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Success Story: Not Allowing the Current Circumstances to Dictate Your State

Long time no see! I want to start this post by saying that I realize that I pretty much named this success story the same way I named one of my previous success stories. It’s another story about healing a seeming another and it involves not accepting current circumstances, so I only saw it fitting to title it similarly.

I have always loved Neville’s stories about people who took what he taught and manifested their desires. One story that always stood out to me is the story about Louise Berlay. She is such a fascinating woman! The way he describes her is so motivating and always inspired me to be as stubborn as only a Taurus can be! Jokes aside, it’s not my zodiac sign that makes me stubborn, it’s all me.

What Neville said about Louise is this:

“I have never met anyone more intense than that woman. She has a determination like steel; you can’t divert her.” 

Neville Goddard

Can you see why she would become a role model for me? I always aspired to be the type of the person that cannot be diverted from their path. So, I chose this state for myself when it comes to manifesting and I always employ it when I am emotional about the things that I am manifesting.

Recently, my cat got ill. I love this cat. He practically talks to me and I feel responsible for him since I had to take care of him since he was 3 weeks old and his mom died. You can imagine I would fight tooth and nail for him, having watched him grow up and always taking care of him. When I got the news that his kidneys may fail, after which his liver will inevitably fail and being told by the vet that he can’t keep him alive with infusion therapies, which means that he will die, I felt as helpless as I’ve ever felt. Mentally, I was blaming the vets first, thinking they gave him the wrong medicine because he was fine after the first treatment but after the second one he went back to being in pain. Then, I inevitably started blaming myself because I let him eat normal food when he should have been eating special food but I could not resist it when he clearly wanted to eat what other cats were eating.

As you can see, my state of mind was… Well, all over the place. I felt so responsible for what had happened to him that for a moment, I forgot all I learned by reading Neville and talking to other Neville’s students.

Then, it hit me. What am I doing? I have all the tools I need. So, why am I over here blaming others and myself? That makes no sense. First thing I did was revise what the vet said. Instead of hearing him say, “We can’t keep your cat alive with infusion therapy, you need to get him to drink and eat normally and you have until tomorrow, there is only so much we can do with medicine”, I heard him say, “Don’t worry about it. He is a strong boy. He survived a very ugly illness before. You know he will make it this time as well.” I kept repeating this until I felt the relief. I did not consciously enter the state akin to sleep because I was so anxious about this situation that I felt like any type of SATS or any other technique would make me even more anxious. What I did was that I distracted myself with video games while hearing this new story. Well, it did the trick because I felt the relief.

Once I did that, I decided to add a bit more to it by imagining him healthy. Here is the thing though, and something I want to bring to your attention as you may be doing it as well: Neville tells us to go to the end, where the situation is already resolved, but when I am anxious or just generally emotional, I tend to want to imagine the solution! My first instinct was to imagine the vet telling me that my cat will survive. But that’s not it! I don’t want the vet to tell me this, it could be taken out of context or it could be reversed later on with something else. Do you know what cannot be reversed? Imagining my cat a few years down the road and telling one of my relatives, “Gee, do you remember how he scared us a few years back when he had that kidney infection? But look at him now, he’s been healthy ever since!” This type of scene would inevitably include the vet giving me good news, one way or another. It would also include my cat recovering completely. I chose that one and as I was experiencing it in my imagination, it felt real the first time around. Once I left the scene, I knew it was a done deal. An overwhelming feeling of relief and conviction that my cat is fine overcame me and no thoughts contrary to that had any power over me from this point on. They felt ridiculous and I would reject them for that same reason. I was as intense as I could be without being too forceful. It didn’t feel like arguing with myself. It felt like this is what I need to do. I chose this new reality in which my cat is recovered and why on Earth would I entertain anything else? It kind of felt like scolding a child when I was redirecting my mind but not in a vicious way. It felt more like a reminder, like when you remind your child that brushing their teeth means that they won’t have to go to the dentist, except twice a year. It comes from a place of love and the child understands it. Plus, it doesn’t have to go to the dentist, and what child loves a dentist? Yes, this may be a silly example but it’s the closest I can come up with, when I am describing the feelings that arose.

Well, that same day, my cat started eating again. He was still in pain a little bit and not eating as much as he normally would but it was huge progress compared to the few days before that. The next day, he was even better. He was eating normally again. The vet gave him his treatment and said that if he keeps eating normally, he will not have to get another one. He will get some medicine that he can take at home and that’s it.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Now, if there is anything I want you to take away from this post it’s that being as intense as Louise Berlay doesn’t mean you are putting in 110% of willpower and effort. To me, being intense is the same as being stubborn, when it comes to conscious manifesting. It’s about being faithful to your desired reality so much so that you reject anything else. You don’t compromise. You don’t change your desired outcome because of some minor incident that happens in the meantime. You keep your eyes on the prize and you don’t take them off until you are there.

I wish you all happy manifesting and I am looking forward to reading your success stories as well!

8 thoughts on “Success Story: Not Allowing the Current Circumstances to Dictate Your State”

  1. “Stubborn as only a Taurus can be” I love it!, Apart from being a Taurus πŸ˜‚, I also choose this state for my manifestations.
    I already missed reading your publications Ivana, thanks for sharing another great success story, I’m glad for your cat, I hoppe he is with you for many more years πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing and I’m very pleased your cat is all better. ‘Scold’ – is that what you do to reject any adverse thoughts, doubts and fears and to not compromise? At an intellectual level I really believe in conscious (and unconscious) manifestation but I can’t seem to at an emotional level. I’ve been reading your other posts and have been practicing mental diet so when negative thoughts occur I then in my mind say the opposite – not necessarily ‘feeling’ it but hoping to impress my subconscious since I can’t seem to trick my mind into feeling. Even when I imagine something nice I feel good for a few seconds and then the negative thoughts pop up and spoil it. I’m trying to find a way to talk to my SELF and more or less say “look you know this works, you don’t need more evidence so get on with selecting your reality, and manifest your desires!” I try to visualise or imagine that I feel my desires fulfilled but I only seem convinced at an intellectual level. Do you remember the moment you had your breakthrough from learning and understanding Neville to the switch actually being flipped so that your mind and heart were convinced? I am totally on board with taking the leap of faith but my mind doesn’t seem to leap even when I think it!! I’ve even considered getting hypnotised as once I have the faith and ‘just know’ I’m certain I’ll be confident in manifesting from then on. However, I’m not sure I’d find the right person to hypnotise me or that they’d know what I’m talking about. I know I sound bonkers and I don’t normally share my my thoughts like this but I really want my mind to think and feel in the way that I want it to! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

    1. Hey there!

      Thank you for your comment.

      What do you mean by feeling? Often times people confuse emotions with the feeling that Neville talks about but it’s actually the feeling of naturalness that he describes. It’s the feeling of having what you want or it being inevitable. I wonder if this is where you are getting stuck as well. You don’t have to feel the emotions.

      I do remember, it was when I got rid of the third party and changed the way my boyfriend was perceiving me. That was when I simply knew that there was no way that this would have been resolved in such a harmonious way if I didn’t apply what I learned from Neville.

      No offense really, but I feel like you may be overthinking this entire process. Have you tried the ladder experiment? It seems like such a simple thing and it’s a complete “beginner’s exercise” but whenever I felt like my faith was wavering I went back to the ladder experiment, the tennis ball experiment or whatever else came to my mind that was simple and seemed like something that wouldn’t happen anyway, and it helped me see beyond the world of shadows. I definitely recommend going back to the “basics” and just doing it the way Neville/E. O. Locker described it.

      There is no special mindset or place that you need to reach in order to manifest. You are already manifesting 24/7. Pay attention to your inner conversations and you will see it. I am sure you already knew that but I wanted to remind you of that!

      Taking a leap of faith isn’t some special mindset that you reach either, it’s just about believing that what you are doing is working for you. Even when the circumstances show you the opposite, you remain unmoved because you have faith in your manifesting abilities which brings me back to testing the Law and the ladder experiment again!

      I hope this helps πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks, I mean the feeling of naturalness and what I want being inevitable – you are right – I’m definitely getting stuck on this!
        I tried the ladder experiment but it didn’t work exactly – I saw quite a few but didn’t climb any. However, I’ve just been reading one of your blogs that says the experiment failed only if I say it failed so I’m going to give it another go.
        I’ve been careful with my mental diet these past few weeks but it’s starting to tire me out though I intend to persist as I have nothing to lose and it’s worth the work.
        If I could manifest the thing I want most – SP (or someone else would for me!) I’d find it easy to manifest everything else. I’d be so happy and relieved (I have a time crunch) and relaxed that I’d be in the right state to manifest anything and everything.
        As you said, I’m stuck on the feeling of naturalness and inevitability hence why I considered getting hypnotised to get me to adopt that mindset (instantly) as crazy as it sounds! The things we do 😁

        1. Okay, I have no clue how to mark quotes in the comment editor so I will just copy what you said and reply to it, haha.

          >”If I could manifest the thing I want most – SP (or someone else would for me!)”
          What you wrote here could easily mean that you do not believe in your own power to manifest something into your life. I want you to think about this. Is this really how you feel? Because it could be a block that you are creating for yourself, if you aren’t acknowledging that you are the one with all the power in your life. “If” you could manifest… There is no “if”, my dear! Everything you have in your life right now was manifested by you. And at times it may seem like others manifested it but the irony in that is that you first have to give them the power to manifest in YOUR reality. You have to believe that they can manifest something for you before they can do that. While I think it’s perfectly alright to ask somebody to imagine for you if you believe that they are capable of manifesting in your life, I want you to acknowledge that it’s still you manifesting it, no matter what.

          >”I’d find it easy to manifest everything else. I’d be so happy and relieved (I have a time crunch) and relaxed that I’d be in the right state to manifest anything and everything.”
          Great! Now that you’ve described this state, why don’t you enter it? If you can describe it, you can live in it. You imagined it which means it exists and you can enter it. See how simple it can be? You are talking about it here as if it’s something that you cannot obtain. Well, that’s how it’s going to show up in your reality then. Instead start acknowledging it as your current state. Not something “out there” that you have to reach or else you can’t manifest. As I said previously, there are no conditions that you have to fulfill before you can start manifesting. You are already doing it. Free yourself from this limitation. I think simple affirmations would be helpful here, nothing “too fancy”. πŸ™‚

          And of course, if you think that getting hypnotized is going to help you get into that state, then that is what you will have to do. It comes down to what you believe. Well, SATS kind of feels like hypnosis, doesn’t it?

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