Let’s Read: Your Supreme Dominion

If you follow us on Instagram, then you probably aren’t surprised that I have chosen this lecture as the next one in this series. After all, I’ve been posting quotes from it for a while now. Let’s start off with this quote from Neville: 

“For man himself is the great psychological earth that must be subdued. In man move all the passions, all the great emotions symbolized as creeping things and animals. In the deep of man actually live the invisible states symbolized as fish. In the deep of man actually live all the unnumbered infinite ideas symbolized as the fowls of the air. It is this man that must be self subdued, for subdue it, then comes the promise and have dominion over this vast wonderful country that is man.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

In the beginning of this lecture, Neville tells us that the only thing that needs to be disciplined in this entire world of yours is actually your mind. In the Bible it says that the man has been sent to subdue the earth, and once he does that he will have a dominion over all things that are on it. Knowing that the consciousness is the only reality, we can conclude that the thing that is being referred to is actually the mind of the man. The animals and plants that are mentioned in the Bible are actually a metaphor for what is going on in your mind. The only thing there is for you to subdue is actually your mind. 

Disciplining your mind means learning to consciously select only such thoughts that serve you. The thoughts that serve you are the thoughts that are aligned with your desired reality. Mentally entertain only such thoughts that align with where you want to go. This can be done through the mental diet and it doesn’t mean that your thinking process needs to be perfect. It simply means that, when you get a thought that is contradictory to what you want, you remind yourself of who you truly are and affirm that you already have what you want. As Viktoria said in this article, you are affirming all day long. It is, therefore, wise to choose the thoughts that are coming from the state of already having what you want. 

Test it! Test it today. Do not spend one moment thinking you will do it tomorrow or otherwise postponing it. This moment is as perfect as any to test it. Take one person that is always going on your nerves. It can be anyone. Start affirming that they are now the person that you would like for them to be. For example, if your sister is always complaining about things, start affirming that she is now happy with everything in her life. Anytime you think of her, instead of dwelling on this old story about her complaining, see her as the person who isn’t worried about a thing because her life is perfect. And, it may take a little while but she will conform. She has no choice but to conform because she, just like everyone else in your world, is only showing you the contents of your consciousness. 

The reason you can change others in your world was given to us by Neville in this same lecture:

“When man knows it, he will realize that man as an individual is supreme within the circle of his own consciousness, for within the circle of his consciousness the entire drama of life is re-enacted over and over again.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

You, yourself, are the operant power in your own reality or your own circle of consciousness. This means that, no matter what your current circumstances are implying, you can radically change your reality. You can take anything or anyone in your world and mould them. Simply see them as you would like for them to be and they will become that version of themselves. Why? Because you are the operant power, you are supreme in the circle of your consciousness. 

“…for this whole vast wonderful world is a response to the arrangement to man’s mind. For when he knows it he will look within for the hidden causes, look into the deep to see the fish and how they swim and how they are related, for this arrangement of the deep is going to project itself as circumstances and conditions of life.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

Not only is Neville telling us that we are the supreme power but he is also telling us that the reason for the current circumstances can be found within us. At the end of the day, the only person that has to change is you. As the supreme power in the circle of your consciousness, the world has no choice but to conform to the change that happens within you. This can mean seeing an unemployed friend as employed, or seeing the thing that bothers you as a thing that serves you, for example seeing your illness as a bridge of incidents to your best health. It can mean seeing yourself as the one who can get anything they want, or seeing the world as a hostile place where you can’t ever level up because things are beyond repair. The choice is yours. 

All of these examples that I have given you are actually states that you can fall into. Neville refers to it as “fish” in this lecture. There are unnumbered states that exist. The whole creation is already finished. All that we have to do is choose what state we want to embody. 

“Knowing the outer world constantly bears witness of the inner arrangement of mind, you will only select the things you want to project into the living garment of your Father. For the whole vast world round about you is a living garment worn by your Father.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

It is important to choose the state consciously. The outer world will reflect the state back to you. As we learned from the previous two lectures that were covered in this series, it doesn’t matter if what the world is showing you right now isn’t positive. It is okay because it is your starting point and based on that starting point, you can start to imagine more lovingly from here on.

However, often times we worry that we may lose something in the process. The idea of karma and having to “pay the price” is often times very much alive within those who have studied other teachers or other philosophies before. But, as Neville says in this lecture:

“Not one thing in the world that is mine can be taken from me save by detachment from the state where that thing I love has its natural life.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

Another thing that Neville talks about in this lecture is righteousness. 

“The only right consciousness is the consciousness of already being the man you want to be, for that attaches you with an invisible state. You can’t see it yet but you become attached to the state that you dare to assume you are, and you go fishing in the deep, you are beginning now to subdue the deep. You enter a state through the medium of feeling, through feeling that you are already what you want to be.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

He teaches us that righteousness is actually the right consciousness. It is the consciousness of already having your desire, of it already being fulfilled (the medium of feeling). The instructions on how to achieve this state of consciousness were given to us many times through many lectures and I have already talked about the fundamentals, so I won’t go into detail again. However, Neville tells us to start changing our state right away. There is never any need to delay it, to wait until Monday or even until the next day. 

“Now, don’t wait one second beyond the time that you observe weeds instead of flowers. Start right at the moment of observation, and start to replant the garden.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

The thing that Neville is referring to when he mentions the garden are our minds. Weeds are the thoughts that aren’t aligned with the wish fulfilled. He is inviting us to start replacing these thoughts with the thoughts that are aligned with the wish fulfilled as soon as we notice them. Using revision instantly like that will help keep us in the desired state.

Once we are in that state, we can no longer encounter the things that are contradictory to our new assumptions. We start seeing things differently. 

“If I assume that I am the man I want to be, I cannot encounter events that are in conflict with my assumption. For my world mirrors the being I am.”

Neville Goddard

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. The things in the world of Caesar may not change instantly. However, they will change in your mind. Your reactions will change first. 

And, that is how you become righteous. You assume that you are already the person that you wish to be. Once you assume that state, you must stay in it. You don’t assume it for 10 minutes and then go back to your old state. You stay in it. And, if something happens that makes you fall out of that state, you assume it again. And when the thing externalizes, you stay in that new state because going back to your old state would mean detaching from the state in which this thing exists.

“Then will hold fast to my righteousness and then my heart shall never judge me harshly as long as I live.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

No matter what happens from that point on, you hold steady to your ideals. You simply reject the contradictory. A method you can use is imagining an eraser erasing the thoughts that are coming from your old state and being replaced with thoughts from your new state. Another method that I learned about from a friend is actually talking to your human self and letting it know that you are thankful that it is trying to protect you but it is safe for you to assume the new state. And, by doing that, you actually tame your mind. 

“To the man who tames the mind, the man who tames his being that he can set it any task and have it execute that task, that man is meek and the meek inherit the earth.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

Now you can give your mind any task and your mind will execute it. The more practice you have, the easier it is. This is why we keep telling you to test the Law. With time, it will become such a natural thing not to react and instead to simply revise and remould the situation. 

Yes, some ideas that come to your mind may even be disturbing to you at first but you must remember that you always have the choice to change them. You always have the choice to actually reject them and replace them with ideas that you prefer. 

“You have dominion over every idea in your mind. You say you haven’t. Well, some may be to you disturbing, but you do have the choice of rejecting it or accepting it.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

For example, if you are manifesting wealth, a disturbing idea may be the idea of being broke for the rest of your life. Now that you know about the Law, you have the upper hand. You have the tool to change this disturbing thought. Well, to be more precise, you always had the tool, you just weren’t aware of it. But, now that you are aware of it, nothing is stopping you from using it. 

Identify only with things that are in line with the state of the wish fulfilled. Again, if you are manifesting wealth, do not identify with the idea of being poor or not being able to pay the bills. That may well be the case in the world of Caesar but if you mentally assume that you are wealthy, then your reaction to these things will be different. You won’t be thinking, “I can never pay the bills!” You will be thinking, “I remember when I struggled but now I have so much money.” You will mentally affirm the opposite of whatever is showing up in your reality and remain unmoved by the seeming difficulty.

A question we get sometimes is whether or not you should act that way in the physical reality as well. No, you do not act in the physical reality. You act mentally. And by act it is meant that you think from the end. If you had $7 on your bank account and you are manifesting wealth, it doesn’t mean you spend money like you have $70.000. You act naturally in the physical reality and do not react mentally. That is all there is to it. 

“If you accept it, you identify with it and the state with which you are identified must, by the very law of your being, objectify itself within your world, that you may see by it how you plant that garden.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

Accepting the state of being poor means identifying with it and having it externalize in your reality. However, I do want to make one thing clear: this “accepting” is different from accepting that happens in the first step that you take when you start manifesting. If you read the previous two posts in this series, then you know that the first step in manifesting is actually accepting where you are right now. You do that by observing the reactions to the outside reality. Accepting your current circumstances as your starting point is a different kind of accepting because in that first step, you are merely observing where you are right now. Accepting that Neville talks about in this part of the lecture is actually accepting that is related to that final step of manifesting. It is related to thinking from the end. When you are consciously manifesting something, you do not go back and forth and accept contradictory ideas. You do not accept that you are rich but also that you cannot pay your bills. You settle for one or the other. 

When it comes to that first step, we must remind ourselves not to react to those circumstances anymore. So, if you are manifesting wealth but you cannot pay your bills, and this circumstance shows up in your world, you do not spiral and start thinking about how you’re never able to pay your bills and you never will be. That would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it? 

“…know that conditions can only reflect what is within the one who observes that condition. So don’t rage against it; leave it just as it is. If conditions remain the same, that is a sure, sure sign that you have not been faithful to righteousness.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

In this case, you do not get mad at the bill. You do not let it affect you. Sure, you can react emotionally, but it’s that mental reaction that counts more and by mental reaction it is meant that you do not accept the thoughts from your old reality, just because you have encountered something that is a part of that old reality. 

When you stay faithful to your new state, to righteousness, the conditions will change. In this case, you will become financially abundant. As long as you stay faithful to that new state, the thing is sure to externalize. If you go back to your old state, then you will only continue to see the current conditions or circumstances. Remember:

“When you see who you are that is showing you the state of the earth as it is now. Don’t condemn it, just start to subdue it.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

You are here to subdue the earth. It may take some time, patience and practice but you are able to do it. Just as you were able to persist in the old negative story, you are able to persist in the new positive story. Just like you were able to persist in seeing unfavourable conditions in your life and kept focusing on them, you are able to persist in seeing the conditions the way you want them to be and flip them around. 

Do not condemn your current circumstances for they are only an outpicturing of your past assumptions. Some may be the outpicturing of the present assumptions but that is for you to judge and see. 

“Dwell upon them (the good in everything) and you will re-people your earth for your are supreme within the circle of your own consciousness.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

And you know what? It all starts with you. In Bible, this is referred to as Jerusalem. You start with Jerusalem and change the Jerusalem before the outside conditions change. 

“Always imagine the best of self, always imagine first with Jerusalem and then go out and radiate what you have given to self.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion


“I am forever surrounding myself with the true image of myself, and what I am in consciousness that only can I see. Knowing that, let me be determined today to seek righteousness, or right consciousness, that I may reap in the immediate present all the lovely things that I desire.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

But do not be moved by every little thing that doesn’t seem to align with the state of the wish fulfilled. Do not spiral and give up over every seeming obstacle. As Neville said at the end of this lecture:

“…only people get away from it because it doesn’t have immediate objective fact to confirm it.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

Just because you don’t see results after one session or one affirmation, doesn’t mean that the thing doesn’t exist, that it “isn’t meant to be” or that you aren’t able to align with it and manifest it into your life. Such behaviour will only prolong the current circumstances and often times we miss the obvious. The obvious here is that we return to the old story, we affirm the things that are currently being outpictured, therefore getting more of the same. However, if you are determined to change the circumstances of your life and you decide to take the leap of faith, know this:

“It will not fail you; it cannot fail you.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion


To end this, I will quote Neville once again. A little reminder of everything that we have learned so far in this series!

“So the story is you may find today when you observe yourself, by observing your reactions, that it’s not a very pleasant land but it is still a fertile land; it can be cleared of all these trees of traditional wrong thinking and can be replanted in harmony with the beauty that you desire. And in the immediate present it will bear fruit in harmony with the seeds you plant.”

Neville Goddard, Your Supreme Dominion

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