How to Deal With the World of Caesar When Manifesting

Hi everyone!

I have decided to change things up a little bit and start a new video series on YouTube. So far, I have used the YouTube channel to upload Q&A videos. In the future, I will be uploading short videos in which I will answer the questions that we receive frequently. We have been doing Q&As since October of 2019 and it is perfectly understandable that some of you, especially those who have found us recently, may not have read all the articles. This month in particular, we have received a couple of questions that were either already answered or they could be put under the same category. This is why I decided to start this new series. Videos will be relatively short, all of them very likely under 10 minutes, depending on the topic! They will also focus on the practical application of the Law a bit more, all based on my own experiences. I will mention my own manifestations in this series and explain how I got the results or how a specific part of the process felt for me. 

In the first video, I covered the topic of dealing with the things that are going on in the World of Caesar when one is manifesting. This video was inspired by a question sent to us by Natalie, who specifically asked for guidance when manifesting money. In the video, I covered the topic of dealing with the World of Caesar when manifesting money and also added in an example of manifesting weight loss. Please note that even though this may not include the specific thing that you are manifesting, the same advice could be applied to any manifestation. It’s just the example that may differ. 

I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to keep submitting your questions here


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