May Q&A: Part 1

Before we start, I just want to say that if your question isn’t answered in this post, it will be answered in the next one. We will be publishing a couple of posts throughout the next few days. We will be catching up with questions we’ve received since the middle of April because we didn’t publish a separate Q&A at the end of April. You can also continue sending us questions here.


QUEEN: Thank you for helping us always! I want to be on a strict mental diet for SP. But can’t figure it out so how can I do that despite what 3D shows. Please explain?

Thank you for reaching out!
How do you define a strict mental diet? I am asking because I have noticed that some people believe that a strict mental diet means that you do not allow yourself to think or feel anything that isn’t related to your wish fulfilled. This type of approach can exhaust you really quickly and I would advise against it.
Mental diet can be done in two different ways:
1. By flipping the thoughts that aren’t aligned with your wish fulfilled into thoughts that are aligned with it or,
2. By experiencing your wish fulfilled in the state akin to sleep (or through another technique) and accepting it as done
. After this act, your thoughts usually rearrange themselves on their own and you don’t have to consciously flip them around.
I usually use a combination of these two. This approach means that you gently remind yourself that your wish has been fulfilled and that you have nothing to worry about. It includes you testing the Law on a consistent, daily basis and making rules such as: negative thoughts do not affect my manifestation or your desire’s fulfillment being inevitable.
It comes down to which way you prefer!


AKASH: I had a doubt. If my SP knows knows the Law and affirms she doesn’t love me then what happens? Who wins?

You both do. She aligns with the reality in which she isn’t with you and you align with the reality in which you are with her.
However, I think that looking at her as not separate from you would be easier in this case. What I mean is that she can’t be affirming this unless you assume that she is. The reality you are creating when you are assuming that is the reality in which she doesn’t want to be with you.
You are the operant power in your reality. As such, she is only you pushed out as long as she exists in your consciousness. She doesn’t have free will of her own. She is playing the role you give her.


VALERIE:  I decided to go no contact with my SP. He had become more and more distant and cold and I couldn’t take it anymore. On a rational level, I know I created this. But I’m still hurt by his behaviour. Tbh, I’m in victim mode. Sometimes, my victim turns into anger. Not a great place to manifest from. Now, I have two options: Call it quits and move on with my life. Or manifest the desired version of him. How do I know which option is best? And can I even manifest the desired version with all this painful history and resentment? I love your work and your blog!

Thank you for your kind words!
Yes, you can manifest the desired version of him with all this painful history and resentment unless you say you can’t. Unless you decide that this is something that is beyond the limits of what you can do. Remember that you decide what is possible and what isn’t in your reality. You set your own rules and limits. That being said, this is the reason Neville says to put the Law to the extreme test. You can ascend beyond your own limits.
I can’t tell you which option is the best for you but I think that you already know it yourself. When you ask yourself this question, where does your mind go? What is your desire? How do you feel about being with him again? Do you believe that you can build the future that you want with this person? There are plenty of other questions I could ask you right now but I think I have covered the basis of what I would personally ask myself if I didn’t know what to do about an SP.
It is okay to acknowledge your emotions. Release these emotions. Don’t suppress them. You are on this journey to learn to discipline your mind.
If you are really angry about what happened between the two of you, what you can do, besides revision which is what I would suggest you do in this situation anyway, is to release this anger before you make your decision at all. If you are making the decision while angry, you may end up allowing your anger to dictate your future or you may end up manifesting him back and then pushing him away again because you didn’t release the anger. It is my belief that, if you are manifesting somebody you have a history with, it is best to deal with that before you start the entire process. I think that it’s important to do this so that you don’t bring part of the old story into your new story. If your new story is an ideal relationship with your SP, then there is no place for the old story. Ideally, you would have already resolved all of that and left it in the “past”.


PROTITI: Hey guys, I hope you all are healthy and happy! I recently took an interview/test for my admission into my dream college. I was unprepared to be very honest and very very nervous which led me to mess up here and there, I uttered a few problematic things and since then I’ve been losing confidence in myself. I have prepared a list of all the things that have been bothering me regarding this, and flipped them into positives, but that doubt still remains. I’ll be forever grateful if you lead me through this situation and offer some guidance so that I get admission easily. Thank you!

Thank you Protiti, we are both healthy and happy! We hope you are as well!
I think that you would benefit most from creating a rule that these things did not ruin the fulfillment of your desire. Since you have already used the revision in this case, I think it is important to just keep yourself in that mindset that these things didn’t matter because your college already accepted your admission.
However, like I said to Valerie, do not suppress your emotions and thoughts. The anger, the sadness, anything else that you may be associating with this situation, you should release it. Releasing these emotions that you associate with the old story will help you accept the new story more easily.


LAU: I found out that there is a 3P from my SP’s Instagram. Then I knew the teaching: ignore 3D, so I stopped playing Instagram. But I know something wrong because it is actually I am so fear to see something again in Instagram so I stopped playing. I can’t forget this happened. How can I change this and totally live in my wish fulfilled? Thank you!

I would suggest revision in this case. Your message sounds like you were really affected by this and because of that, I think that the revision would definitely help you out with this.
I also think that the advice that I gave to Valerie and Protiti would apply here as well. Release your emotions. Don’t try to suppress this memory. We mentioned in the previous post that sometimes we don’t want to check the social media or do something because of the fear. I am not saying that you should go on and stalk him on Instagram. I am saying that you should take the importance away from it.
If you open Instagram and there is something there that you don’t like, either revise seeing it or tell yourself it doesn’t matter. Don’t set limits and rules in your life based on what you are seeing in your life right now. Instead, remind yourself that the fulfillment of your desire is inevitable. The outside world is just your past manifestations. It’s the world of shadows.


To be continued…

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