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Hello guys! 


Just wanted to come on here and let you all know that videos that have been published are now available also in a podcast form here. You can listen to them directly on the Anchor website or on the Anchor app, or you can listen to them on this blog as well. I decided to convert the videos into a podcast because I know how much I prefer to listen to things while doing something else and we can’t really do that if we’re listening to something on YouTube, unless we have two devices available.


In the future, I do plan on writing more articles, but publishing videos/podcasts is much more convenient for me at the moment because it takes less time. You can always submit your questions here. Right now I have about 8 questions in line that I will be answering, so please be aware that it may take a while for me to get back to you but I do plan on covering all questions, unless you are clearly only seeking personalized advice/coaching – as I am not a coach, I will not be covering such questions and I hope you guys understand why. I explained my stance on that a while ago in one of the articles. 


Wishing you all a very successful, peaceful rest of the week! xx

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