Readers’ Questions, Part 2

Here is the second part of the questions that you guys have sent us! You can submit your questions here


ANONYMOUS:  Isn’t obvious that if I am married to him, it would be natural for him to call me or text or I can expect the same? 
Yes, it would be but you are equating living in the end to acting as if. It’s not about the things that are happening in the physical reality right now! The cause of the things is always spiritual. It is always in your imagination. That is where it happens before it outpictures into the physical reality. So, it’s not about pretending and acting as if. That can, more often than not, lead you to reaffirm the lack even more. It is about thinking from the state of the wish fulfilled. It is about affirming your new story and knowing that what is showing up in your current reality is the old story. You must persist in the new story until it starts showing up consistently in your physical reality. 
That being said, again, the cause of the things is always spiritual. They do not appear in the 3D before they are imagined in the 4D which is why we always tell you guys to persist in seeing the things the way you want them to be instead of dwelling on the old story or going back and forth between the two stories. You can’t expect him to message you and call you if you haven’t assumed the state of being with him. It also comes down to what feels natural to you, not him, as he is only you pushed out in your reality. 


ANONYMOUS: If I am married to him, why people say to be in no contact?
As I said previously, the change happens in your imagination/your thoughts, before it happens in the physical reality. This is why going no contact is a good thing if you are constantly being triggered by the things that are currently showing up in your physical reality. If your current physical reality is making you reaffirm the old story and you cannot distance yourself from it, then it is okay to go no contact.
Otherwise, there is no such thing as “no contact rule”. This is not what Neville teaches because the way it is presented is as a mind game of sorts: you go no contact, they miss you and contact you. This has nothing to do with living in the end as Neville teaches it. It is an assumption and therefore it works, but it doesn’t lead to your end if your end is a relationship and not a message or a call. 


ANNE: How did I create my SP going silent when I’m feeling better in general over the past month to 2 months? 
It is your old story still outpicturing. When the opposite of what you have been manifesting shows up, it is best to assume that it is a bridge of incidents and continue persisting in seeing that person the way you want them to be. If we get caught up in things like these, then we are only prolonging the situation. If you keep affirming that he is silent, you are focusing on the middle and prolonging his silence. Therefore, go to the end and focus on already being with him. 
Also, despite the fact that you created this, it isn’t always a good idea to go digging for the “hows” and the “whys” because that can only keep us in that old story longer. 


MICHAEL: Let’s say I manifested an ex into my life. I just can’t stand the fact that I have to manifest 24/7 to continue this relationship. What if I’m just tired for a day or maybe weeks? 
It doesn’t work that way, Michael! The auto-pilot/day-to-day occurrences are based on your assumptions, not the techniques. Once the affirmation turns into an assumption, you will no longer feel the need to affirm.
Think of something that you have in your life right now. You have a phone. Do you constantly affirm that you have a phone or else you will lose it? You do not. You simply know you have it and you think from the state of having it. You think from the state of being able to play mobile games, make calls, send messages, use different apps etc. The same applies when it comes to people. You don’t have to affirm everyday that you have your best friend, do you? You know they are there.
That is the place to which you want to get with your affirmations and once this feels natural and you are thinking from that state naturally, you will know that your affirmation turned into an assumption. You won’t have to use techniques, whether it’s affirmations or something else, you will simply know it is yours. Your thoughts, when running on auto-pilot, will be coming from the state of having it, not from the state of having to get it. 


OBJECTIVERIPPLES: Should we imagine specific person, or open to whoever fits our criteria?
You can do it either way. You can imagine a specific person and you can “go general”. You brought up Neville talking about “this man or no man” but he, too, manifested his second wife. If you read his work chronologically, you will notice that some of his beliefs changed over time and that is perfectly alright. Yours will as well. Your limits will fall away and your beliefs and assumptions will change. 


EMMA: I’m in the process of making a decision whether or not I should manifest my new sp because he is a public figure and a married man. Can I script how I’d like this to go and imagine his (ex) wife telling me she’d wanted out of the marriage for a while, she thinks we are suited to each other, and gives us her blessing and for us to be friends?
Stop focusing on the how and start focusing on the end. You don’t script how it happened – you script what your life looks like after it manifested. If you go to the end, you hurt no one. The only reason you would imagine his ex wife telling you that is if it’s after you and him have already been married. 


CLAIRE: When you say things like you decide, or you sort of scold yourself or you intend, or you tell yourself …. etc do you do it out loud or just with your inner voice?
Personally, I do it with my inner voice but I do sometimes do it out loud as well. It works either way.


CLAIRE: Have you ever tested manifesting for weeks on end with what feels like small things but still without any results – no free coffee, no text from an old friend etc, and if so do you just carry on determinedly persisting?
I have! It happened to me too. But, it was things from the lists that I’ve made. Sometimes it would take weeks for them to manifest and at the end I concluded that the only reason it took so long was because I would write them down and then I would end up looking for it. Sometimes, it would also happen so that I would forget about it and I probably wouldn’t have recognized the manifestation even if it were right in front of me. Once I re-read the list, that’s when it would happen. 
So, it does come down to persistently affirming but also to making sure that you don’t have contradictory stories. You have to dwell in the new story more than you dwell in the old story. If you affirm but then the rest of the day you are thinking from the state of not having, then that state must manifest as it’s the dominant state, the one you return to most frequently. 


CLAIRE: Are either of you doing coaching sessions at the moment?
No, we are not. 


APARNA: Can you revise death?
I wish I could say, “Yes”, with a certainty but unfortunately I cannot. Neville talked about meeting the people that died in in this reality and finding them alive in other realities, in worlds same as the one where he was living but this specific person was still alive. Something similar happened to me as well but that was as far as I was able to go so far but, to be completely honest, I didn’t try to revise someone’s death either, so I can’t really answer this from my own experience. 


SHREE: According to you guys, if everything is a manifestion in our life, then can we consciously manifest birth and death of someone in our reality?
Yes, I believe you can but personally, I don’t understand why you would feel the need to manifest someone’s death when you can change the version that is showing up in your reality so easily. That is what is meant when the Bible says we kill and make alive. We choose different versions of people. 


SHREE: Why can’t we manifest harm for others? Is it related to karma that if we manifest harm for others then it’s gonna come back to us??
I don’t really know where you got the idea that you can’t manifest harm for the others. You can. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you view as good and bad, though. 
The way the manifestation comes back to you is by you feeling the consequences of it. If I am consistently seeing somebody as lazy, they will show up that way in my reality and I will suffer because of it. I may end up having to work on the same project as them and since I am assuming they are lazy, I will have to do most of the work. So, technically, it’s not coming back to me in that I become lazy as well but it comes back as something I have to suffer the consequences of. My view on this was explained in this article


SALMA: I have noticed for some of my intentional imaginal acts that have come true but not exactly how I imagined it. For example, my brother was struggling to rent an apartment, so I imagined him telling me he got his dream apartment. He did get the apartment, but he told me on text rather than in person. Another example is for fun I decided to imagine a ladder and the next day I did a day trip on ferry and there was a ladder on the boat I was on, but not like the ladder I imagined (I imagined ladder attached to a house). A last example is I was doing some grocery shopping for my parents and I thought I misplaced my mothers credit card. I spent a good 1/2 hour going back to the store and looking through the car. In frustration sitting in the driver’s seat I closed my eyes and imagined the card in the back seat. When I went to look again, I found it, but not exactly where I imagined it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful these events happened, even if they didn’t turn out exactly like I imagined – but they still delivered the end result which I am grateful for.
An interesting question! I think that the reason this happens is because you are imagining the act of, for example, finding the credit card, the how, instead of how you would be feeling and acting after you found the credit card.
I used to do the same thing when I was a beginner. Instead of imagining what it would feel like to already be the version of me that has the thing that I wanted, I imagined what it would feel like to receive it. Imagining the scenes like that can result in feeling excitement instead of feeling natural about having what you want. Nothing wrong with feeling excited but we are aiming for the feeling of already having what we want as that will be easier to sustain and to help us shift into the state of the wish fulfilled. 


PRIMAVERAMSTICA: How do I feel like a rich person and what scene should I visualize that shows that this has already been fulfilled?
You can imagine a friend congratulating you on your good fortune and earning as much as you want to earn. You can also affirm that you are earning a specific amount of money every day, week or month. 


More questions will be be answered soon! 

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