Readers’ Questions: January 2021

In this post, I will answer some of the questions that you guys submitted. Some of the questions that we’ve received were similar, so I only answered one of them, to avoid repeating the same answer twice in the same post. Remember you can always reach out to us through this form. You can also find previous Q&A’s on that same link.


DEEPSHIKHA: I wanted to know , if you had several events or memories related to a particular area of life, ex- relationships/money, that you want to revise, what would be the most effective way?
If it’s a very specific thing that keeps coming up in my thoughts, I would revise that specific event but if you want to revise more events just in general, I think that going with a general affirmation such as, “Everything was always perfect between us” would work just fine. I would enter state akin to sleep and either revise the specific situation or repeat the affirmation until I feel the relief. 


AMARA: How to avoid stalking your SP’s social media and what they do on it (e.g. liking posts of other girls etc)? Also, how to avoid self sabotage?
First of all, I love your name, Amara!
When it comes to self sabotage, I think this is only a matter of habits that we’ve built. I talked about this when I first started this blog: we are creatures of habit. We are used to judging things by their appearances and when we start using the Law of Assumption, we have to stop doing that and trust our imagination over the appearances.
In your specific case, you are probably checking out his social media out of the habit at this point. However, ask yourself this question: once you catch the feeling of being with your SP, do you worry about him liking other girls’ pictures? You may see it happening but you won’t judge it the same way – you will probably think something along the lines of, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, this is just a friend of his.” Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about “acting as if” and you don’t have to “act as if” at all. But once the feeling of the wish fulfilled becomes normal to you and you have mentally shifted into that state, you will not feel the need to check on his social media because you will no longer be thinking from the state of lack. Stalking is coming from that place.


M: What I want to ask about is how do we completely drop the old story and remain only in the new one story where we are happily married?
I think that in cases when it’s taking us a long time to get something, the best thing would be to go back to the basics: do SATS consistently, making sure that you fall asleep in the feeling of the wish fulfilled or, if you cannot do it before sleep, then at least make sure that you enter state akin to sleep and get into the scene as best as you can any time during the day, feel that it’s yours, in that moment. Repeat the scene until you feel the relief.
Drop the worries about your thoughts for a while. The reason I recommend focusing only on the basics, on this one technique, is to take the pressure off of you, since you mentioned in your email that you are already doing a couple of different techniques. Remember that the entire point of any technique is to impress the subconscious and we impress the subconscious through the medium of feeling.


IVAAN: Can I change someone’s past entirely?
Yes, I believe that you can. I believe that you can align with a different parallel reality in which the person’s experiences from the past are different. 


A: I’m grappling between taking action that could be potentially life saving but will also feed this story more or ignoring it and seeing him as healthy and well. Can I do a combination of both or is that serving two masters? What would you suggest?
I suggest you take the action. Knowing about the Law doesn’t mean that we have to stop acting in the 3D reality. Knowing the Law doesn’t mean that all we do the entire day is lay in bed and meditate. Where’s the fun in that anyway!? We have to understand that all our actions and reactions are governed by our inner state. Knowing the Law simply means that we get to decide what the outcome of our actions will be, thanks to that knowledge.
I will let you in on a little secret I use when it comes to action. The way to tell what state you are in right now, what results your action will produce is by listening to your inner conversations, your intuition if you will. What does your intuition tell you will happen? If it says the result will be negative, then it’s a sign that you have some subconscious programming that should be changed. So, do SATS, lullaby technique, prayer, whichever you like, and change it before you do anything. 
Now, just to make it clear, in most cases, taking the action belongs to the “how” and we don’t have to concern ourselves with that. For example, in a case where somebody is manifesting an SP, all that is required is that they focus on the end and the action they may take in the meantime comes naturally. However, in your case, where you know that taking the action will give you a positive result – that’s already living in the end of knowing that doing this or that is leading to the fulfillment of your wish. Thinking from the end isn’t always thinking about the wish as if it had already been fulfilled. Sometimes it comes down to a simple knowing that no matter what is going on now and no matter what happens, everything is leading to its fulfillment. So, in that case, you may not be thinking, “He is already healthy”. You will be thinking, “Once I take this action, it will be done”. This same line of thinking comes into play when we use techniques to shift our state as well: “I will do SATS, catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled and then it will come to be”. It’s the belief that a certain action – in this case, catching the feeling through SATS, as Neville teaches us – will produce a certain result but that is a topic that I may have to cover for itself because I am simplifying it for this post.
What is more important than the action itself is what state you are in when you are taking that action. State of the wish fulfilled in this case would be knowing that this action is leading you to a positive outcome and based on your email, I do feel that that is your current state. Just last month, my cat was hit by a car. Did I sit down and do SATS? No, I sat in the car and took it to the vet, knowing that this will save their life and it did. It felt natural for me to take that action. I knew that it would help it. The same applies in your situation. 
Also, serving two masters is about going back and forth between the old story and the new story. You choose one and stick to it. 


ANDREA: How to deal with anxiety?
Release your emotions. I understand that feeling this way may make you think that you aren’t doing things “right” but that is definitely not the case. When emotions from your old state surface, observe them and let them go. Don’t give them any extra meaning like, “This means I am failing” or, “This feeling means that I can’t manifest this”. I suggest you look at these feelings as something that has to come to the surface and be released, so that you can replace it with all the lovely things that belong to your new state. 


I also want to use this post to acknowledge all the lovely emails we got! Thank you very much for reaching out to us and leaving lovely messages. We are always happy to hear that we’ve helped you out. 

16 thoughts on “Readers’ Questions: January 2021”

  1. In this Q and A it has been mentioned about Revision and Parallel Reality. I believe in both. Taking this further I would like to ask the authors of this blog (whom I love for the content) whether a turbulent relationship with a special someone can be revised and then we move to a parallel version of my ideal relationship with them which I can perceive so clearly in my mind’s eye. And once achieved how do you maintain the stable state ?

    1. Yes, I believe it is possible. I believe that anything can be revised.
      Stable state is maintained through inner conversations that come from that new state. Once you shift into that state it’s only a matter of not going back. When you have your manifestation in front of you it’s even easier to keep the new inner conversations stable. In a more practical sense, I would do SATS/lullaby until I noticed I have completely shifted into that state – which can be judged by the feeling of knowing that what you want is yours. If I started slipping back, I would just repeat the act or remind myself throughout the day that the relationship is different now, depending on what it takes for me to shift back into the new state. It’s all about how frequently we occupy the new state. If you slip out of it 10 times, go back to the new one 11 times.

  2. Thank you so much for answering my question! Really appreciate it!
    When I started with Neville, I truly believed SATS were all it took!!!
    But somewhere along the way, other people’s interpretations of Neville and success stories made me a bit confused…
    Especially when it comes to the state of the wish fulfilled, living in the end and mental diet. I fell under the impression at times that I had to believe I was already married in the 3D vs it being done in my imagination knowing it will inevitably be pushed out and therefore I had nothing to worry about. It’s the mental diet that tripped me up: thinking from the end without resisting the current reality during the day…
    I guess the state feels like a conscious deliberate relaxed daydream that you know is your future experience?

    1. Welcome!
      Yes, I know exactly what you mean. When I started this journey I complicated stuff for myself too by listening to other teachers/YouTubers. Vika and I figured out that combining mental diet with other techniques helps us out. She wrote an article on combining it with revision and I wrote an article on combining it with SATS.
      Personally, I find that shifting with mental diet only works in cases when my subconscious programming allows me to view something as believable. For example, with things that I have manifested before – if I wanted to manifest health for somebody, I wouldn’t have to do SATS anymore. I can shift with mental diet alone because I have the proof that it works. If I wanted to manifest, say, a random person gifting me their brand new car, I probably couldn’t do it through mental diet alone and would have to use SATS. The deeper I go, the clearer it becomes that failing on mental diet, or rather focusing on the negative outcome/doubts, is nothing but a result of subconscious programming that I’ve picked up through the years and the easiest way to change those is through SATS (or lullaby for me, to be more exact). Of course, this is just my personal experience but when I see somebody has been struggling with a certain technique for a long time, I always tell them to go back to the basics because I think they’ve probably fallen down the same rabbit hole that I did once – listening to too many different sources. So, going back to SATS is like a reset button, haha. It focuses on the subconscious mind more and impressing our subconscious with an idea is all it takes.

      1. Thank you so much Ivana!
        It makes lots of sense! SATS are the way I feel the relief! I also like lullaby! Thank you God is mine! I just remembered Viktoria’s article where she says : GET OFF THE INTERNET.
        I am sticking to Neville only, SATS and relaxing as you suggested! It’s done!

          1. Hello Ivana:
            Quick update. I have been using SATS (sometimes with scenes sometimes with lullaby). I chatted with my sp the other day and we opened up about “our past”. He even said this is the most he ever shared with anyone and I was really happy. Later on, I noticed that there was this fear of rejection still in my awareness and did my best to be aware that separation and rejection are just illusions… after a few days I sent a message, he replied but the following day he didn’t which is a first. I tried my best to release the emotions that came up and revised the situation. The pattern I want to break is hot and cold and speed with results. I want dates and the marriage ASAP. And I had a feeling of being truly fed up with the time it’s taking: I truly want to decide the when. I had tried previously to manifest in timeframes for this thing but it didn’t work although I had success with instant manifestation for other things. any advice on how to get the final result ASAP. In the past months I had coaching sessions…

          2. I understand you want your manifestations ASAP but usually, when we do that, when we focus on the timing, it only reinforces the lack. We keep noticing that it isn’t there. “It’s been a week and I haven’t seen movement” etc. Thoughts like that are certain to arise when we are in a hurry to get something. That is not to say that you cannot manifest with a deadline. Of course you can and if you want, you can test it out. Test it with other things, just to build up your faith before you test it with the SP again. However, I would recommend leaving the timeframe out of your manifestation altogether if it’s making you anxious and making you notice that your desire isn’t there.
            In my experience, the way to speed up the manifestation is by fully living in the end. Returning to that state as frequently as you can is crucial. I would make sure that I am falling asleep in the state of the wish fulfilled. It’s probably just a limiting belief I picked up early on when reading Neville but falling asleep while basking in the feeling of the wish fulfilled is what makes things appear very quickly. Sleep is, after all, the gateway to our subconscious.

  3. Hi Ivana,

    Thank you so much for your articles. I just had a quick question . How can we remedy a situation regarding a 3p that is not SP related (i.e. a sister’s current bf)? The person is toxic and immature and I have better suitors in mind for my sister.

    1. Revision, revision, revision. Stop repeating this story and start imagining lovingly for her. Imagine her being in a relationship with a person that is mature and makes her happy. One of the scenes for your SATS sessions could be her telling you that she is so happy with this new person in her life who makes her so happy or something like that!

      1. Thank you so much! What if the person I have in mind for them is my SP’s best friend? I have always wanted us to marry brothers or friends (this is something she and I have discussed extensively). Her current person she is seeing not only gave her a contagious disease, but he doesn’t deserve her. She and I have spoken extensively about expectations and we were on the same level (I don’t understand why she would settle for less). I love my sister so much and want the best for her.

  4. Thanks again Ivana! I always do my best every night to sleep in the state of the wish fulfilled as well. But you are right, being in the state of being happily married to my SP is what I should focus on! I am now doing my best to combine SATS with mental diet in that regard in the most effortless way possible so as to leave time out of the equation! You are an amazing teacher Ivana!

    1. Awww, thank you so much 💜
      You got this! I think it really comes down to persistence and only accepting the version of the story that you want to experience. And trust me, I know what it’s like to be impatient and want your manifestation yesterday! But yea, it doesn’t really work that way 😀

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