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April Q&A: Part 1

Hello guys!

Since we received many messages this month and Vika has been unavailable, I decided to record this month’s Q&A and upload it to YouTube. However, since we did receive more questions than usual, I am dividing this into a few parts. Today I answered the first 6 questions and I will be answering the rest of them in the next video.

The link to this part of the Q&A is here.

You can also submit questions for the next Q&A session which will be up at the end of April.


Happy manifesting!

2 thoughts on “April Q&A: Part 1”

  1. Hey Ivana,

    Thank you for answering my question, it helped me alot. 🙂
    I want to know if you have an article about “pressisting in the Assumption”?
    Or can you give me an example (in relation to an SP)?

    Much Love and have a nice Day :*

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