May Q&A: Part 3

This is part 3 of this month’s Q&A. Feel free to send us your questions here.


MICHAEL: Hi Ivana and Friends,
I began manifesting direct mentor-ship with Neville or someone better (as I was wanting clarity on some subjects). I began about 2 weeks ago and a couple night ago I was awakened in the wheee hours with a question, and immediately, I found myself at your blog. I guess we are going with better than, ok! 🙂 I am still open to direct mentor-ship Neville, I’m not replacing you boo. (giggling) Like he would ever be jealous and not encouraging of better.
Seriously… It is nice to find more expansion on and clarity of those teachings. Kindly. Thank You!
I am in process of reading all your materials so if my questions are repetitive of previous ones, I apologize. Maybe just point me in that direction.

(1) I notice that a lot of my manifesting, especially the more successful stuff comes in either a way where I feel determined, or when I could care less (almost detached – yet not quite detached), or when it happens spontaneously… especially the later. How does one shift from spontaneous to more consciously appropriating? I think part of the process of doing it consciously (on things for myself) is sometimes I feel guilty or maybe even a bit manipulative. I clearly know both are illusions. Yet, doing for others I typically do not feel those ways. Have you ever had to work around those limiting belief’s, and how did you navigate through or past them?

(2) I was doing some SP work a couple days ago. The situation was sort of romantically intimate and I noticed myself in an observational viewpoint, and not in first person. I jumped myself out of it, as that is the opposite of what I desire. Have you noticed yourself doing something like this (even accidentally) and if so how did you redirect yourself back to first person, especially after having your nerves racked a little bit? As, I must say it was a bit jarring as I know an observational viewpoint can bring observational results, not subjective and that kind of has me feeling a bit nervous, even though the awareness was nice.

(3) In my previous experiences of acquisition through feeling or even request, results have varied from miraculous to a bit of cussing, do you find your more reliable successes come with feeling with emotion while feeling it real, or just feeling it real? I have gotten results both ways, it is just that sometimes with emotions it can feel a bit taxing or draining. Just feeling feels more neutral, yet less, zippy.

As to Coaching: I know you are working with old clients. I must say, this dude is as old as dirt, maybe even as old as God/Goddess. Is that old enough? (giggling)

Thank you so much, the first and the last paragraphs made me laugh! We appreciate you taking your time to read through the articles and to reach out to us.

(1) I think that these feelings that we have, such as guilt, come from not fully accepting who we are and not fully accepting that we are all one. There is no separation. Because there is no separation, you are indeed always affecting other people’s lives. There is not one moment when people who exist in your life are not affected by your perception of them. This is why there is no reason to feel guilty. Here we believe in numberless parallel universes and all creation being finished. So, basically, anything you can think of already exists. Which means there is a version of this world in which you don’t have the desire that you have, there is a version in which you have already manifested it, there is a version in which your SP may be stalking you and is crazy about you, there is a version in which you are the crazy stalker, there is a version in which you’ve never even met, there is a version in which you are already married and have 11 children, there is a version in which you are not interested in an SP at all, there is a version in which you are manifesting effortlessly, there is a version in which you are having trouble manifesting…. You get the gist! It’s up to you to claim the reality in which you want to be as the one in which you are. For example, a reality in which you may be sick – “I AM sick” – you are choosing a reality in which you want to be – “I AM healthy” – and you persist until it unfolds. That’s a bit off-topic but I wanted to mention this because it really helps many people when they feel guilty when manifesting something. The point is, there is no reason for you to feel guilty because you are manifesting something for yourself. Don’t regard yourself as something “less than” when compared to others because others are actually you pushed out anyway. You are animating them in your reality, in your world. If they exist in your consciousness and you know that you are the operant power when it comes to the Law, then others are a subject to your power. I know that may sound so strange, “heartless” even to think that others do not have free will and all those things we were taught growing up. But, it’s not that they can’t function without us or suddenly disappear as soon as we turn our backs, it’s just that when they enter our consciousness, they become what we see them as. Here is a quote from Neville, to help with that:

“What does it matter what happens in a doll house filled with mechanical dolls? Are you going to be confused about this doll’s departure and that one’s arrival? The world is an externalized play, bearing witness to an inner activity of the soul. If you see experiences as horrors and become emotionally involved in them, they tie you to them. But if you can see that which is external to yourself, but reflecting your thoughts, you will change their flow, thereby departing from thoughts which would bind and curse you.”

Sharing in Creativity, Neville Goddard

So, you see, there is nothing wrong with claiming things for yourself. You have no reason to feel guilty about anything. You are already animating the entire world, giving life to everything around you. Why not create the life you want for yourself as well?

As far as becoming more conscious during manifesting, this is something that I believe everyone needs to test for themselves. I think that some things manifest very fast when we forget about them because we have this story that they come easily or that there is nothing that can stop them from coming. Other things, we may have to focus on more and discipline our mind a little bit more. Be more persistent. It depends on what kind of beliefs you have and what kind of rules you create for yourself. It could also be that you believe that you need to be more intense about the things that you consider more relevant in order to manifest them.

(2) Yes, I have. I always find it amazing when I see that other people face the same issues that I did. It’s amazing because it’s just another proof of how we really are all connected. When that happened to me, I would simply go back to the first person point of view and restart the scene. And, just so you know, it stops happening the more you practice control over your imagination. I don’t think this is some big issue that you need to worry about. Just bring your attention back to the first person point of view and repeat the scene.

(3) Personally, I find it easy to do it either way at this point but in the beginning, I felt like I was forcing myself to feel the emotions, so most of my success in the past (including the SP story I shared here) came from mental diet and relaxing. I don’t really know how to describe this feeling… I would give myself permission to fully embrace the calmness that came from an affirmation I was repeating. I would let this calmness overcome me. So, there wasn’t really any actual emotion involved, it was just this feeling of relaxation and feeling “lighter” because I allowed myself to experience my desire and now it’s meant to come. I hope that helps because I’m having a hard time putting it into words. This is the feeling that I still get to this day but in my early days of conscious manifesting, I was achieving it with mental diet. These days I mostly use the lullaby method. I switched the technique because I find it more practical but the feeling is still the same. And, when I feel it, I know it’s done. The knowing comes from the fact that I have manifested things before when I felt this, so this is “my way” of manifesting and what works for me. That being said, there is nothing wrong with feeling neutral. Don’t force anything. Go with what feels natural to you. How do you normally manifest? The things that you have manifested so far, observe the process that you have used. The way you manifest one thing is the same way that can be used to manifest anything!

I will let Ivana know that you are interested in coaching and she will contact you!


APARNA: Hello.. I love following this blog..there are many lovely articles to read which are inspiring and motivating. I have just one question. Neville says assume its done and it will harden into fact. Does this mean one need not put any effort or hardwork. Is being faithful to your desire and not wavering one bit bring your desire in your experience? Say for e.g. I would like to become a good dancer and I want to be more creative and have people appreciate my talent. Does that mean I need not do anything , not lift a finger but just assume I am the best and it will come to pass? This have always wanted understand this.

Thank you for your support! I am glad to hear you like the articles.

Yes, if you mean that you do not have to go out there and consciously look for ways to obtain the title of the best dancer, then you are right. The work is done in your imagination. Once you accept something as true of yourself, that’s when the world gets rearranged to show you the proof of your new belief.

However, I want to add that this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to train or do anything in the physical reality at all. Often times, we have beliefs such as, “I can’t do this without training more”. An example of this is losing weight or becoming a bodybuilder. It’s hard to find people who think they can achieve results with just visualizing. Most of them use visualization PLUS something in the physical world to get to where they want to be. They hold the vision of the type of the body that they want to have in their minds until they get there. But, it’s hard for most of us to imagine that we can lose a 100 pounds over night or gain a 100 pounds of muscle over night. Of course, these things are limits we place on ourselves. Is it possible to achieve these things instantly? I think it is because the creation is finished and you can just “jump” into the version of reality in which this is already done, but I would lie if I said that I believe I can achieve them personally because it just seems unthinkable to me and it would require me to work through many limiting beliefs that I have.

The reason I am bringing up this topic is because you may feel inspired to join a new dance class or you may start exercising more or something like that. But, it won’t be forced. You won’t have to force yourself to do these things. It sometimes feels like they just fall into your lap. I know a girl who decided to lose weight and she was struggling every day until she decided to change the way she sees herself and the way she talks to herself. She went from, “It’s hard to diet, I don’t lose any weight no matter what I do” to, “I am losing weight effortlessly and my method is working perfectly for me, I am seeing consistent results.” As you can see, she is taking the action with the intention of it bringing her to her goal. She holds the image of the body she wants to have in her mind but doesn’t get discouraged because she is not there yet. I have seen her lose weight rapidly since she started doing this.

So, basically, unless you believe that you can lay in your bed all day and become the best dancer ever, you will take action but it won’t feel hard or forced and you won’t have to plan it out and struggle or look for opportunities even. The entire premise is that even if you do lift a finger in your physical reality, in your imagination you are already who you want to be. So, that girl who is losing weight and visualizing herself at her goal weight, she is not concerned with her current reality, she has already mentally claimed that everything she is doing in her reality right now is leading her to her goal. She is already there mentally.


MARIA: Hello and thank you for your beautiful work. I write to you from Italy. My question is an SP related one. We have been together for 2 years and we had a bad breakup in Feb, there is a 3rd party involved (a long term marriage, kids, no love between the two of them for at least 10 years, she is manipulative and selfish, he is easily manipulated by her). I have been manifesting him back for 2 months now and he is reaching to me, but I feel he is not yet the version of him that I want. I know I should persist but I have really bad moments from time to time and everything I have been doing so far seems stupid and useless. Recently I realized I feel hurt, and that it is difficult to believe we are ment to be together while I still have some wounds… Maybe that is why I have not manifested what I desire yet. It is somehow difficult for me to remain loyal to my end scene as deep inside I believe he should give me his apologies. How do I deal with this problem? Thank you for your answer.

Thank you for your support! I always wanted to visit your country. Think I may as well manifest it now that you’ve reminded me of it.

Release these emotions. You may be the operant power in your reality but having a human experience means that we experience human emotions as well. It would be foolish to suppress them or pretend that they are not there because we are Gods and we can’t identify with our human emotions. Do whatever you have to do to release these emotions… Write, cry, scream, punch something, meditate… Whatever works for you. It will be much easier to live in the end once you’ve dealt with this.

The reality that you are creating right now is definitely not serving either one of you. He is in an unhappy marriage and you are unhappy because you are not with him. Instead, assume that all of this has already been resolved. You and him are happy together and the wife has moved on with somebody who loves her and whom she loves more than anything. Make that your new story and persist, no matter what the 3D world is showing you in this moment. But, before you do anything, release your emotions.


More questions will be answered tomorrow…

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