Reader Submission: Multidimensional Consciousness

The “I am”, my consciousness, is a multidimensional being. In fact, the dimensions exist because at some point the human being thought and imagined the dimensions. Because everything comes from consciousness, because consciousness is what gives life to everything that I make myself conscious of being. All knowledge comes from consciousness, all creation comes from consciousness. 

This “I am”, this unconditioned consciousness, constantly moves between dimensions without our even noticing it. These dimensions are also states of consciousness. The passage from one dimension to another is marked by forgiveness and love. These are entrance and exit doors between dimensions, something that I will explain later.

I personally like to use the example of dreams. As Neville says, we must give the dream the place and the importance it really has. The dream is a dimension where our consciousness enters and leaves. In a dream, the natural and physical laws can be very different from the physical laws of our reality or waking world. 

Neville tells us that, in the book of Job, chapter 33, an interaction between God and man is revealed, a one-way communication, and that interaction is top to down. From a greater Being to a lesser one. And this interaction occurs through sleep. 

“In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings.”

Job 33

Here we have two, of which we know they are only one. God and the man. Neville tells us in Your Faith is Your Fortune that “I am HE”. Your consciousness of the Self is the “I am”. The consciousness of the unconditioned being and the conditioned consciousness are one, but the unconditioned consciousness is greater than the conditioned one. The conditioned consciousness is just a label of a Father Consciousness, of an absolute consciousness, of a single unit of consciousness, a unique one. It is only something that the greatest decided to be and, therefore, to manifest. 

If I am He, then now I know who speaks to me in the dream – I am. And also “I am” man, that is, the conditioned consciousness. I am, the unconditioned consciousness of being, speaks to the conditioned consciousness. 

I become the unconditioned consciousness of my being, when I fall into unconsciousness before entering my dream. Only by staying unconscious am I able to be all the things that are in my dream. I must be unconditioned to be able to divide my consciousness and become other things. For example, to become the entire content of my dream.

My dream is built by the objective images of my world, by my desires, my memories. However, during the dreams I am a being that limits itself and takes all power away from itself. Because if my dream is my own construction, then I could do whatever I wanted and give myself whatever power I wanted in a dream, but nevertheless, I voluntarily, falling into my bed, surrender and fall into unconsciousness. I limit myself. I forget that “I am” the one who dreams. Then, I become just one more in my dream. I become and transform into my dream. I divide myself in a creative act. I divide myself because all the content of my dream is made entirely of what I am and what I am conscious of being, I and Him, the man and Him, the dreams and the one who dreams are one. My “I am” that is in the dream and the “I am ” that is dreaming are one. 

Then I wake up and little by little, the experience of that dream begins to fade into oblivion.

We can see that most of the time forgetting is top to down. That is to say, most of the time unconsciousness is from the top to down, because when I enter the dream I must necessarily forget where I am, who I am and what I am. But when I wake up, I give myself the opportunity to remember the previous experience, although over time it will slowly fade into oblivion and only what I felt will remain. If I did not feel anything, then it will be completely forgotten.

If my dream is made entirely of the content of my being and to enter the dream I fall into an unconsciousness, thanks to which I forget my current conditions, then this world, in which I am conscious of being, this other dimension in the one that is moving my consciousness, this waking reality, this world from which I am writing right now, must be built by a Self higher than myself. 

And “I am”, dimensionally superior, and I can imagine that somehow this superior “I am” voluntarily decided to surrender to unconsciousness, decided to forget that it is “He” who is dreaming and then divide, limit himself and transform and become in all of us and in what we know as our reality. 

That dimensionally superior “I am” must be in a state of unconsciousness in order to become all things. 

So, every time we go into the dream, we go into another dimension and then when we wake up, we come out of that and go back to this dimension that we call reality. And we realize that one is real and the other is not. Why? Because we constantly return to this one in which we spend more time, we think that this one is more real because we experience more of it. But what if we slept for 23 hours and were awake for only one hour? Which of the two dimensions would be more real to us? 

So, I ask myself: isn’t sleeping and waking up like life and death? I dare to compare these two because in some way they seem similar to me. We arrive at this dimension that we call life with an unconsciousness from birth. We do not know what we are, who we are, where we come from or where we are going. We think that we have no power. We feel limited. We feel that we are divided, that we are isolated from others, that we are something different from the rest. We do not think that we are the one who created this life, but at the same time, thanks to this unconsciousness, we can enjoy the experience of living and not wake up. 

Because the moment we discover that we are the one who is dreaming, that is, we become aware of being asleep, then we will have to wake up. 

So, I am in this dream called life. I am here experiencing this dream and then I will die but that death will be like being awake for an hour and then I will live another 23 hours, that is, I will create another dream and forget what I had dreamed before or the life that I lived before. And then I will create another dream, that is to say another life and it will be like that again and again, eternally. 

Neville explains to us repeatedly that there is no true forgiveness if there is no forgetting. I must forget what was done to me to really be forgiving. When I fall unconscious and go into a dream, then I am forgiving. 

I forgive my being awake because I forget who he is and where he is, and then become a limited being with a dream. I forget the waking state and then I transform into a state that is in another dimension, that is, in a dream. 

Neville speaks of God as a being that is all forgiveness. This being became flesh and limited himself, and became man. And this may be very similar to the comparison of our comings and goings from sleep to wakefulness and I dare say, just as in life and death.

I forgive the previous life because I forget it, and I forgive death because I forget it. It’s all about forgetting and forgiveness. But this forgiveness is at the same time an act of constant love. Because I sacrifice memory for experience, for feeling, that is an act of true love. 

So, to finish, I live this life thanks to forgiveness. I go into a state of unconsciousness constantly to dream constantly, to feel, to experience, and to experience is love, because love is feeling.

By the law of Being, I feel everything that I am aware of being, but to be aware of being something new, I must forget what I was before. Through forgiveness, I am reborn over and over again. We can then see forgiveness, not as an act of benevolence, but as an act of love, as the act of giving one’s life for a friend, an act of love by killing a state and then being reborn and giving life to other. Forgiveness to pass from sleep to wakefulness, from life to death, from death to life, from unconsciousness to a conscious state, to pass from one dimension to another. 

With forgiveness and love I go through all the multidimensional doors of Consciousness. And at the same time, forgiveness and love are in it same, all the doors. 

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