What Giving Up Really Is

I am not going to waste your time with a long post today. My goal is to make you aware of what giving up really means in the terms of manifesting. 

The confusion often arises when people equate letting go with giving up. If you are new to the Neville Goddard’s way of manifesting, and you have studied the law of attraction before, you may have the same misconception. For those who are new here, and for those who aren’t but need a reminder: “Letting go” doesn’t mean you forget about your desire. It means you let go of your old story. Old story consists of current circumstances, past obstacles, current obstacles, and everything that is being outpictured today. We have to understand that what is being outpictured in your world today was imagined yesterday. And I don’t mean yesterday in a literal sense, so don’t take it that way! It could have been two minutes ago or it could have been two years ago. But the timing when the assumption became natural to you is irrelevant because we have to move on from these things we perceive as obstacles. Dwelling on what we perceive as obstacles in our way is only going to prolong their presence in our lives.

Here is what I also want you to understand, and pay attention because it’s very important: There are no obstacles in your way. Only the things that you perceive as obstacles. It all comes down to how you perceive things, how you interpret them. This is why, in the SP community, you will find that one person got rid of a third party by imagining that this third party is bringing them and their SP closer together and another couldn’t get rid of the third party because they kept thinking their SP chose the third party. Besides, obstacles aren’t meant to be tackled one by one. When it comes to manifesting, all we have to do is focus on already having what we desire. That doesn’t include obstacles. It actually excludes them and effectively gets rid of them in the most natural way.

But! I am getting off-topic. To let go, in the NG community, means that you focus only on the new story. You live from the end. To live from the end is to think from the end. What would you be thinking if you already had your desire? To get to the point where those thoughts become automatic and natural or in other words, where that state becomes your new dwelling state, we can use the techniques, such as SATS. 

Either way, to let go doesn’t mean to give up. Here is what giving up means in the manifesting terms. 

You are always in a state. There is not a moment when you aren’t in a state. You are always thinking from this state or another and essentially affirming that your wish is either fulfilled or unfulfilled. This is why I have felt it necessary to bring up the terms old story and new story. You see, the old story is your previous state. It’s the state in which you have been thinking from a place of something being impossible or not working out. The new state is the state in which you are thinking that, that something is already yours. 

So what happens when you give up? You go back to your old state, to your old story. You return to the place in which you thought that the thing that you want is impossible to achieve or get. You abandon the state of the wish fulfilled and return to the state of lack. 

All that giving up does is change your state back to the state of lack. The way that manifesting works is that we have to persist in seeing something the way we want it to be until that thing is externalized in our realities and continue seeing it in that state for as long as we want it to be in that state. You don’t just revert back to your old state once the thing is in your life. You see it from that state, you dwell in that state. You frequently return to the state in which the situation has worked out the way you wanted it to work out. So, if you give up, all you are doing is persisting in the exact opposite. You are then seeing the thing from the state in which it isn’t the way you want it to be, again. You are dwelling in that state, frequently returning to that state instead. 

The choice is yours. From which state do you want to observe the world? The state of the wish fulfilled or the state of lack? All that giving up does is help you revert back to the state of lack. Remember that the next time you feel like giving up and instead, take a break by deliberately focusing on something else. 

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