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In this blog post, I will be covering the lecture from 1968, called Follow the Pattern. You can find this lecture, along with other lectures here. I recommend reading it before you read this post as there are many experiences Neville mentions in that particular lecture, describing how the Scripture unfolded in different individuals. 


Right in the beginning of this lecture, Neville makes a bold statement claiming that: 

“If all things are possible to your imagination, and you are all imagination, you should be able to accomplish anything and fulfill every desire. But first you must be willing to believe you are all imagination! It’s entirely up to you. Do you believe you are mortal man – or all imagination?”

Assuming that imagination allows us to achieve anything in life, we must take responsibility in the terms of our own beliefs. What does this mean? It means that what we believe in/what we assume, is going to be out-pictured in our external reality, constantly. I said this many times before to people who ask me, “But how do I know what limiting beliefs to get rid of?” There is nothing hidden from you. If we assume that imagination is all there is, then our limiting beliefs are always out-pictured as well. And this doesn’t mean that you have to pinpoint every single limiting belief that you have and then resolve it by assuming the opposite. It’s simply about recognizing that our imagination isn’t hiding anything from us. Whatever you assume is true of yourself and the others is what will be reflected back to you through your external reality. 

Therefore, we can only conclude that it was this imagination that turned us into mortal men that we are right now. But, whatever experiences we are having right now, we have to keep in mind that we are always in some sort of a state. As a mortal being, you are moving from one state to another, constantly. Whether you are doing it consciously or unconsciously is irrelevant. And, it is through your imagination that you move into another state. Again, whether you are doing that consciously or unconsciously is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. This is why Neville tells us this:

“Living in infinite states, the basic state from which we operate is our body of belief. If you believe you are limited, your thoughts flow from that belief. But if this principle is true, and you place a modification on that body of belief, you should produce a corresponding change, as your outer world is forever reflecting your inner thoughts.”

Let’s bring back Mary and Francis and turn this into an example, so it will be easier to understand what Neville means when he says that. Let’s assume that Francis is desiring to earn more money. However, he feels like he doesn’t have any way of earning more. He feels like he is limited at his job and he just can’t advance, no matter what he does. But, despite that, he decided to do some SATS and change his attitude about his job. After a few sessions, he noticed that he is now naturally thinking from a place in which he acknowledges that there is plenty of space for him to grow and be promoted. Some days later, he receives his opportunity to be promoted and starts earning way more money than he did in his old position. 

What really happened here was just this change of the attitude/assumptions. This could have led to him being fired and then recruited by another company that was able to pay him better. It could have also been resolved by somebody else quitting and him being promoted to their position. There are countless ways of how a manifestation can come to pass, and we shouldn’t concern ourselves with that. When we change our body of beliefs – aka, when we change our attitude about life, that is when things will fall into place. Old limiting beliefs will no longer be relevant. They will fall away as well. And if they don’t, it doesn’t mean the manifestation can’t come through. It simply means that it will come through in the way that will feel natural to you in that moment and sometimes that could mean that it will be “clothed” in the limitations that you’ve imposed on yourself but imagination generally doesn’t recognize the limitations. And, that is why you are told not to worry about the how and when. In imagination, you can reverse a belief in a matter of seconds simply by staying in the end and not basing your judgment on what your senses dictate. Or, as Neville says:

“To Satan, there is nothing beyond the physical sense of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touch, as he is confined to the limit of opacity and contraction.”

Relying on our human senses means that we are relying on something that is actually the effect of the spiritual cause. We are completely overlooking the spiritual cause of the thing and instead of changing the spiritual cause of the effect by changing our assumptions, we are constantly battling the effects, seeing them as causes instead. 

Now that we are aware of the Law and that the imagination is what makes it possible for a thing to come to pass and to take form in the physical reality, all we have to do is learn to control our imagination. This may sound like something that is hard to do but it really isn’t. It’s just that most of us want things and we want them yesterday, so the thing that is the hardest about this entire process is persisting when we aren’t seeing any progress in the physical reality. But here is the thing – we have to put what we’ve learned into practice and I mean really apply it to everything. It’s not about instant gratification. It’s not about instant results. When you start a weight loss journey, you don’t expect to lose a 100 pounds after one jumping jack, do you? It’s about consistency and persistence. When I say that we have to put everything we learned into practice, I mean that we also have to remind ourselves that our worlds are actually our beliefs being reflected back to us. This means that the change will be internal before it’s external. The feeling of knowing, the feeling of peace, the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the first indication that the things are about to change. It’s not about seeing something on the outside and then concluding that it’s working. 

“Persist, and to the degree you are self-persuaded of its truth, the outer world will change, for it is forever conforming to the belief housed within you.”

I know that many of you are on this journey because you are manifesting a specific person. If you are one of those people, then the next quote, coupled with the quote above, should explain why you may not be seeing the movement: 

“So you left the world of innocence, and entered the world of experience to return to the world of Imagination, from whence you started. And when you return you are all Imagination, and nothing is impossible to you. But before you do, you can test your creative power knowingly. Do you know someone who is in need? Bring him before your mind’s eye and see his need fulfilled. Lose yourself in the thrill, the feeling of joy for your friends. Do nothing on the outside to make it so, simply persist in seeing him in his new state, and no power on earth can stop it from being so. If you think he can oppose you, you are looking at the world of Satan, for there is no physical other. God is one. There is no opposition save that which you create for yourself!”

Many of us have started on this journey following some more general LOA advice. In the general LOA circles, people tend to speak of free will and other limiting beliefs. Some of us, when transitioning to Neville’s teachings, even kept some of these beliefs and allowed them to hold us back. However, now that we are here, we have to acknowledge that the way that the other person treats us is simply based on our assumptions about ourselves, this person and the way we assume they will treat us. So, if you are manifesting an SP and they seem to be coming and going, being hot and cold or even displaying behaviour such as being mean to us while being super kind to everybody else – the cause is within us. The cause is spiritual. The cause is our expectation/assumption of how this person will treat us. But, to look at it as something separate from you would be to believe the Satan. It would mean that you are saying that this person has the power to treat you however they want and you can’t do anything about it, effectively surrendering all of your power to this other person and assuming the position of a victim in this particular case. 

This is why you will see examples of people who are mean to everybody but you. You may also find people who are kind to everybody but you. It all stems from the way that you assume you are going to be treated by this person. 

Putting yourself into the situation in which a person is mean to you means that you are creating opposition for yourself. You are creating an obstacle where there is none. Of course, this is all based on your limiting beliefs and although I do not wish to go into too much detail about that topic, at least not in this article, it can be resolved by remembering who we truly are. When we take our power back, so to speak, that is when we only acknowledge/allow the versions of the stories that serve us. At the end of the day, if we truly believe that we have all of this power, why would we put ourselves in the position of a victim? Some people will tell you that they don’t want to concern themselves with every single individual’s behaviour towards them. That is perfectly alright. Nobody said you need to create a perfect life. However, do keep in mind that these are the issues that could be resolved by general statements, such as declaring that everybody always treats you in the best way possible. You do not have to separate your experience with one person from your experience with another person and therefore effectively separate these individuals and particularly the way they treat you from yourself because that would imply that they are free to choose how they want to treat you. No, they are not. Not unless you allow it to. 

By choosing to change your assumptions about a specific individual or a general assumption you have, you are effectively using revision. 

“The Book of Mark begins: ‘Repent.’ That’s revision! That’s changing your thinking, thereby changing your belief, which causes a corresponding change in your world.”

And, as Neville says in this lecture, you shouldn’t wait to revise. If you see something that you don’t like, something that makes you feel uneasy, revise it right here and now.

“Imagining creates reality, for waiting will cause you to find the problem more difficult to overcome, so change it the moment you sense it. Always revise now!”

My own experience has taught me that sometimes postponing things isn’t a good idea at all. It’s something that only complicates things further. It’s something that makes it harder to then come back to it and revise it, because we continue building our future assumptions on these unlovely experiences we haven’t revised. 

For example, if Francis wanted to get together with Mary and she told him she isn’t interested in a relationship, and he waited a few weeks to finally revise that, he will have already spent a few weeks simply basing the rest of his inner conversations on this rejection that he experienced. He will keep thinking she isn’t ready or that she just isn’t interested in him. Maybe he’ll even start thinking that there is somebody else in her life and that is why she rejected him. However, if he revises it right away and sticks with the new story, returns to the state of the wish fulfilled frequently, he will find it significantly easier to manifest just that. 


I want to finish this post with the following quote from this lecture:

“I tell you: there is only one cause, and that is the Human Imagination. When you change your body of beliefs, everyone must and will play their part to produce evidence of that change in you.”

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