Readers’ Questions, December, Part 1

In this post, I will answer your guys’ questions again. You can submit your questions for the next Q&A here


ISABELLA: Which one is your top 3 books of Neville and why?
My top 3 at the moment would look something like this: 
1. The Law & The Promise,
2. Feeling is the Secret,
3. Awakened Imagination. 
In no particular order! Neville pretty much repeats the same message through all of his books but I like The Law & The Promise because it’s a bit different. Neville gives us examples of people using the things that he taught in many different ways and achieving their goals. And yet, it all comes down to such a simple thing – they all persisted and that is why they got their goals.
Feeling is the Secret is one of my favourites because it’s concise. It contains all the info necessary and when I need a reminder, it’s very easy to pick it up and finish it in a short time. 
Awakened Imagination is a bit more extensive but I really enjoyed chapters on mental diet and that is why it’s one of my favourites. 
I think all of his books are worth reading but if you are looking for a book in which he summed up all of his teachings and gave practical advice on how to use it, I recommend Feeling is the Secret. At the end of the day, if you only read that book and put the advice in it to practice, you would get results. You don’t have to read all ten of his books to get the full picture. 


ISABELLA: Which are your favourite chapters and why?
Well, I think my favourite chapter in Feeling is the Secret is Sleep. My favourite chapters in Awakened Imagination are Coin of Heaven and Creation is Finished. I don’t really have a favourite chapter from the book The Law & The Promise. 


ANONYMOUS: I know that imagining from 1st-person perspective is paramount. I do that when I do my SATs for manifesting my specific person. But the rest of the day, because I love him so much, I tend to daydream about him (in a good, happy way) and sometimes it slips into third-person perspective (cause my brain is so much more used to that). Does that mean I am ruining my manifestation or rendering my SATs null and void, useless?
No, I don’t think that you are rendering your SATS useless. In moments like these, remember that you are the one that makes the rules in your reality. If you decide that this makes your SATS useless, then it has to be that way. Whatever you assume, must be outpictured. 
If you are staying in the first person point of view while doing SATS, that is all that really matters. When we are daydreaming, we are not in this drowsy state and that makes impressing our subconscious minds a bit harder, in my experience. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as you are doing your SATS as described by Neville, you will impress your subconscious mind properly. 


PILAR: I am not sure if my mental diet is fine because my mind goes again and again to the breakup.
I recommend you read this article and stop repeating your old story. Not to be rude but the rest of your email was talking about your current circumstances. Circumstances do not matter


MKMP: I don’t understand why I am not seeing any changes just with my relationship? I have been so persistent. 
When it comes to struggling with one particular area of your life, I always recommend to people that they do the lullaby technique or SATS. You haven’t mentioned what techniques you are using but in my experience, once you reach the feeling of knowing through those techniques, you will not be affected by any contradictory thoughts that may come up during the day. This is not to say that your mental diet isn’t important, but from my own experience, sometimes you have to “bypass” your conscious mind with techniques such as SATS and prayer, especially because you said that some days you have that “knowing” and some days you don’t. Once you are able to sustain that feeling, nothing else will matter. 
To give you an example, I don’t like manifesting in the middle but sometimes I do it anyway. Just yesterday, I affirmed that my cat started eating normally again, after his jaw surgery. He has been injured and hasn’t eaten in 6 days at that point. You know, it was hard not to react to what was showing up right in front of me but whenever I am in a situation like that, I use the lullaby technique to reach the feeling of satisfaction and peace, and then go about my day. Well, I laid down, affirmed my way into a better state, got back up and went downstairs. An hour later, he started eating! So you see, once you tap into that feeling of knowing and you sustain it, you will be able to manifest very quickly. Did I have negative thoughts? Of course I did. But everytime they would come up, I remembered the feeling of knowing I had while doing the lullaby technique and returned to that. The affirmation I used became an “anchor” that helped me return there. Now, mind you, I probably wouldn’t have been able to manifest it this quickly months ago, but since my faith is much stronger now and I’m seeing much more clearly how the things work, it was easy to change my state and stick with it. So, my advice to you is to find one technique that you know will help you tap into that state and then return to that state frequently. It doesn’t matter how many times your attention gets diverted or how many times you start doubting, keep returning to this state and it will outpicture. 
I also recommend a technique that taps “directly” into your subconscious mind in this case. Remember it is your subconscious mind that has to be impressed and the way to bypass the conscious mind and impress your subconscious the easiest way is either through SATS or prayer.
Sometimes when a person goes in and out of the state of the wish fulfilled as you described, it is caused by the fact that they are using techniques that make them feel good on the surface level, that calms down their conscious mind but if they ask themselves the question such as, “Do I really believe it will come to pass”, the answer is usually still a strong, “No”. That answer, that underlying feeling is the feeling that you need to change, not the one on the level of the conscious mind. 


RITZO: I want to keep two things really separate here: 1. I topped the exam irrespective of whether I studied or not. 2. The process of learning. (I really hope I am making sense here.) What I mean is, while growing up most of the people must have been trained to believe that “If you don’t study 10 hours a day/If you don’t gain knowledge/If this/If that/, then you’ll not be able to succeed.” So, my process of reading History, Geopolitical science, etc shouldn’t anyway mean that “I am studying to ace an exam.” Nope! “I am learning these things for me not for exam BECAUSE I have already topped it.” I want few more creative ideas of thoughts/affirmation that imply the same. Can you please suggest me a few?
My first suggestion to you would be to create a scene where your friend/a colleague at the work place (which would also mean that you have already been employed there – your end result has been achieved) is telling you that they are amazed by your knowledge and how extensive it is. You can go to the extreme. You can imagine them telling you they’ve never met anyone with such extensive knowledge on these matters, that you must be the smartest person in the company!
As for the affirmations, I suggest these:
1. I am reading to reinforce my already existing knowledge on the topics.
2. I am reading because I don’t want to lose the knowledge that I’ve gained, it wasn’t just for the exam, I want to put it to a use.
3. Isn’t it wonderful I am able to learn about these things so quickly and effortlessly?


WISHYWASHY: Can I manifest a mutual divorce between my husband and I? 
Yes, of course! If you wish to manifest a divorce, I suggest a scene where your friend or somebody else that you are close to and share things with tells you you’ve been looking so much happier and healthier since the divorce, and so does your ex. If you want to do it through affirmations/lullaby method, I suggest something like, “Isn’t it wonderful that we were able to separate in such a peaceful way and find happiness separately?” 


PAIGE: This is kind of ramble-y, so I apologize upfront. I wanted to ask/request a post about something I saw on the main Neville Goddard subreddit about the proof of these teachings. I won’t repeat what that person said, but in essence, it was about how it’s easy to buy into these teachings, but never actually manifest big desires with them, and it’s easier to just take action towards the goals. But then I think, “Well, if I achieve my goal, was it not my mindset and belief in myself to do it that got me to achieve these desires?” I know Neville says testing it is what proves it, and I think I’m at a spot where I have manifested some “small” things and know it works, but someone pointed out that success stories are only for “small” things, like free food or coffee or what have you. I guess I’m wondering if y’all have success stories of “big” things that could be shared that you know you consciously manifested? Or what do you do when you see people who argue that these teachings aren’t real or are dangerous or can’t actually be used for big things?
Indeed, I agree with you that it all comes down to the mindset and that one cannot really argue that something was a manifestation while something else wasn’t, when our inner worlds are being outpictured CONSTANTLY. So, one way or another, whether you achieve your dreams or not, it is still your inner world, your imaginal acts, being outpictured. That being said, it may seem like some people don’t move past simple manifestations and the reason I find that happens is because they don’t put it to an extreme test and don’t test it with something they have a story with. But those are the things that prove the Law most accurately! When I started my journey, I used to manifest seeing different colour cars, people wearing specific clothes, free parking spots, empty roads, changes in weather etc. But guess what? I had no limiting beliefs about these things. Even though this proved that the Law is working, it proved it only to a certain extent and I believe this is why Neville asks us to put it to an extreme test. It is easy to change small things that you don’t have an old story attached to. Those “bigger” things may require more work, more persistence. You can manifest a free coffee with one intention but when you try to manifest an SP, it may take a week or two of being diligent in your work, maybe even a month, depending on how long it takes for the state of the wish fulfilled to become your new dwelling place. 
Both me and Vika posted some of our success stories on this blog. They are tagged with that, so feel free to search the term “success story”. 
Honestly, I haven’t seen anybody arguing that Neville’s teachings aren’t real in a long while but I do see many people questioning them and wondering if they will only waste their time by applying them. The best advice anyone can give to those who are questioning it is to test it, like you did. There is no way around that. You either test it and refute it/prove it or you don’t test it and walk away. I think it is a waste of time for anyone to be making such claims if they haven’t tested it themselves and while I do understand why they may be thinking that it’s delusional or nothing but wishful thinking, I also think that this is something that shouldn’t stop them from testing it. 


K: I have one more question and that is about “witchcraft”. Is witchcraft the same as manifestation? And if so, are we not practicing a love spell when we manifest our SP? Because you also express love affirmations in relation to the person. That’s supposed to be dangerous in the world of witchcraft. If not, what is the difference between manifestation and witchcraft? I would like to hear your thoughts on this.
I believe that the witchcraft could be seen as a technique to manifest something. A story I shared a while ago on Reddit about my own experience with witchcraft is actually the reason I am here today. It was the witchcraft and psychic readings that made me realize that there is more to this, that the spells work only when I believe in them and that the readers are mostly reading my current energies and thoughts. 
I wouldn’t really call it a love spell when you are manifesting an SP, but I guess you could refer to it that way as well, except you don’t have some sort of a ritual that you need to follow but you can, if you wish, use techniques. The truth is, the love spell won’t work unless it helps you get into the state of the wish fulfilled. So, at the end of the day, it still comes down to you and how you perceive things. If a love spell puts you into the state of the wish fulfilled and you believe that it’s going to work, then it’s going to work. 


PAIGE: I have another question, this time regarding action. I re-read your posts on taking action and I saw an answer Neville gave in a Q&A, and I think it answers my questions regarding taking action, but part of me is still unsure. Specifically in the Neville Q&A, someone asked him about getting creative inspiration for something like writing, and Neville told this audience member to just assume that they had already written a very successful book. So I’m wondering if Neville was in a way implying that the idea for the successful book would come to the person because they assumed that they were a successful writer. I guess I’m wondering how much conscious action needs to be done to see the fulfillment of a desire, or if it’s people assuming they are already who they want to be, and then their actions coincide with that/they are guided along the bridge of events to see the fulfillment. I understand that action can be taken from the state of having or the state of lack, and whatever state that person is in is what they receive. I guess my question is how conscious does one have to be in taking action, and this is coming from the answer Neville gave in the Q&A. Personally, I have a desire I want to experience and ideas for scenes that imply its fulfillment, but I don’t know what actions I would need to take to get there (and I don’t necessarily want to determine all of these actions either haha). I know the how isn’t up to me, but I know that in order to see the desire fulfilled, I’ll need to take some action. I’m wondering if persistence in the imaginal act will eventually yield the ideas of how to act and what steps to take?
In my experience, when you imagine the end, you will be inspired to take certain actions but they will feel natural to you and you will either not question them or you will know for sure that they are leading you to your desires. For example, when I was manifesting health for my cat, I still took him to the vet but it didn’t come from a state of, “I need them to help me” but more from the state of, “He is already recovering, they can only confirm what I already know.” 
In the example with the book, I believe that what Neville meant was that this person is going to get an idea for a successful book if they assume that it’s already written but this doesn’t include only the idea – it includes the whole process. It may sound contradictory or counterintuitive when one puts it like that but we do have to remember that we live in the World of Caesar. What we see around us, in our external world, is our inner world outpictured but we still have to take the action. When one imagines they are married, they still have to walk the bridge of incidents and get to that point. They don’t just wake up one day and they’re married. Same as this person wouldn’t just wake up one day and already be a successful author, without having written and published the book.
So, back to Neville’s Q&A, the person would, by assuming that they are going to write a successful book, get an idea to write it, write it and publish it, all while knowing that their actions are leading to them becoming a successful writer. 


PAIGE: As a follow up to my question on action (kinda), I wanted to also ask if persisting in the desired end will eventually make it feel natural. So if I use the age-old example of wanting to manifest being a billionaire, if that state doesn’t feel natural due to my current financial/career circumstances, will persistence in my scene/affirmations/technique eventually start to feel natural, especially if I am really dedicated to doing the technique and feeling it to be real and all?
Yes, it will become natural to you. Remember what Neville said about the timing. I know you are not asking about that but I feel it should answer your question: 

“The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled, is directly proportionate to the naturalness of your feeling of already being what you want to be, of already having what you desire.”

So, of course, something so significantly different from your current state is not going to feel natural right away, or maybe not even after the first session. This is why persistence is the key. Your conscious mind is used to drawing conclusions on what’s showing up in the outside world. Once you start changing your outside world radically, by changing your inner world first, it takes a bit of time for you to start feeling natural about what you are manifesting. 


ANONYMOUS: I am now wanting to test the law. I was wondering how to do that. I want to write 3-5 things down so that I can affirm my faith, but how do you exactly manifest these things? For example, a free cup of coffee or seeing a specific car.
I would suggest you start with the ladder technique. This technique is described in the lecture called Consciousness is the Only Reality (Lecture 1 of the Five Lessons). This is an experiment that Neville suggests himself and that’s why I think it’s a good place to start. 
Other things that you can test it with: 
1. Having somebody say something specific,
2. An old friend you haven’t heard from in a long time messaging you,
3. A specific person doing something specific, such as bringing you specific food,
4. Somebody that is set in their ways changing their mind about something,
5. Seeing something that would be considered unusual, for example some kind of an animal that you don’t normally encounter in your area, etc. 
Of course, with time, you will want to upgrade this. If you check my first answer to Paige, you will see that I said that it’s easy to manifest things that you don’t have an old story about, so I suggest taking it a step further as well and changing your story about something – this is why I suggested that you have somebody who seems set in their ways changing their mind. For example, a friend who is always asking for advice or reassurance on their make up or something – turn them into somebody who is confident and stopped seeking reassurance. Or, a family member who is always complaining – start seeing them as satisfied and happy, not complaining anymore. 
The first example I gave you, the ladder experiment, requires you to do SATS but other examples can be done by writing them down and that’s it. Of course, if you want, you can do SATS for those things as well but you said you want to write it down so I am unsure what exactly you are asking for when you ask how to do it. You have already answered that question! You write it down or do SATS and then you walk the bridge of incidents and it comes to pass. 


I also wanted to add that I am thankful to each and every one of you who has thanked us and told us how this blog changed their life and helped them understand Neville’s teachings better. I didn’t include those parts of the messages because I wanted to keep the questions as short as possible, whenever possible but we are always happy to hear things like that and to know that the blog has served its purpose and the intention behind it! 

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