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Reader’s Request: How I Manifest Multiple Things At Once

In this post, I want to talk about affirmations, afformations and how you can adjust them to your own needs when manifesting multiple things at once. When it comes to affirmations, the most important thing that we need to consider is that they should feel natural to us. This post was requested, which means that I will also share two of my favourite afformations. I will explain why they work for me and why they may work for you. 


WORDING and the first afformation: “How did I get so lucky?”
When it comes to wording your affirmations, you have to understand that somebody else’s way of speaking may not resonate with you. In The Law & The Promise, Neville says this: 

“I told him he must decide the circumstances of his imaginal scene himself but that whatever scene he chose, he must create a drama he could make natural to himself and imagine the end intently with all the feeling he could muster; he must not labor for the means to the end but live imaginatively in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” Chapter 5, The Law & The Promise, Neville Goddard

Even though Neville is talking about visualizing, we can apply that same knowledge on our affirmations. In that same book, he gives us a story of a lady who manifested multiple things into her life by falling asleep while repeating the words, “Isn’t it wonderful?” 
Now, this exact wording may not resonate with you. You may want to translate it to your own language or you may want to use completely different words. Ask yourself the question that Neville often asked us through his lectures: “What would the feeling be like?” Now that you caught the feeling, what words come to your mind? 
Personally, I like to use the words, “How did I get so lucky?” Even though our experiences have nothing to do with luck as we understand it on a human level, I find that these would be the words that I would tell myself naturally if I had everything I ever wanted. 
If you are wondering what language you should be using, I can tell you from my own experience that, since we are trying to make our affirmations as natural as possible, it would be a good idea to use the language that you normally use. If you normally and naturally think in Spanish, use affirmations in Spanish. If you normally think in English, use affirmations in English. 


SELF CONCEPT and the second afformation: “Why wouldn’t I get my desire?”
At the end of his book Out of This World, Neville shared this little gem with us: 

“There is nothing to change but our concept of self. As soon as we succeed in transforming self, our world will dissolve and reshape itself in harmony with that which our change affirms.” Chapter 4, Out of This World, Neville Goddard

When Neville talks about self concept, he talks about seeing ourselves as the person who already has the desire that they want. Sometimes people will include affirmations such as, “I am good enough” and, “I am worthy” into their routine and this is what we are going to use to our advantage with this afformation.
The second afformation is great for these things because it not only implies that your self concept is already where you want it to be but it also implies that all of the obstacles in your way have been eliminated. 
As I mentioned in the previous article, the obstacles are the things that we interpret as such. We interpret them as something that is in our way, something that is stopping us from assuming the state of the wish fulfilled or something that could cause for our manifestation not to come true. If you are the type of the person who has the tendency to focus on obstacles or interpret things in that way, this afformation should help you. 
The afformation I am talking about is a simple, “Why wouldn’t I get what I desire?” You can also add in a little bit of a story on why you deserve this and how great you are, if you need that boost. But, I recommend making it specific to your situation. For example, if it’s a marriage you desire, you can say, “Why wouldn’t I get married this year? I am loved by my SP and I deserve to be proposed to in the most magical way possible.” If you desire money, you can say, “Why wouldn’t I earn my first million euros this month? I am deserving of that money.” If you desire to win in a video game, you can say, “Why wouldn’t I win? I am the best player on this server!” 
What I also want to make clear is that you don’t have to add that second part to it. That second part is merely to remind you of who you are and boost your mood. You could also add in a simple, “I am God of my reality and I can manifest anything” after the afformation. It’s a “universal” affirmation that works with anything. 


ANOTHER WAY of using the second afformation
Of course, we can also use that afformation with an affirmation that is in the past tense. If using them in the past tense works better, you may resonate with this approach.
For example, if you wish to manifest a marriage, you could say, “Why wouldn’t I get married this year? I have already been proposed to.” Or, “Why wouldn’t I get married this year? Everything is already set and we have already planned everything.” If you wish to manifest more money, you could say, “Why wouldn’t I manifest my first million euros this month? Money comes to me in abundance all the time.” Or, “Why wouldn’t I manifest my first million euros this month? I have always found it easy to manifest money.” 
In this case, you won’t be using the affirmations that are related to your self concept but you can merge them all together if you want. The reason I am suggesting them separately is because I feel that you don’t need more than one or two afformations or affirmations. As long as the affirmation or the afformation helps you shift into the state of the wish fulfilled, and as long as this is something that you would be thinking if you now had your desire, it will work. 


In conclusion, I want to say that the two afformations I am suggesting do not have to be used literally. As I mentioned in the first part of this post, you could translate them or you could add in different words. The most important thing is that they feel natural to you and by natural it is meant that these are the things that you would be thinking once your wish has been fulfilled or once you are so certain about the inevitability of your manifestation coming to pass. 

8 thoughts on “Reader’s Request: How I Manifest Multiple Things At Once”

  1. This! I really think this is what has been my issue for the longest time is I would use phrases and words from other youtubers without really thinking but do these words mean anything to me, like I intend I hated I intend which is why I could only keep it up fpr like two months. Cos when I think about it I have never used the word intend before and intend to me means like when you watch an old fashioned film and the man has to go to the father and the father asks what are your intentions with my daughter or are your intenions honourable? I think when it is a word or phrase we just copy and paste then we give up on it very fast cos then we’re not doing the inner speech which is the same as mental diet in a way that is normal and natural for us so of course we give up on it and it feels annoying and forced. And then you see people like what affirmations did you use as if there is one magical word that works for absolutely everyone. There isn’t, it’s a very personaI thing and a personal journey. There is no one size fits all when it comes to this if there was then everyone would have success with the exact same technique and way of doing that technique. I really do love afformations though like why do I have my sp? Why do I or why am I in a relationship with them?

    1. Indeed. We all think in different ways. Not all of us word things the same way and this is why, when we do “copy&paste” type of affirmations, it can often result in vain repetitions.
      I love afformations too! They’re fun and don’t really give your brain the time to counter the question with a negative answer based on circumstantial evidence, ha! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Yes! I have finally undertood what Neville meant by vain repetitions and it is exactly that. Took me long enough lol but oh well beter to realise late than never. Keep up the brilliant work.

  2. hello! i know maybe this isnโ€™t the thread to be looking for a reply. i understand that circumstances donโ€™t matter :/ and i love all of the articles you have posted. i have also been proof that even in the worst of times it works! bottom line, i manifested my on-off ex of 3 years this year. for the idk what time and this felt soooo real. natural and happy, 3rd party gone! everything i dreamed of. then out of nowhere they were gone. told me that we wanted and deserved different things. and now im at crossroads if i want to give up, or if this is a sign? ๐Ÿ™ i love them very much. i guess my question is is there a limit of number of times you can manifest the same ex? should one give up?

    1. Let me remind you of what Neville said: “Signs follow, they do not precede.”
      The “signs” that something isn’t meant to be have nothing to do with Neville’s teachings and I recommend leaving this limiting belief behind. If you are God of your reality, who decides what is meant to be? You, yourself, decide it. Do you see how your interpretation of what you think is a sign actually dictates your own future and yet you give the power to something outside of you by doing just that?
      There are no limits to how many times you can manifest someone or something. This is again, down to your interpretation.

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