Readers’ Questions: December, Part 2

Before I get into the questions, I want to wish you all a very happy new year and I hope that each and every one of you continues to learn and grow! I hope that 2021 brings more opportunities for you to see the Law working, more desire to test it and most importantly, more determination to be persistent and consistent with your practices! 


IPSITA: So automatically I got the fear that maybe I am gonna manifest demise of myself or my loved ones. As everyone is me pushed out am I going to manifest my fears somehow? Can you give me some insights in this topic of death and manifestation & what can I do to get rid of my anxiety about manifesting death.
Fears do manifest because we focus on them and we accept them as real. We expect them to come to pass. We put ourselves in the states in which we think from the place of that being the inevitability and that is why and how the fears manifest. 
Honestly, this is one topic where I don’t really have established beliefs and assumptions. I, too, have been in the situation in which I blamed myself for someone’s death and I can tell you that the only person that gets hurt by thoughts like that is actually you, yourself. I never tried to manifest someone’s death consciously but I did manifest people and pets getting out of situations that would, normally, be considered situations that are going to end up with death. I also failed twice but those were the times where I either didn’t know what I was doing or I wasn’t persistent with my inner conversations. This is why it is hard for me to present anything to you as a fact but I do believe that you can “stop” death by focusing on the well-being of the person. 
I am sorry I don’t have any deeper knowledge on this topic. It is something where I can only hypothesize and I prefer not to do that at this point. 


JOSHUA: How do you not let people step all over you, therefore lowering your self worth, but also not react at the same time so you can manifest a better version of them?
A very interesting question! The way I see it is: if I decide to consciously walk away from you so that I can focus on bettering my self concept, I am rejecting the current situation, both mentally and in the physical reality. Yes, it’s a reaction but ignoring the world of Caesar isn’t so much about literally ignoring it as it is about learning to reject things mentally. Another way one could go about this is to revise every time they get insulted by the person they are trying to change but I understand how that could be taxing and why somebody would choose to walk away from it. 
To me, reacting isn’t about what I do in the physical reality. It’s about where I dwell mentally. An experience I’ve had not so long ago was that there was this person in the game I play who would constantly try to provoke me. I would get mad every time. I didn’t speak to him. I didn’t tell him anything in the physical reality. But! I did react mentally. I would insult him mentally and tell him to get lost. I know better but anger is one emotion that really starts that avalanche of bad inner conversations inside me. So I changed it! I changed it to telling him that I’m happy that he left me alone and stopped annoying me. After that, I ignored him but before I got to the point where I was able to ignore him, I would repeat my new inner conversation until I felt the relief. And he stopped annoying me. 
Could I have gone to him and told him to leave me alone? Sure. But my belief was such that I thought that it would only make matters worse. I reacted mentally almost every time and yet by revising it and turning my inner conversations into the conversations that would come from a place in which I no longer reacted the same way eventually led me to the point where I stopped reacting mentally and the negative inner conversations ceased, and so did the consequences of it in the physical reality. The way I see it, you don’t lower your self worth because you are actually mentally placing yourself into a better state.
Now, I do want to add another thing here which is my own interpretation of self concept and the way I understand it after reading and practicing for a while. Self concept that Neville talks about isn’t about self worth and self love the way that people describe it sometimes. The self concept that Neville talks about isn’t about accepting that you deserve your desire. It’s about accepting that it’s already yours. So, for example, a person who has a self concept of somebody who is abandoned will be thinking from that place and therefore automatically feel like they don’t deserve what they want for whatever reason, which is only circumstantial anyway and the circumstances are created based on our assumptions to begin with. But, a person who has a self concept of somebody who is loved and accepted will automatically see themselves as somebody who deserves their desire. To be even more specific, somebody who is in a happy relationship has a different self concept than the person who is single and complaining about it everyday. The person that is single is continuously assuming that they are single, that they can’t find a partner etc. This is their self concept. Their thoughts and desires are coming from that place. They desire to be loved, to be accepted, to have a loving partner. But, the person that is already in a relationship has all of these things and their self concept is automatically different. They are continuously assuming that they are in a loving relationship and so they are. When Neville tells us to change our concept of self, the way I see it is that he tells us to enter that second state, the state of somebody who already has what they want, to think from that state.
If we go back to your example, then the person who has a self concept of somebody who is being treated with respect won’t feel like they are lowering their self concept/self worth by dealing with their current reality one day at the time. They won’t accept it mentally, despite the evidence to the contrary in their current reality. In my opinion, feeling like their self concept is being lowered because of the circumstances would be a reaction, and if they were dwelling in the state of being respected, they would be indifferent to current circumstances. As a conscious creator, they know it is only temporary to begin with. 
Geez, sorry! I didn’t mean to turn this into a wall of text. It is somewhat hard for me to explain the way I see self concept when it comes to these teachings. I feel like my own understanding isn’t so far removed from the more “mainstream” understanding of it that coaches and teachers present on YouTube and other platforms but there is a slight difference, a variation and that is why I strongly disagree with equating self concept to things such as self love or telling people that they cannot get what they want because they don’t love themselves enough.


QUEEN: My sp ask me for watching movie cuddling in bed with him he didn’t proposed me yet things are casual im confused if I should go for movie or not? Coz I imagined watching movie but im not sure I imagined as a couple. What would u suggest me?
I suggest you act naturally in the physical reality. People often worry that they will do something wrong in the physical reality because they are imagining for something but getting something else instead, something that seems like a partial manifestation. The truth is, we can’t really know what our bridge of incidents is going to turn into and you don’t have to pretend in the physical world anyway. So, in your case, this invitation to a movie could be the bridge of incidents that is leading to your full manifestation. As a matter of fact, it would be best to view it that way. 
Also, keep this in mind – no matter what happens in the physical reality, you can always revise it and change it. Continue focusing on your end MENTALLY and allow the things to unfold in your physical reality naturally. 


MARIA: How do we know if we actually want our ex back because we’re in love with them, or because of our wounded ego? Is there a difference? Let’s say they’ve done you harm in the past, but you still want them?
I answered a similar question in the previous Q&A, where I suggested that the person meditates and sees what information, what sensations come through. In my opinion, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter if your desire is ego-driven or not because you can manifest it anyway. 
It is also possible that you have started realizing that, even though he hurt you, it was your assumptions that made him act this way and this is why the current situation is the way it is. To me, something ego-driven would be wanting to manifest him back only to hurt him because he hurt you – in a vengeful manner. If you really love him, then you will take responsibility for what happened, forgive yourself and create better. And just to make it clear as I see some confusion about this every now and then, taking responsibility doesn’t mean you blame yourself for what happened. It actually means you acknowledge that it’s the power of your own assumptions that created the circumstances of your life and that you have the power to change them. 


A: How do you deal with a logical mind to accept the thought or affirmation?
You reprogram your subconscious mind and your conscious mind responds in the likeness. What you do isn’t that you force yourself to accept the affirmation as true. If it feels false, enter a drowsy state and repeat it in that state because when you are in the drowsy state, state akin to sleep, your conscious mind will not put up a fight. 

I have an article coming up about intuition and I think it will be useful to you, as well as anyone who has questions similar to these because I will cover the topic of effortless manifestation which includes reprogramming the subconscious mind instead of fighting your thoughts on a surface, conscious level. It should be up within a week!

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