In this episode, I discuss dreams and I will also reveal how I like to interpret them or approach them.

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Please note that all the episodes (the entire playlist titled Frequent Questions – Short Videos on YouTube) is now publicly available. I wanted to keep it private just for the readers of my blog because doing YouTube was never really my intention but I figured it doesn’t really matter and it will be easier for you guys since you won’t have to jump from article to the video individually and can instead play the whole playlist.

Season 2/Playlist 2 is coming soon. I have already recorded the first episode but in the meantime, I will be writing a few articles in my free time as well, so for those of you who prefer to read, I have some things coming for you as well.

I have also updated the commenting system here on the blog. Unfortunately, the original WordPress system isn’t really that good when it comes to eliminating spam and since I have a short fuse when it comes to people wasting my time (what a lovely assumption, Ivana), I transferred over to Disqus. Unfortunately, in my haste, old comments haven’t been copied over but I hope that is not an issue for anyone. If you wish to comment, please register on Disqus, or simply message me here if you have any questions that you would like for me to cover. Again, I do not do coaching or provide any paid services, so this may not be the best place to ask for so called personalized advice.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!

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I am a Neville student who enjoys sharing her own experiences and interpretations. My main goal is to help others understand Neville's teachings and how life-changing they can be.
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