Some Thoughts On Sabbath

Through my conversations with people, I often notice that some are too worried about specific phases of the process of manifesting. One such thing is reaching the Sabbath. Many times I see people wondering if they are in Sabbath or claiming that they are, only to go back to being anxious shortly after.

I am writing this simply to invite you to stop putting pressure on yourself when it comes to the said phase of manifesting or determining which phase you are in right now. Neville talked about Sabbath as being that last phase, the phase during which you “rest”. God was creating the world for 6 days and on the 7th day he was resting.

“There is always an interval between the fixed impression, or subjective state, and the outward expression of that state. The interval is called the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the mental rest which follows the fixed psychological state; it is the result of your six days of work.”

Freedom For All, Neville Goddard

Sabbath is something you reach naturally, once the work has been done! It is characterised by the feeling of having what you previously desired. You no longer desire it in the same way because it is yours. And just to make it clearer, you can “want” it but you don’t want to obtain it. It’s a different type of wanting.

“If a man fails to fully impress upon himself the fact that he now has that which heretofore he desired to possess, he will continue to desire it, and therefore he will not be mentally at rest or satisfied. If, on the other hand, he succeeds in making this conscious adjustment so that upon emerging from the period of silence or his subjective six days of work, he knows by his feeling that he has the thing desired, then he automatically enters the Sabbath or the period of mental rest.”

Freedom For All, Neville Goddard

Because this is the phase that you reach naturally, once the work is done, there is never any need to put that label on any states or wonder if you are in Sabbath. My personal experience dictates that sometimes you won’t even notice that you are in Sabbath! You will naturally end up getting busy with other things, whether it’s through physical action or imaginal action. This, I believe, comes from the fact that once I obtain something, I no longer think about it 24/7, or at least I don’t think about it in the same way.

Let’s say I wanted to obtain something, like a computer. There is a number of actions that immediately pop into my head:

  • checking my bank account to see how much money I have and how much I am willing to spend on this new computer,
  • checking the website of the computer manufacturers to see their current offer,
  • informing myself about some of the newest developments on the market and checking if I will need any of these innovative things,
  • choosing a laptop,
  • checking which store I can get it in and when,
  • ordering,
  • paying,
  • picking it up from the store.

Now see, there are a number of steps that I will take. The first seven steps in this process I would call “work”. They require me to take some action. Could I manifest a laptop without taking these steps? Sure, but that is not the point here! However, once my payment is processed and I get the email from the store informing me that my laptop is ready and I can come and pick it up, I enter the state of rest. I no longer have to do any searching or make decisions. It is done. All I am doing is waiting for the store to prepare it. And I don’t worry about it! I trust this store. I know I am not getting scammed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be buying from them!

I gave you an example of an action in the physical reality because I want you to see how redundant it would be for me or you or anybody else to worry and ask ourselves, “Did I actually pay? Is the process done? Am I getting this laptop now that I paid?” And I will admit, just like it took trust in that case, it takes trust in manifesting as well. I don’t doubt I will get my laptop. I know I will get it. When it comes to manifesting, you don’t doubt that you will get what you want because you experienced it in your imagination and your imagination is the only thing that is “real” in this world.

How do you get to that point of trust and faith? Well, in physical reality, I may have bought some things from this store before or I may have heard good reviews from a trusted friend. In manifesting, I may have read success stories or, more importantly, I tested the Law. I consciously manifested things before. That’s how you build the faith! First you test it. Just test it. Follow the steps given to you by Neville. And because the Law doesn’t fail, it’s working all the time, even when you “fail” (in other words you manifest the opposite, so again, it’s not really a failure, it’s actually about not being faithful to your desired reality), I can see that it works and because it works, I am going to use it with any desires that arise in my being. I no longer doubt it.

Yes, these last two paragraphs may have been a bit off-topic but I find it important to remind you to test the Law. Testing it is the only way to prove it to yourself and to build your faith.

But you see, the point of it all is that you arrive in the phase of Sabbath after doing the imaginal work. You can’t just decide that you are in Sabbath now. It doesn’t work that way. You do the work and then you enter the Sabbath naturally.

When I say you do the work, I don’t mean you do this difficult work for at least 6 days. Not at all. I can’t tell you how long it will take. It may take you a month of persistence, it may be instant. It may take one session, it may take 630. It depends on how long it takes you to feel natural about having your desire and nobody else can determine the time interval for that exact reason.

The next time you wonder whether or not you are in Sabbath, remember what I told you here today. There is no reason for you to concern yourself with that. It happens naturally. The only thing you should concern yourself with is doing your work consistently until you know it’s done or until it is done in the physical reality.

And to end this post, I will be bold and say that wondering whether or not you have reached the Sabbath shows that you aren’t in Sabbath. Why? Because, as I said so many times in this post, you reach that point naturally when you do the work. How could you be wondering if you are one step away from your manifestation if you are already living in the state of the wish fulfilled?

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