Reader’s Submission: There is No Other

You, I, and everything we know as living beings, animate, inanimate, solid, liquid, gaseous, and also any new definition that may exist in the future, we are the set of infinity, of a single infinity, we are the unity of the being.

All of us together, we are one being.

A being that is everywhere is a single and Unique energy and there is no space in it. Neither is time. This energy is intelligent, but because space does not exist for it, the only way it can exist is by imagining it.

If imagination is necessary to create, this implies that I cannot create if there is no space, then the first thing that was created by this Being, the first thing that it imagined, was space, and there is no space without light, therefore, it created the light, and because it is everywhere, he felt what was created within himself. The feeling of being the light, the feeling of being something. Here individuality is born.

But individuality, despite being the symbol of the soul, is only a change in the size of the being in the space that he created. The Self has divided. Now this Being, he believes to be a unit in each part in which he divided.

This thought may sound strange, but they are answers that come to me with the wind, and as I write, the thought teaches secrets that help me remember.

This Being that we are, imagine, but he can only see the shadow of what he imagines, he can only see the reflection. To ourselves we cannot see our imagination, only the reflection of what we imagine. Nor can he see himself, because in order to see the everything, he cannot be anything that observes it, being something that he observes, the everything ceases to be a unit. Then he can only see the incomplete shadow of himself, and his shadow is behind what the imagination reveals. Just like a full moon reflects the sun on it.

When the Being wishes to create something, he does it in order to reveal himself, he knows what it is, and when he sees the shadow of it he can remember who he is. Because of this, man has infinite desires, these desires are the search for himself. He wants to observe his shadow to see what he has been denied, he wants to see who he is, and the more things he imagines, the more parts of himself he can see.

Imagination is the heart of this being, it is what it keeps alive, it is what keeps us alive.

Imagination is eternal, because this being is eternal.
The first thing that this being created was an image, an image of space, it was a fixed image, only light, without movement, then this being felt that he was light, that he was space, and this imaginative movement of began to feel something, created a second image, which was born between space and the feeling of being the space, this image created a point of shadow in the space, a point of shadow in the light. That point is the shapeless image of the everything, it is the shadow of the everything within the image, and this shapeless image created time.

And so this being continued to create forms, new images, increasingly complex, and in each created form there is the shadow of this being, in each created form there is the remaining darkness of the whole, in that shadow there is what has not yet imagined.

In this darkness the imagination remains hidden, full of all the wisdom to create the most wonderful things.

When you imagine, it is this Being that is imagining, when you feel that you are, it is this same Being that is feeling to be what he is imagining.
You are a Being with the freedom to be anything you imagine.



Marcos Sanz

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