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Other People’s Success Stories Are Not a Measurement for What You Can or Cannot Achieve

All limitations are self-imposed. Yes, you may have read this on my Twitter. Well, I decided to expand on what I meant when I tweeted that.

If you were on our Reddit early on before we turned on the spam filter so that all posts must be manually approved, you may have noticed that there was always an abundance of questions coming in from beginners. Questions would often sound the same: the person would list their circumstances and then they would ask if it’s possible to still manifest something despite these circumstances.

The answer to that question is always yes. No matter what you have gotten yourself into before you realized that everything in your reality is your own creation, you can get out of it. Circumstances do not matter. This is one of the main parts of these teachings that we repeat again and again. However, we want you to understand it. We want you to understand it so that you see that there are no special circumstances that require special techniques. I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again: Your circumstances aren’t special. They do not require a special technique in order to be changed. They are not an exception to the Law. They wouldn’t exist without the Law in the first place. And besides, you can still manifest your end goal even if you don’t change your circumstances one by one. If that sounds too harsh for some of you, well, I won’t apologize. I want you to fully understand what it means when we say that circumstances do not matter. There is no but after that sentence and there never will be. If you find yourself wanting to add a but and a list of circumstances, stop yourself and reread this paragraph with more attention because if you want to add a but in there, then you haven’t fully understood what I meant.

One such fabricated circumstance is often times the success stories of other people. Once you get a bit deeper into conscious manifesting, you realize that they are no others but for the sake of this post, we will acknowledge seeming other’s individuality. However, I still want you to keep in mind that what you are experiencing with this person is still a result of what is going on inside you. The whole vast world is yourself pushed out and there is no exception.

But! Let’s go back to the success stories. What I mean when I say this is a fabricated circumstance is that the comparison of your story and somebody else’s story is not even a real circumstance to begin with. Before you knew about Neville and you were running on auto-pilot, did you ever have thoughts like, “Oh I wonder if somebody else has done this before because if they haven’t, then is it even possible?” Imagine driving a car on a brand new road that was just built and seeing a stop sign, only to start wondering if it’s possible for you to step on the break and stop your car since this is a new road and nobody has done it before. I am giving you a ridiculous example because limitations that are based on other people’s stories can be just as ridiculous!

And who on Earth fabricated this circumstance? Well, your mind. When you give in to your mind’s logical processes, aka, you let it think that the cause and the effect are both contained within the world of Caesar, so everything always has to go from A to B, you start overthinking. The results of overthinking are more often than not limitations that weren’t even there to begin with but suddenly, they are arising because we are used to thinking in, what seems to be, a logical way.

You are basically lying to yourself when you do that. First thing that makes this a lie is the fact that everything has a spiritual cause. The things we see in the physical reality are only the effects. Second thing that makes this a lie is the fact that you (and your mind) know that there can always be a first.

Let me ask you a question that may sound a bit funny at first. Was the high score in high jump set before it was set? Yes, it was. In someone’s mind! The mindset of that person is the cause. The high score is the effect. However, if that same person told themselves that it’s impossible to jump that high because nobody has ever done this before, then the cause for their failure to reach a new high score would have been that same mindset that, in this case, discouraged them from even pursuing this dream.

So, you see, it starts with the mindset. It starts with that shift in the state, with acknowledging that you are capable of achieving something. And once you acknowledge that, once you build that confidence, other people’s success stories are no longer the stories that show you how far you can go. They become just that – stories of other people’s successes. Yet you have your own story to write. Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge that you can be the first one to achieve something? This is why I brought up the example with high jump! Stefka Kostadinova may have read success stories of other women who set the high scores before her but she didn’t fall into the trap of thinking that she cannot do more than that, that she can’t jump over 2,09 meters because it was never done before.

That is exactly why you shouldn’t do the same. Why not, instead, adopt a mindset of somebody who is here to test their own limitations and bypass them? Why not acknowledge your ability to be the first one to successfully apply the Law and come out of your circumstances with a success story?

Just because you can’t find a success story with circumstances that are identical to yours, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Not unless you say so. And in that case, we come back to the first sentence of this post: All limitations are self-imposed.

22 thoughts on “Other People’s Success Stories Are Not a Measurement for What You Can or Cannot Achieve”

  1. Dear Ivana:
    Thanks again for yet another amazing post! Totally manifested this one! I have lately been thinking about other people’s success stories in a different way. My self-imposed limitation was that I must be doing something wrong because I am not manifesting as quickly as “other people” and felt like my manifestation was taking too long. So I decided to STOP comparing… And I told myself my story is unique and whether it takes long or not is in no way a measure of my ability or success in manifesting because my desire is already mine and it’s done!

    1. Thank you M!

      Yep, comparison keeps us in the old story! In the example you mentioned, comparing your success to others in the are of timing keeps you in the old story because you are still looking at other people’s successes as something that you still haven’t achieved. If you want and if you resonate with this, you can use the “I remember when” technique to get past that! When you read a success story, simply think, “Oh, I remember when I posted my success story… It’s so great other people are having success as well, this totally works!” 🙂

      And you are absolutely right, your desire is already yours. End of the story! 😀

      1. Thanks Ivana! Nice suggestion! I sometimes use my own twist of “I remember when” with “isn’t it wonderful”, my own style as it were 😂, as I find isn’t wonderful clicks with me better and gets me back into the state instantly when I feel wonderful about my desire being real now already and say to myself: isn’t it wonderful that I am now enjoying this and everything else, all my silly fears and worries and doubts are all now behind me and I don’t have to worry or think about anything anymore! I am so grateful! Thank you God! Something in those lines… Although the wording has no importance but “I remember when” sometimes (not always as it does work depending on which state I am in) keeps me stuck in the old story: weird I know 🤔!!! Can’t really explain why when it is supposed to actually detach you from your undesirable state…

        1. Oh well! Different things work for different people, or at least that’s how I see it 😀 Use whatever resonates with you. “I remember when” is one of my favourite techniques but I can see how it could make you feel like you are still living that story!

      2. Hey M! Thanks for posting this. I also identified something similar: that I am looking at the time too much because I have been on the SP manifestation journey for a long time.

        I started affirming I am ready and this is happening now because I’ve done everything right. And I do believe this – that I deserve to move into full success because I have been persisting for over a year and gone through all techniques and teachings.

        @ivana: What would you recommend? I don’t think I resonate well with the I remember when…

        1. (Feel free to replace the word SATS with the name of your preferred technique in the following comment.)

          If you are doing techniques and not getting results, start paying more attention to your inner conversations. I can’t really add much more than what Neville already shared through his work. But if you are doing SATS and then you go back to the state in which you were before you did SATS (the state of lack), then you are actually persisting in the state of lack. Ask yourself did you really feel it real if your inner conversations didn’t change and you still perceive the world the same way? Now, I’m not saying SATS are a magical tool that change your mindset in one go. Not at all. Sometimes it takes repetition. But I can tell you from my own experience that once you experience something and it feels real while you are in SATS, and you come out of the SATS feeling like it is a memory and not a fantasy, that is when your inner conversations rearrange themselves. Sometimes it takes time for them to rearrange themselves as well, so don’t give up if they don’t COMPLETELY rearrange themselves after one session.

          Also ask yourself how are you looking at the world around you? How are you reacting to other people’s success stories? What are you thinking when you hear that somebody else received what they desired? Do you go down the, “Ugh, this just doesn’t work for me” road or do you take it as a proof that this is real?

          And, at the end of the day, we have to remember that experience is the best proof of the Law. Test the Law with other things. Don’t focus on one thing only. Manifest some money, better friendships, free food, free rides, coronavirus going away, a new car, a new pet, new shoes, new dress, somebody saying something specific, somebody wearing something specific, somebody gifting you something specific…… The possibilities are endless. When you focus on one thing only, it is very easy to notice the lack and go on for a long time, without getting any results. But when you focus on something else and manifest something else, it actually helps you build the faith. With time, manifesting an SP doesn’t seem like a big deal at all. It feels like something that is very natural to you. And it is!

          Remember that all desires come from God. A truly spiritual person, according to Neville, is the one who steps into the state of the wish fulfilled as soon as the desire comes to them. Nothing should ever take a long time. It seems like you haven’t accepted it as yours. Because, really, that’s all there is to do. Forget the techniques for a second, you manifest without techniques all the time. Be honest with yourself, do you accept your desire as a done deal? And if the answer is no, see why it is so. Because I am sure the answer won’t be a simple, “No”. It will be a, “No because….” followed by a bunch of reasons for why you think this hasn’t worked yet.

          The wonderful thing is, you don’t have to work on those limitations one by one. You can step into the state of the wish fulfilled at any moment. But it will give you a perspective on where you are right now vs where you want to be. And once you know where you are now, it will be easier to identify what it is that is still “in your way”, mentally, stopping you from stepping into the state of the wish fulfilled.

          Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Ivana, your posts always give me the boost I need … I have been trying to express my SP for a few months, despite all the readings on the fact that everything is possible and some conscious manifestations, here is how if I could not believe it possible … when I make affirmations I feel them for a while, but I always have that state of lack and anxiety on the mouth of my stomach, as if I were just telling a lie to myself, although it is persisting … How could I get over this? I have read several times that we create our rules, but when it is difficult for you to believe for a particular situation and despite telling you the new story, you always have that bad feeling, how do you do it? Thanks a lot❤️

  3. Hi Ivana. Loved this. What do you do when things start going opposite in your reality after you imagine something? Like things seem like no change … how do you bounce back to the wish fulfilled state ?

  4. Dear Ivana,

    May I know is there any Q&A answer for June and July? Because it’s one of my fav session here, looking forward to see more of it<3

    thank you!

    1. Thank you Gwendoline! Nice to hear that those are your favourite sessions here 🙂

      I will be posting more. I have been quite busy the last few months so I didn’t have the time to do the Q&A. Feel free to still send us your questions if you have any!

  5. ❤ Thank you for replying to my comment on your last post. I just want to reiterate what ‘Anonymous’ says in the March Q&A, it’s very well put! Thank you so much to you and the team for your blog and advice, I’m not sure you realise how helpful and inspiring it all is. I have been on a journey since last year – probably similar to many others. Something very unlovely happened to me, I Googled for tips on how to turn things around, tried crystals, a spell, read The Secret, read more about LOA, read some Quantum Physics stuff, discovered and loved Neville, obsessed over Reddit success stories and techniques, got interested in a couple of YouTubers and then eventually found you guys! Your advice is so straightforward, and I even appreciate when you’re being blunt. It’s so very kind of you all to take the time to help others and it’s nice that you never seem to lose patience even when we sort of ask the same things but in different ways. I haven’t yet been able to consciously manifest anything yet (I know this is because of blockers regarding something being too big\amazing + time crunch, + my very logical brain even with testing ‘small’ stuff) but I feel like your blog is what is going to get me there … your words have got me to the cusp and will get me over the line, just as I soon as can stop being stuck on law of assumption not feeling inevitable. Just WAIT until I get in touch to share my success story! If there’s anything I can do to help you guys or pay forward your kindness (I try to each day anyway) please just let me know. ❤

  6. Thanks Ivana for your tip on “I remember when”. I noticed when I use it the way you described by putting my desire in the past, it works much better than by remembering an undesirable state!
    I also noticed that when I am overthinking and overanalysing, wondering whether my state has shifted, I just ask myself how did I manifest before knowing about Neville. The best way to describe it is peace, confidence, relaxed state, relief and trust! So I just relax surrender to God (which turned out to be ME!) and let it be because there is nothing left to do.
    I also ask myself now that I have my SP, what do I want?

    1. That’s a great way to deal with it! I used to overthink things as well, so I know how you feel. I would wonder if I am in the correct state all the time as well. The truth is, we wouldn’t wonder about that if we were already in the state. Not trying to sound harsh or anything but it’s what I came to learn from my experiences with manifesting. So, I feel like asking ourselves whether or not we have shifted the state shows us that we are still viewing it as something outside of us or something that we have yet to achieve.

      1. Totally agree! When I am in the state, everything is perfect! I am just learning to shift back into it the easiest, quickest and simplest way I can whenever I notice that I fell out of it so that the state becomes so natural for me that I just don’t think about it anymore!
        NB: Sorry for the back and forth, I just love your tips on applying Neville’s teachings!

        1. I don’t mind the back and forth at all! I think it adds to the substance of the blog when people share their different approaches. Could be helpful to someone! 🙂

  7. Hi Ivana … I hope you are doing well. I have been implementing what your blog suggests …. but in my 3D world things have suddenly started to go opposite…. should I just ignore it ? And continue in the state of being married to my SP ? Just having a bad day

    1. Yes. Persist in seeing the world the way you want it to be. When things go “wrong” it’s like the old reality saying goodbye to you.

      1. So like I wanna manifest marriage with my SP but my parents are asking me to visit matrimonial sites suddenly…. how do I get out of this in the 3D

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