 

From my own experience, I can tell you that I know exactly what it feels like to obsessively be checking your SP’s social media because you are looking for signs that they are still involved with a 3P. Also from my own experience, I can tell you that once you start impressing your subconscious mind, this urge will go away. Before you know it, you will realize that it’s been days since you’ve thought about the 3P because you’ve been so busy with other things, including thinking from the end – thinking only of your relationship with your SP and not about a potential 3P and their potential relationship – that you simply “forgot” to check! And this is how I know that the action is dictated by the state that you are in. Therefore, the focus should be on changing your state and not on intricacies such as what actions belong to what states. The same action may be taken in two completely different states but the intention behind it, the assumption behind it, is what makes all the difference.


Reddit, Facebook Groups, Other Sources of Information & Your State

This brings me to a very common discussion I have noticed on Reddit, as well as some other places on the internet: would you be reading posts on Reddit/in the Facebook groups/other sources of information on Neville Goddard’s teachings, if you already had what you wanted? The answer to that question depends on what state you are in. Therefore, the answer does depend on the individual and what would feel natural to you. However, trying to figure out this answer is not necessary. That is not your job. Your job is only to change your state. 

Instead of worrying that the fact that you are still reading posts on Reddit or in some Facebook group may imply that you aren’t living in the end, continue programming your subconscious mind for success and if the new state requires you to stop reading these posts, you will do so without having to force yourself to do it. 

For example, right now you could be reading the posts in some Facebook group because you need inspiration and reassurance. When you have your desire, you may be willing to come back and help others figure things out for themselves. The action of reading the posts will be taken to your new state but the intention behind it will be different. Your motivation will be in line with the new state instead.

If this is hard to understand, let me give you an example that doesn’t include social media, but something that most of us can relate to. Right now you may be avoiding contact with your SP because you do not like what is showing up in the 3D world or you keep reacting to it. And yes, it is perfectly alright for you to end contact in that case. However, when you think about it – in this current state you are thinking of contact as something that triggers the old story. In the new state, in the state of the wish fulfilled, you will be thinking from a loving state, a state of somebody who has a great communication with their SP, whose conversations with their SP are filled with love and joy. The action – communicating – remains the same, but you approach it from a different place/state.

You could also be in a situation where you do not communicate with your SP for days at the time. In one state, you may be thinking that this is a sign that they do not like you or want anything to do with you. In another state, you may be thinking that they are just busy and be sure that they would reach out to you if they could (and so they will). 


Bridge of Incidents & Action

The last thing that I want to mention in this article is something that I do not see often but I have seen it on a couple of occasions and I feel that it needs to be addressed. If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know that you cannot really predict the bridge of incidents. It could be anything – good, bad, indifferent. If you are manifesting a higher salary, you may lose your current job before you get that higher salary at another, more suitable job. If you are manifesting an SP, they may walk away for a short while only to come back and tell you that they needed some time to get their mind in order so that they can offer you commitment the way you want them to offer it to you. If you want a car or an apartment, you may find that you do not have enough money to get the one you want, only to then get additional money from an unexpected source and become able to afford it after all. The possibilities are endless and they are not for us to figure out. 

I have seen this happen particularly where the SPs are involved. The person may come back and offer commitment but the manifester will decline that because they are supposed to be in no contact or some other ridiculous reason. I am not saying that you need to accept the breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs may be your bridge of incidents but not your final result and therefore, you must continue reprogramming your subconscious instead of stopping. 

Now, I am not talking about the cases where the other person comes back and they are still acting the same way that they acted before. Those are the cases where, even if you accept them back into your life, you have to continue doing the work. The cases that I am talking about are the cases in which the person offers you exactly what you want but you refuse them because you set this rule that you will be in no contact for 30 days. Stop limiting yourself with things like time. It is okay to set a deadline on something but remember that the manifestation arrives when your subconscious is impressed. If you are persistent and consistent with your work, the manifestation may arrive before the deadline that you’ve set for yourself. 



All in all, remember that the same action may feel differently in one state than it does in another. If you are manifesting money and you have $50 on your account but you really like those new $100 Nike shoes that you just saw on some website, it doesn’t mean that you have to go ahead and buy them, despite your better judgment, because “that is what you would do if you already had the money.” You live in the end in your imagination until that imagination spills into the World of Caesar and externalizes.
Do not force action. Focus on changing your state.

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