Let’s Read: What Are You Doing?

In this post, we will analyse the lecture “What Are You Doing”. This lecture can be found among the books and lectures here, in the 1967 section. 

It starts off with this quote: 

“Many times I have heard someone say: ‘I believe that imagining creates reality, but I once imagined something and it never came to pass.’ Then I ask: ‘What are you doing, saying: ‘I once imagined it’ and not imagining it now?’ For God’s name is I am, not I did!”

Right from the beginning, Neville reminds us that we cannot imagine something once, return to the old story and then wonder why the thing didn’t show up. We have to imagine persistently. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we have to do the technique all the time, all day, every day. What it means is that we have to occupy the state in which we desire to be and continue thinking from it. 
For a beginner, this may seem like a challenge but if you think about it, it’s what we’ve been doing all our lives. We assume something is true, even though our senses deny it, and then we continue thinking as if this thing is true, even though our senses are still denying it, until it happens. For example, when you get that “bad” feeling about your exam results and you assume you did bad – you don’t have the evidence of it just yet because the professor hasn’t checked it yet, and yet, you continue dwelling in the state of failure, thinking from the state of failure, fully convinced that it is so. 
But, if you find this shift to be quite tough, then we can look at it from another angle. In the book Feeling is the Secret, Neville suggests that we use sleep and prayer as gateways to our subconscious until we attain perfect discipline over our minds, so that we only entertain the thoughts that are aligned with our desired end. Applying what Neville says here would mean persistently doing SATS or praying until you catch the feeling of naturalness. You will probably catch the feeling of your wish fulfilled right in that first session, however, don’t stop there. If you notice that you are still thinking from the old state, still holding on to your old assumptions, do it again – enhance that feeling of naturalness. 

Many of us discovered these teachings because we wanted to manifest an SP. Many of us also had to deal with third parties, whatever they may be – whether it’s somebody your SP is involved with, family disagreeing with your relationship, circumstances such as long distance or something completely different. If you read the posts about the third parties, then you know that the best thing that you can do is to ignore them. Not watering a plant makes it wither and die. In this lecture, Neville reminds us of that:

“You do not have to be concerned about influencing others, as they are not the cause – your imaginal act is!”

If you are dealing with a third party, this means that you shouldn’t think about their current partner leaving your SP or their family disappearing from their life or anything like that. You should leave that to the bridge of incidents and only imagine already being with your SP. 
Let’s say Mary is manifesting back her ex Francis but he is currently dating a girl named Sally. If she was thinking in the terms of influence, she would manifest Sally leaving Francis first. Instead, because she knows she doesn’t have to worry about the how and because she knows that obstacles/circumstances are just a result of her past imaginal acts, she will focus only on the future and that future being exactly as she wants it to be. In other words, she will focus only on already being in a happy relationship with Francis, instead of imagining all the steps in between. 

Now, this change is quite big. For Mary to be in a relationship with Francis he would have to break up with Sally, get back in contact with her, confess his love, move closer to her etc. But, Mary knows that all things are possible in imagination, therefore she doesn’t concern herself with anything but impressing her subconscious mind with her desired reality. She must change her attitude, her assumptions. She must stop assuming that she and Francis are separated and that he is with somebody else now, somebody who represents an obstacle. Instead, she must start assuming that they are already together and all of those things in the middle have been taken care of. 
As Neville says in this lecture:

“Repentance, which is a radical change of attitude, can cause your powerful imagination to burst through this world of death. So I ask you to repent. To test this wonderful law by changing your attitude towards life and watch what happens.”

You may ask, how do we change our attitude amidst the current circumstances that are so different from our desired circumstances? This is where the techniques come in. If you are somebody that manifests easily and effortlessly with mental diet, all you have to do is make a decision to start thinking from the state of the wish fulfilled. If you are somebody who manifests easily and effortlessly with techniques such as SATS, then you continue visualizing until you catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled. This feeling can be described as the feeling of confidence, the feeling of knowing that something is inevitable. 
I often give the example of you guys knowing that you have a phone and feeling natural about it. It doesn’t cause any emotions, it’s just something that you know you have and when you think about your phone, you don’t think in the terms of having to get it. You think in the terms of being able to use it. You know it’s there. You know it’s yours. Even if you don’t see it right now because you borrowed it to your friend to make a call, you know you will hold it in your hands again and be able to use it again, because it’s yours!
That is the feeling you will reach when your desire is concerned as well. That is the feeling that will signify that you have been through this radical change that will sooner or later ripple through your physical world. 

“When you enter the state you desire to express and believe it is true, no earthly power can stop it from objectifying itself. And although you do not deliberately influence others, you influence everyone.”

So, to connect the two things that Neville emphasizes in this lecture, we can conclude that once we change our attitude towards life, the life has to reflect it back to us, however we have to:

“Always think in clarity of form, for as you do, you are influencing others.”

In other words, if you only focus on the end, the entire world will move to bring your desire into fulfillment and yet you won’t have to devise the means. Devising the means in some cases would mean influencing others.
Let’s say Mary is looking for a promotion in her company. Instead of thinking about how to influence her boss to make that decision and promote her, all she has to do is focus on the feeling of already being promoted. Night after night, she can imagine a scene where her friend congratulates her on her promotion and sleep in that feeling. That will cause the world to shift so that her desire can be fulfilled. Maybe her boss will see that she’s been a good worker and promote her or maybe somebody else will get demoted and she will take their place. Maybe she will even be offered a job in another department that would, by definition, be considered a promotion from her current position. The “how” is something she doesn’t have to concern herself with. She wants a promotion, therefore she should focus only on the feeling of the wish fulfilled. 

Speaking of promotions at work, let’s end this post with the quote from this lecture: 

“If a certain desk designates that you are occupying a desired position, occupy that desk. Enter into the image, and you will realize your vision. Sit in the chair behind that desk and view the room. Persist in thinking from that point of view. If you do not physically occupy that chair tomorrow, and begin to doubt, ask yourself: ‘What am I doing, remembering and not imagining?’ Then return to your chair behind that desk!”

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