Other People’s Success Stories Are Not a Measurement for What You Can or Cannot Achieve

All limitations are self-imposed. Yes, you may have read this on my Twitter. Well, I decided to expand on what I meant when I tweeted that.

If you were on our Reddit early on before we turned on the spam filter so that all posts must be manually approved, you may have noticed that there was always an abundance of questions coming in from beginners. Questions would often sound the same: the person would list their circumstances and then they would ask if it’s possible to still manifest something despite these circumstances.

The answer to that question is always yes. No matter what you have gotten yourself into before you realized that everything in your reality is your own creation, you can get out of it. Circumstances do not matter. This is one of the main parts of these teachings that we repeat again and again. However, we want you to understand it. We want you to understand it so that you see that there are no special circumstances that require special techniques. I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again: Your circumstances aren’t special. They do not require a special technique in order to be changed. They are not an exception to the Law. They wouldn’t exist without the Law in the first place. And besides, you can still manifest your end goal even if you don’t change your circumstances one by one. If that sounds too harsh for some of you, well, I won’t apologize. I want you to fully understand what it means when we say that circumstances do not matter. There is no but after that sentence and there never will be. If you find yourself wanting to add a but and a list of circumstances, stop yourself and reread this paragraph with more attention because if you want to add a but in there, then you haven’t fully understood what I meant.

One such fabricated circumstance is often times the success stories of other people. Once you get a bit deeper into conscious manifesting, you realize that they are no others but for the sake of this post, we will acknowledge seeming other’s individuality. However, I still want you to keep in mind that what you are experiencing with this person is still a result of what is going on inside you. The whole vast world is yourself pushed out and there is no exception.

But! Let’s go back to the success stories. What I mean when I say this is a fabricated circumstance is that the comparison of your story and somebody else’s story is not even a real circumstance to begin with. Before you knew about Neville and you were running on auto-pilot, did you ever have thoughts like, “Oh I wonder if somebody else has done this before because if they haven’t, then is it even possible?” Imagine driving a car on a brand new road that was just built and seeing a stop sign, only to start wondering if it’s possible for you to step on the break and stop your car since this is a new road and nobody has done it before. I am giving you a ridiculous example because limitations that are based on other people’s stories can be just as ridiculous!

And who on Earth fabricated this circumstance? Well, your mind. When you give in to your mind’s logical processes, aka, you let it think that the cause and the effect are both contained within the world of Caesar, so everything always has to go from A to B, you start overthinking. The results of overthinking are more often than not limitations that weren’t even there to begin with but suddenly, they are arising because we are used to thinking in, what seems to be, a logical way.

You are basically lying to yourself when you do that. First thing that makes this a lie is the fact that everything has a spiritual cause. The things we see in the physical reality are only the effects. Second thing that makes this a lie is the fact that you (and your mind) know that there can always be a first.

Let me ask you a question that may sound a bit funny at first. Was the high score in high jump set before it was set? Yes, it was. In someone’s mind! The mindset of that person is the cause. The high score is the effect. However, if that same person told themselves that it’s impossible to jump that high because nobody has ever done this before, then the cause for their failure to reach a new high score would have been that same mindset that, in this case, discouraged them from even pursuing this dream.

So, you see, it starts with the mindset. It starts with that shift in the state, with acknowledging that you are capable of achieving something. And once you acknowledge that, once you build that confidence, other people’s success stories are no longer the stories that show you how far you can go. They become just that – stories of other people’s successes. Yet you have your own story to write. Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge that you can be the first one to achieve something? This is why I brought up the example with high jump! Stefka Kostadinova may have read success stories of other women who set the high scores before her but she didn’t fall into the trap of thinking that she cannot do more than that, that she can’t jump over 2,09 meters because it was never done before.

That is exactly why you shouldn’t do the same. Why not, instead, adopt a mindset of somebody who is here to test their own limitations and bypass them? Why not acknowledge your ability to be the first one to successfully apply the Law and come out of your circumstances with a success story?

Just because you can’t find a success story with circumstances that are identical to yours, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Not unless you say so. And in that case, we come back to the first sentence of this post: All limitations are self-imposed.

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