Readers’ Questions: Part 3

Welcome to the third part of readers’ questions! This will be the last part that I will be doing this month. If you wish to submit your questions, you can do so here but keep in mind they will not be published before December. 


PAIGE: I wanted to ask how do you know if what you want to imagine is what you really want to experience? For example, if I want to manifest being a famous celebrity or something, how do I know if I really want that?
Meditation is a great tool to use when you are not sure about something. Sometimes sitting in silence and allowing the answers to come to you without interfering can be helpful. 
However, I do want to add that, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter if you truly want something or not. If you think from the place of having it, you will get it. Of course, one wouldn’t want to manifest something that could turn out to be unwanted in the long-term but that is why we also have tools like revision. If you change your mind after a while, you can simply go back to the old state of not being famous. 


H: Can you post an article or talk a little bit about free will of a specific person?
Nobody in your reality has free will, specific person or not. You are the only one with free will in your reality. Everybody else is you pushed out. It may seem like they are moving independently of you but remember what Neville said:

“…know that conditions can only reflect what is within the one who observes that condition. So don’t rage against it; leave it as it is. If conditions remain the same, that is a sure, sure sign that you have not been faithful to righteousness.” Your Supreme Dominion, Neville Goddard

If you change your state, the world changes and that includes other people. Of course, knowing that everyone is you pushed out in your reality doesn’t mean that you get to micromanage their lives. It simply means that they treat you the way that you expect them to treat you or the way that you expect to be treated in general, according to your self concept. 


IMAGINATION: Does daydreaming help with the manifestation?
I believe that it does. If you are used to daydreaming about the things that you have in life, then that will only reinforce that state. As long as you are thinking from the end, or in other words thinking from the state of already having what you want, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be helpful!


SIONA: I saw that you had mentioned that you may lose the feelings of desire gone and that because you have let your worries go and you are living from your desire. I had a confusion like I am at that stage but does that mean I have let it go or that I have moved on?
Just a reminder that letting go means that you have moved on from the old story. It’s not about forgetting your desire. It’s about accepting it as yours, feeling natural about having it.
The way to determine whether or not you have moved on or shifted into the state of the wish fulfilled is by observing your thoughts. Notice what state you are thinking from when your desire comes to mind. Are you thinking from the state of somebody who has their desire or somebody who gave up and thinks that they will never get it? 


RASHI: Can you please suggest how can I change my SP to be my desired version of him?
Change your inner conversations so that they fit the conversations of the person who is in a relationship with what they would consider the ideal version of their SP. Talk to him internally as if he already who you want him to be. This means, do not argue with him internally when he does something that is not aligned with the version of him that you desire for him to be. Instead, thank him and praise him for already being who you wanted him to be. 


ANDREA: Did my underlying thoughts create further circumstances for us such as his job situation and him falling ill? If I am scared they serve as things to keep us further apart.
If these are the thoughts that you return to frequently and you return to automatically when you aren’t on a mental diet, then yes, that is what is being outpictured because that is your dominant state. Ironic thing about the fear is that it makes us focus on the unwanted scenario more. 


ANDREA: I still do want him but I want the version of him who is free from the marriage by his own will, divorced and committed to me. Should I manifest this in steps, or just create the whole new story of us being together and headed towards marriage. That is what I ultimately desire with him.
That is up to you, of course. I find that focusing on the end takes away the “stress” but manifesting in steps could be easier if you are not sure about what you want. 


ELLEN: Any tips to manifest physical changes like getting rid of spots/ scarring or getting rid of pain when you are literally seeing/experiencing it everyday?
I know it can be hard to “ignore” the outside reality when you are experiencing physical discomfort or something is “in your face” every single day. I think that using affirmations in the future tense would help you out with this, as well as revision. Some examples of affirmations you can use are: “I am perfectly healthy” or, “I remember when I worried about spots and scarring but my skin is perfect now”, or, since I mentioned future tense, “I am being healed as we speak, this is just the old reality.” 
One technique that may not be strictly Neville but works well is if you look in the mirror and you tell yourself you are so grateful that your scars and spots are gone, despite of what you may be seeing right now in the mirror. These scars are just a memory. 
As far as the pain goes, definitely keep taking the medicine if you are taking one as we, more often than not, already believe that the medicine is going to heal us. I would recommend you look into the prayers that Joseph Murphy shared in his book called Power of Your Subconscious Mind. 


RITZO: My issue is here: I have somehow wrapped up in my head the idea that X,Y and Z things will take a lot of time to manifest. This is the only contrary thought I am persisting in. Can you give some good and creative thoughts to flip it?
If you are using the affirmations, add the word “now” to the ending. Some examples would be: “I am healthy now”, “I am enjoying spending time with my SP now”, “I am wealthy now”, “I am earning $2000 a day now”. 
Another technique that you can use for this is the “I remember when” technique. Let’s say you were manifesting wealth. You would look at your current reality and say, “I remember when I was still manifesting wealth but now I am wealthy.” 
Any technique during which you effectively put yourself in the state of already having what you want will work. In your case, I think that it is important to keep your mental diet/affirmations in the present tense because if you use the future tense it may reinforce the idea that it will take a long time to get there. 

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