Readers’ Questions, Part 1

In this post I will answer some of the questions that we have received. Feel free to submit more through the Q&A page but please note that I won’t be copy-pasting your old stories here or giving it any kind of attention. Circumstances do not matter and you can always ask questions without reaffirming your current circumstances. To find out more about this topic and why we should ignore the current circumstances, I recommend reading the following articles: Thinking From, You Are Always Affirming, Stop Robbing Yourself Of Your Desire.
For all those who are emailing us asking us what exactly they need to do in their situation, I recommend reading these articles and reminding yourselves that there are no special circumstances. The Law always applies and the same techniques will work in every case. It is up to you to choose a technique and persist in it. An article that covers this is You Already Know What To Do. The reason we don’t answer questions like that anymore is because we think that everything that you need to know is contained in the blog posts and, most importantly, in Neville’s work. You can download his books and lectures from here for free. We do not offer any personal coaching services anymore and won’t be offering any in the future either but if you feel that you need somebody to guide you personally, there are plenty of coaches to choose from. 


MARIA: It is somehow difficult for me to remain loyal to my end scene as deep inside I believe he should give me his apologies. How do I deal with this problem?
Believing that somebody owes you an apology shows that you haven’t fully accepted that you are the creator of your reality. To accept it fully means that you know that all things that are happening on the outside are simply your consciousness outpictured. Then there is no need for anybody to apologize or to make anybody beg you for forgiveness because you know that the things that they did to you they were compelled to do due to what existed in your consciousness in that moment, due to what you focused on in that moment. There is nobody on the outside of you doing things independently of you and there never was. 
That being said, I am not saying that you need to blame yourself. Quite the opposite. Accept that what happened back then was due to your inner talking and misplaced attention. You gave attention to things that are unlovely instead of the things that are lovely. From now on, only focus on things that are lovely and serve you when it comes to your SP. 
Instead of focusing your attention and spending your energy on manifesting an apology, use revision to get rid of whatever it is that this person did to you. Revise it until the thing doesn’t seem relevant anymore.

“To completely forgive I must completely forget the event.” Neville Goddard, Infinite States

Once you are done with that, focus on your desired end. 


DAISY: How do I make it natural? 
Things become natural with persistence and consistency. The more we persist in the new story, the more natural it feels. In the beginning, the old story feels more natural. Do you know why that is? Because you persisted in that story for weeks, months or even years! It is natural to you to think from that state. When you consciously start affirming for the new story, it may feel somewhat unnatural at first but by frequently assuming this new desired state, whether it’s through affirmations, visualization, scripting or simply by deciding to embody this new feeling, you will start feeling more natural about it and your thoughts will automatically be coming from this new state. I can’t tell you how long it will take to get there as I find that is highly subjective but I can promise you that you will get there if you stop entertaining things that are not in alignment with where you want to go. 


ASHLEY: Do you have any recommendations on how to release the pent up anger and frustration? 
The way I deal with it personally is through revision but in a written form. You can do revision through visualization as well. However, the way I do it, and the way you are probably familiar with already because it’s quite a common technique, is by writing down the old story. I write down all of my frustrations. I do it in detail. I assume that by me doing this, I am actually releasing this energy. Once I am done writing down the old story, I throw the paper away or I burn it and take a new sheet of paper and write a new story. At this point, I declare that by writing the new story, it means that the old one that I have just thrown away is being replaced by this one. 
It is important not only to release the emotions that you mentioned but also to replace them with something lovelier. That way these new emotions will take their place and there will be no place for the old ones to come back. 


RACHEL: I know I am god of my reality but is it really ALL me?
It is your consciousness pushed out. 

“Man is incapable of seeing other than the contents of his own consciousness.” Neville Goddard, Consciousness is the Only Reality


AMI: I want to look at everyone and everything in my reality as me, but I don’t feel it. I feel as if when I say that to me, I’m just lying to myself or living in denial. How do I embody this?
My dear, I think you are trying to view it from a human level. That is not what we talk about here. It is not your humanself pushed out, it is your consciousness. The quote that I used above could be used to answer this question as well. Everything that you see in your world is already a part of you or else it couldn’t be there. You don’t do anything special to embody it because it already is so. In this case it is more about accepting it and you accept it when you pay attention to your thoughts and see the correlation between the mental conversations and the physical reality. 


YOGITA: My question is about I don’t easily get feelings of wish fulfilled what should you suggest for that.
I am afraid that you may be misunderstanding the word feeling that Neville uses in his work. If you are talking about emotions, then you have to know that it’s not about the emotion. You do not have to feel the emotions in order to have your wish fulfilled.
The feeling that Neville talks about is the feeling of naturalness. This is the feeling that could be compared to anything else in your life. For example, you have a notebook. How do you feel about that? It’s not an emotion. It’s more of a state from which you are thinking. You don’t “try to manifest” a notebook or go around worrying if you are ever going to have a notebook. You simply know it is there. That is the feeling that you want to reach when it comes to manifesting. If you cannot assume that feeling without the techniques, then use the techniques until you reach it. 


YOGITA: What will say for over thinking? Whenever I try to think about something I think too much about future and all that just disturbs overall.

I suggest using a general affirmation such as, “I am the ideal version of myself” or “Isn’t it wonderful that I am now the best version of myself possible”. The reason that I am suggesting a general affirmation is because you cannot go wrong with it. The ideal version of yourself certainly won’t be overthinking things. Besides this, you will also go through favourable changes in other areas as well. You don’t have to tackle one habit at the time and this way you are also going to the end where you are already exactly who you want to be, whatever that may mean to you!


K: I work with mentally ill people (schizophrenia). They experience things in their reality, such as me being the devil or something similar. My question is, how does EIYPO fit on it? And can I just visualize them healthy and they would be „normal“?
This is again your consciousness pushed out. You may not have imagined these specific people being mentally ill but acknowledging the idea of there being such an illness can bring such people into your reality. It is a more general idea, a more general belief that creates and that we align with in cases like this.
I recommend you look into the Ho’oponopono prayer because one of the doctors that used it managed to heal an entire psychiatric ward by using this prayer. 


YOGITA: What you guys think about so called astrology?
While I think it’s quite limiting because it’s not the alignment of the stars in the sky that decide what you are going to do with your life and some of these things can really affect you in a limiting way, I also think that it’s possible to use it as a tool to manifest more easily. For example, getting a tarot card reading and truly believing in it will make it come to pass. However, in a way, this is a technique that puts your power into something else, something external. You think the thing came to pass because a psychic told you so instead of acknowledging that it came to pass because you believed it and accepted it.
If that is how I am viewing the world, then if I get a tarot card reading that is negative while I am manifesting an SP, my state will certainly be affected and I won’t see how I caused this negative reading to show up in my life. Instead I will think that this is now written in stone.
This is why I think it’s better to stay away from things like that and focus only on conscious manifesting through techniques given to us by Neville and other teachers, techniques that do not make you reliant on some “higher power” or a “spirit” to give you the answers. Be your own spirit, be your own tarot cards and astrology. The answers are already within you. It’s not about the alignment of the stars in the sky, it’s about mentally aligning with the state that you wish to experience.


REVERIE: I want to ask is it possible to change SP job and their habits?
Yes, it is possible. You can choose whatever version of your SP you want in your life. There are infinite versions that exist as a possibility in this moment and are there for you to choose from. You align with them by thinking from the state in which you wish to be. This includes their job and their habits as well. Personally, I have manifested a specific job for my boyfriend and him having a great experience working in a specific company. 


REVERIE: Is it possible to turn the situation with everyone is you pushed out concept?
That is pretty much the only concept you need. If you understand that everyone is you pushed out means that you are always seeing the contents of your consciousness, then you can take any situation and turn it around. You do it naturally, every day of your life! Think about the time when you went through a change in your life and see how your mindset changed before the change occurred. It is the evidence that you can do it consciously as well. 


SAMIA: Recently the more I have started to observe my thoughts, any events occur, even tho it has nothing to do with my thoughts, I just feel like I knew the story the whole time. It feels like it already happened before and it seems so familiar. For example, recently, a horrifying incident of fire occurred even tho I had no idea until I heard from my mom. After hearing the story, it literally felt like I knew the story and same thing happened before. Is this normal?
Sometimes we are also revealed things through our dreams, before they come to pass. Pay attention to your dreams and see if you are having dreams of things before they occur in your reality. This is what happens to me sometimes. That feeling of already knowing that something happened upon being told about it but not remembering the exact event sounds pretty similar to what happens to me when my dreams translate into my reality, with the exception of the remembering part because these days I do manage to remember the dream. 


We will answer more questions in the next post! 

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