Let’s Read: The Power of Awareness

Before I start this post, I just want to make sure that everybody knows that what I am talking about here is the lecture called The Power of Awareness. It’s from 1953. Neville has a book with the same name. You can find both of these here. You can now also find all the lecture analysis I did so far here



“We look upon the world as, I would say, a manifestation of consciousness; and the whole vast conditions of men but revelations of individual states of consciousness.”

One of the most important things that Neville reminds us of in this lecture is that the whole vast world is nothing but consciousness pushed out. The states that the individuals find themselves in are nothing but different states that exist inside the consciousness as mere possibilities until they enter these states. 

Knowing this, it is easy to see how we can change those around us by seeing them in different states. Somebody may come into your life and he may desire to be employed. Right now he is unemployed. He is in the state of being unemployed. If you could shift into this individual’s mind for a while, you would probably find thoughts that are aligned with that state. Understanding the Law means that you can make them shift into the state of being employed. Imagining them, consistently, as the one that is employed, you will start a bridge of incidents that will lead this person to finding a job and subsequently you to rejoicing in their good fortune. So you imagine this person telling you that they finally found a job that they truly enjoy and you continue seeing them as that person until the whole thing externalizes and fully comes to pass, and you have successfully changed the state that this individual abides in. 

Or, to apply another principle in this case, we can think of a person who is always criticizing you. Applying the principle of everyone being you pushed out, you can change their state in regards to you. So you stop yourself from thinking that this person is always criticizing you. Everytime you catch yourself dwelling on these thoughts, you stop yourself and remind yourself that they are supportive of you. You put them in that unlovely state to begin with because, due to everyone being you pushed out, this person has no choice but to react to you the way you expect them to react. You assumed they are always saying this or that – well, flip the record. Hear them tell you how proud they are of you instead. Listen as though it’s actually them speaking to you. Do it enough that it becomes the new way of thinking that you resort to when you think of this person.
You are having trouble shifting into this new state through mental diet alone? Okay, go back to the basics and do SATS until you feel the relief of having this person being supportive of you. But be consistent until you see the change. 

You may think that the fact that this person is criticizing you is a revelation of their state and in a way, it is, but the cause of this state is your own imagination. This is also the reason you can change it. It’s the reason you can change the whole vast world and how it responds to you. Ironically, that comes with the change of state on your part, or as Neville says: 

“When we speak of the revelation of state, we simply mean that the state in which the real you for a moment abides, objectifies itself as the condition and the circumstances of your life. If you are dissatisfied with the conditions of life, there is no possible way of changing them unless you first change the state from which you view the world; for the state from which a man observes the world determines the world that man describes.”

If you go through some of the previous lectures that I have covered through this series, you will find that Neville speaks about this right from the beginning. To know what state you are in, describe the world around you. See how you talk about it. This description of the world you are currently in will reveal not only what state you are in but it may also reveal some things that you will then decide to change. It will also give you the opportunity to test the Law by focusing on changing things that you disagree with or are unhappy about!

Neville reminds us of this again in this lecture as well:

“If I ask you to describe your world socially, and I listen attentively to your description of the world, you are revealing your position in the social world to me. If I ask you to describe it intellectually, financially, spiritually, you may not know it, but the description that you offer of the world is revealing to me who listens – or to yourself if you are attentive – that particular state of consciousness from which you view the world.”



Now, I want to address something that I talked about in one of the comments recently and it includes going back to the basics. I also mentioned this previously in my posts but I think it’s worth repeating it: if you have been struggling with getting into the state of the wish fulfilled, go back to the basics. Remember one of the things that Neville taught us about – state akin to sleep. When you enter that state, you can “bypass” the conscious mind and impress your subconscious mind more easily. 

No, I am not telling you that you need to visualize or even that you need to do this. Affirmations do work but what we sometimes forget as we move along this path is that it’s our subconscious that needs to be impressed, not our conscious mind. The thoughts in our conscious mind are, more often than not, a result of the things we have impressed on our subconscious mind. The thoughts that we return to most often are the thoughts that show us our habitual dwelling place. When it comes to subconscious, however, Neville has this to say:

“It is that portion of mental state not directly within the focus of consciousness, but capable of being called into such focus by the proper stimulus.”

So you see, this is why I ask you to go back to the basics. In my experience, when I struggled with something for a long time, when I couldn’t have that breakthrough that I desired, it was mostly because my subconscious mind wasn’t impressed. How do we impress our subconscious mind? By getting into a relaxed state, state akin to sleep. I won’t go into further detail because I believe most of you are familiar with this technique already and Neville describes it in many of his lectures and all of his books.



Speaking of thoughts and changing our thoughts, it is true that our thoughts create our lives. However, in this lecture Neville says they are like “rambling sheep”. Most of us witnessed that through our lives but what we may not have understood before is that most of these thoughts are habitual. They are a result of our subconscious programming.

Well, you can start to subdue them and take control over them. Imagination, according to Neville, is the shepherd in this case, so if you only imagine lovely things, you will guide these sheep to create something lovely for you. 

What thoughts do you return to most frequently? Those are the thoughts that show your dwelling place. Let’s take an SP for an example. If you are constantly returning to thoughts about being broken up with, all the things you did wrong or all the things they did wrong, this or that memory that “proves” that you cannot ever get back together with this person, then that is your dwelling place. Start changing those thoughts. 

Again, bypass your conscious mind by going directly to your subconscious mind. When you do that frequently, your thoughts will align themselves automatically. And if it doesn’t happen after one session, don’t worry. If it doesn’t happen after five sessions, don’t worry. I’ve been in situations in which I would have negative thoughts and doubts and I still got what I wanted. That was because deep down I knew that I would get what I want and the doubts and negative thoughts that would arise simply didn’t seem that relevant. They were a part of my old programming. All this to say – you don’t have to have perfect thoughts or a perfect thinking progress in order to get your desire. 

Sometimes your old thoughts will still come up. Sometimes your doubts won’t fully go away and you will still get what you want. Manifesting isn’t a linear process. But, when you have these doubts, something inside you will tell you that they aren’t relevant.

I remember when I was manifesting healing for my cat a few months ago. I used the lullaby technique as I always use that technique lately. During my waking hours, I still had a fear of him not fully recovering but they would always be overwritten by this knowing that I have reached while doing doing the lullaby technique. It went like this: 
Thought 1: But what if he dies?
Thought 2: You know he won’t, this is just habitual thinking caused by your previous state. Deep down you know that he will live so stop torturing yourself.
Well, he lived. And he recovered. And he is back to his usual shenanigans. And before anyone asks – no, this is not the same cat as the one from the last success story; no, I don’t know why they keep getting in trouble except that I keep expecting them to so I am working on changing that; yes, there could be more cat success stories in the future and yes, I do have other success stories to share, unrelated to cats, and I will be sharing them in my future posts.

In this lecture, Neville says:

“Any time you imagine any unlovely thought against another, you walked me in the mud. And then you said you loved me, but any time that your imagination was ever exercised on behalf of another, and it was not lovingly exercised, you did not feed me. You walked me in the mud.”

Connecting my story to what Neville says in this paragraph, I didn’t walk my cat in the mud because I did imagine lovingly for him. Despite my old habitual thoughts coming up, I changed his state. The point I am trying to get to is that this knowing that the thing that you desire is coming, it’s inevitable, is all it takes for it to manifest. This feeling of knowing overwrites old habitual thoughts. We are creatures of habits and sometimes it takes time to get rid of these old thoughts. This is why I cannot ever with 100% certainty say that all my thoughts are indicative of this state or the other but I can, with certainty, say that this feeling of knowing is indicative of it. But, let’s be clear, even though not all of my thoughts may be coming from the new state, most of them will, so it’s still a pretty good indication of it. This is why I’m telling you it’s not a linear journey and by linear I mean that not everything will be perfectly aligned with the new state once you shift, right from the very first second. Because, again, I may still be thinking some of the things that I thought in the past but I know they’re not true anymore. 



Neville taught us that the highest level of forgiveness is forgetting. What most of us did when we first discovered this wonderful Law is that we started digging through our past and looking for the reasons for why certain things happened to us. Please remember that this is not necessary but it may be helpful. If you decide to dig through your past to see what assumptions caused the current circumstances, that is perfectly alright as long as you don’t dwell on them. Once you see what it was that caused it – change it. 

As somebody who has a tendency to be pretty harsh on myself when I see that I messed up, let me tell you another thing – there is never any need to beat yourself up for your past assumptions. The best thing that you can do when you see that you manifested something unlovely is to revise it and manifest something lovely in its place. This is how I understand forgiveness. To me, it is as simple as changing unlovely things to lovely things, knowing that they were all caused by my imagination to begin with. People may tell you, you don’t need to forgive this, that or the other. Well, you don’t. But if you understand forgiveness the way that I do, then you can probably see how not forgiving would mean staying in the same old state. How could that possibly ever serve you, if the state you created in the past is unlovely? 

In Neville’s words:

“Then he will discover that he stands in need of the alms of his own forgiveness and instead of railing against himself, he will start with self to ennoble his own thoughts, to lift himself up by imagining the best first of himself and he will share that with the world round about him. For he will look out on a world and describe it relative to himself and he will not now see the unlovely things that formerly he saw.”



Neville continues on to talk about observing as one of the ways that we can use to determine our current state and also to determine whether or not we are truly in the state of the wish fufilled:

“For when someone would come into my world and describe their world to me, they revealed the being that they really are. When I ask the simple question, ‘What do you want?’ and they named it and they told me they really want it with all their heart, and then I asked them how would they see the same world had they realized their objective? Looking at the same world they began to describe it differently. I said, ‘Now, that is the description you must make of the world. You must weave that into your mind, for in so doing you move into the state where that world becomes real relative to that state.'”

You see, one of the easiest ways to reach the feeling of the wish fulfilled, to catch that mood, is to think of what it would be like to have what you desire. Describe the world from the perspective of someone who has their desire. For a moment, view yourself as the version of yourself who already received their heart’s desire and you will notice that you are describing the world round about you differently. 

“So if you now know the world you would see had you achieved your aim, then that is the world you must begin to see in the mind’s eye.”

In your mind’s eye imagine the thing that would happen after you had received your desire. Hear it. Touch it. Some of the more “universal” examples that Neville gives us while talking about a possible scene is to imagine somebody congratulating us or imagine overhearing somebody talking about our good fortune. 

“So if I could repeat that time and time again, and each time by moving this permanent ‘I’ into the desired state and let it occupy that state long enough to make it natural, at the moment of naturalness the state becomes visibly objective to them, then we have a true theory. For it does explain the phenomena of life.”

Repeat the imaginal act, return to it frequently. Return to it until it it starts feeling natural to you to have your desire or you catch that feeling of knowing that you will receive your desire no matter what may be showing up in your physical reality right now. The moment you feel that something is natural is the moment that this thing will start externalizing itself in your reality. 

“You will find in time through the habitual motion of your inner you, after a little while, because it always travels according to habit, it will move through habit into the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and the moment it is a natural wearing to itself, it starts to change the outer world to reflect the inner change of your mind.”

Now, you may say, “But everything has its own appointed hour” and you are right but the way I understand this is that the appointed hour is the hour when something starts feeling natural. That’s when the things get put into motion and although you may not receive a full manifestation in that exact moment when you first felt natural about having something, the bridge of incidents starts right there and then. When you feel natural about having your desire, that is when you enter the state of the wish fulfilled, and once you shift into that state – it is done. There is no going back. The thing must be externalized unless it’s overwritten by another, stronger impression. 

“For dwelling in the state long enough clothes the state in flesh.”



I believe that it is pretty clear, from everything we’ve analysed so far, that the only person who can decide your “destiny” is yourself. You decide about things that you are going to experience by shifting into different states. Neville gives us a little reminder in this lecture by saying:

“It’s entirely up to you to choose what mansion you will enter, for you are the only architect of your sufferings or your good fortune. There is no power outside that has caused anything to happen to you; it’s simply your choice, as I said earlier, your unwise choice.”

Changing the state is as simple as choosing it. Although it may be simple, it is not always easy. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to shift into that new state but this is where persistence comes in. 

“Have you heard these words, ‘Christ in you is the hope of glory’; not some Christ without but Christ in you is. But if we aren’t bold enough to lay claim to it, for we are told ‘Ye have the mind of Christ’ not a mind that you are going to earn in time to come, you have it now, so lay claim to it, and begin to exercise this giant of the mind that is called the Son of God in the Bible, and you will see who your savior really is.”

As Neville indicates here, we are all capable of changing our states. It is only a matter of exercising our own power. It is a matter of persistence, as I said. Continuously and consistently seeing yourself as the new version of you, the version that you wish to be, is the key. 

As I mentioned previously, frequently returning to a state makes it your dwelling state. The dwelling state/dominant state is the state that pretty much governs your life. To be more precise, you govern your own life by choosing the state you abide in.

Therefore, we can now put everything we’ve learned from this lesson to practice.

  1. Describe the way you see your current reality.
  2. Describe your world from the perspective of already having received your desire.
  3. Dwell in the new state, return to it frequently and it will externalize. 

Neville even tells us this: 

“Call it by any name. I call it my wonderful imagination, and it assumes the form of all that I accept and consent to as true. It actually assumes the form of the sum total of all of my beliefs, and my beliefs need not be true. They need not come near the truth. My beliefs could be prejudices; they could be superstitions. It doesn’t care. It will take all the stripes of men and wear them. So it will assume the form of the sum total of all that man consents to in this world, and then mold the outer world in harmony with the inner arrangement of itself. Therefore, to change the outer world, I must modify or change, in some way alter, the structure of the inner or second man – the second man being my imagination. 

So I set myself to observe myself and to watch how my imagination works. And here is something that will interest you. I observe it always moves according to habit; that it is a being of habit, and so if I get into the habit of thinking the unlovely thoughts, it becomes very natural, so I listen only to that which is critical of another. I listen only to that which is not full of praise, that which judges harshly, and so according to habit it moves along these pathways. Now, if I don’t like the outer world, and I really believe it is caused by the structure of the inner or second man, I then must change his likeness, change his form, by observing how I react to all the unlovely, and how I am not interested in the praise of another, and then begin to feed my sheep, begin to change my thoughts, my feelings, my moods concerning others, and as I begin to change my reactions to people, I find I am changing the structure of the Son of God. And then I automatically produce corresponding changes in my outer world.

If you really like it, and you are bold enough to take it, I promise you a world that is undreamed of by our wise men for even sleep will no longer be the unconscious that it is to the majority of people in the world; that sleep becomes only a doorway into the world where this real you – the second man – really lives and moves and has its being. It is a dimensionally larger world, and you enter it quickly in meditation, or night after night in sleep, and you will find opportunities that would dwarf the wildest dream of men here.”



Through this lecture, we have learned a lot about determining our current state and moving into our new, desired state. Of course, like in all of the other analysis I have done so far, I couldn’t cover every single thing that Neville said in this lecture and this is why my first invitation to you is to read this lecture in its entirety. You can find it here.

The second one comes straight from Neville and it’s an invitation to test the Law, as I always ask you to: 

“I ask you to test it, even if the test is motivated by the determination to disprove it. I will ask you to try it, for I know you will not disprove it. That this wonderful consciousness of yours is the ultimate reality, and you are free to choose the state into which you will go.”


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