March Q&A: Part 2

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KRISTEL: Hello my dear Ladies, thanks for your wonderful blog. Your articles and topics are very good and understandable. I also like your view of Neville’s work. I have two questions.
1. How do assumptions about my SP reach him? Does it have anything to do with thought transmission? And shouldn’t the person we are manifesting also manifest us? Or how can it be that we are in the same reality that this person also wants us?
2. My SP no longer has his cell phone number, I have no social media, can I still manifest him back? If so, how should it work? Because he doesn’t live near me either.

Hi Kristel! Thank you for your lovely message, we really appreciate it and are glad that you like the blog!
1. You are choosing a version of them that is already in love with you. You are choosing a version of them that is already the person that you want them to be. You don’t have to concern yourself with how this will come about but I understand why it may seem like something that is beyond logic, especially if you are new to this. The way we view it is that you have the supreme power in your own reality. As people like to say it, “you are the God of your reality.” Or as Neville says it, “You have no life in my world save that I am conscious of you. You are rooted in me and, like fruit, you bear witness to the vine that I am.” So, you see, you don’t have to concern yourself with ideas about the thought transmission or “them” manifesting you. Nobody has free will in your reality, so “they” don’t have to be manifesting you as well. They are doing what you assume they are doing and that is all there is. You are only seeing the contents of your own consciousness, all the time.
2. Yes, you can still manifest him back because the circumstances do not matter. Don’t limit yourself to thinking that you can manifest someone only if you have each other on social media or something like that. Focus on your end result and let it unfold. That means you are leaving the doors open to any and all possibilities of this unfolding. If you insist on having it unfold a certain way, you may end up stressing out over it. I find that that’s often the case when it comes to manifesting an SP. And that’s also why Neville tells us not to condition our desires. By conditioning, he means that we don’t worry about the how. We simply accept it as ours. Once we are in that state, there is no more need to worry about the how, the when and all the other things that are going on in the world of Caesar.


ANONYMOUS: Hi there. First off, this is a wonderfully refreshing site. You guys are inspiring, kind, fun, and have a way with gently nudging others to relax and have faith. And I appreciate how you don’t push your personal techniques or coaching on anyone. Seriously, thank you for the great experience of being able to use this blog as a resource when I need a lift or when I want to reaffirm that I’m on the right track. That being said, I’m in the process of manifesting a certain outcome for something in my life. I am doing SATS and also now doing a mental diet (thanks to your posts) to keep me in the state of having my desire already throughout my day. I have decided to cut out the news, social media, and conversations about my desire with others so that I remain focused on imagining lovingly for myself. I turn to Neville and Joseph Murphy (and this blog) when I want a pick-me-up, when I need to reinforce my faith, or when I’m bored and want to read something. What’s your opinion on doing these things throughout the day? I don’t personally feel that it shows lack, but sometimes I guess I wonder if reading these things daily does show lack or are they reinforcing my “studies” as I call them? I’d like your opinion on this because what you’ve said about so many things in the past has resonated deeply with me. Please forgive me if this topic has been covered in the past and keep up the awesome work!

Thank you so much, this message made my day! You are amazing and we appreciate you and you taking your time to read our blog and to send us this lovely message. Thank you! 💕
I think that, as long as you are still practicing and putting the Law to the test, you aren’t living in the lack. We can imagine it as some program we use every day on our computers. Let’s take Photoshop for example. When new versions come out and they may look different and have new options, we have to take some time to learn how to use it but it doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to work in the Photoshop anymore. I would say that reading Neville and Joseph is like these new upgrades: you may come across things that you haven’t even noticed the first time you read their books or lectures, or you may come across them mentioning something completely new that makes you even more excited about the Law and you want to try it out and test it in that way as well.
I do feel that, if you were just reading and not applying what you read, it may cause a bit of an “overload”. Like, you know… You may be reading this 400-page manual on Photoshop but if you don’t use it or test it out, you’re probably going to forget what you read and continue using the options that you have been using until now.
Personally, I still read and reread Neville’s books and lectures. I can tell you that they have a different meaning and I find new gems everytime I reread them, simply because I am now experiencing them in my life as well.
I hope that makes sense!


AMI: Hey, thanks for always guiding me with your answers and articles. My question is how do I not let a negative imaginal scene manifest. So basically my partner sent me a post on Instagram and since it was a private account I couldn’t see it and waited for my request to be accepted, and I didn’t respond to that post thinking he would understand that it’s a private account post. But then I imagined him getting angry and thinking that I ignored him, I imagined him unsending the post. And I don’t remember revising it..I think I thought to myself let’s see what happens, with no intentions of testing it..after an hour when I opened Instagram to see if my request had been accepted, I found out that he had unsent that post! And that too around the same time when I had imagined that scene. Now I wasn’t expecting it to manifest but it did. And I’m sure it cannot be a coincidence. So did this happen becoz I didn’t revise that scene with something positive? Had I revised it with a positive response it wouldn’t have manifested?? Will persisting in the assumption that “only my positive thoughts and assumptions and imaginal scenes manifest” help in this??

Thank you so much Ami, we appreciate you reading our blog and reaching out to us!
And… Oh boy! I am sorry but your message made me giggle a little bit, because I find it absolutely amazing how fast the Law delivers. Yeah, this may have been something that you didn’t mean to manifest but see how fast it worked? Even if you perceive this as “negative”, it’s a proof that the Law is working. Isn’t that amazing?! See how powerful you are?
Yes, I do believe that if you would have countered this with something positive, this wouldn’t have happened but do keep in mind that it’s the feeling of naturalness that is the secret here, so ask yourself if this felt natural for him to do? Even though you didn’t want this to happen, did your thoughts and assumptions in that moment confirm and support that he will probably react this way? That’s your answer. So you see, it’s not even so much about what you visualized in that moment or thought about but how you felt about it – if it was natural because it was supported by your beliefs about him.
Here is a more specific example…
“Oh no, he will probably delete this message. He always gets angry when I don’t respond right away. He is immature like that. He doesn’t like it when I don’t respond very fast because he thinks I am ignoring him.” vs. “What am I thinking? No, he is not immature. He doesn’t think I am ignoring him when I don’t respond right away. He keeps messaging me, even if I don’t respond. He loves sharing things with me that he finds funny.”
Which one of these ways of thinking would have felt more natural to you in that moment? Which one was it easier to accept?
But in short, yes, you can change the outcome by revision.
Having an affirmation like the one you mentioned would be super helpful. I haven’t really tested this so I can’t speak from my own experience but I do believe that assuming that only your positive assumptions manifest would allow you to get to the point where your mind “automatically” rejects anything negative, which in turn leads you to positive thinking and manifestations that you would consider positive.


RAE: How do I learn to allow for my manifested SP to come in? I’ve grown up in an environment where I always had to work hard to receive love, usually by morphing into the person my family/friends/husband wanted me to be, and conforming to the image they wanted for me. I trained myself to be giving so that I could cater to others’ needs and I told myself that as an empath, that was my job to take care of others’ (and their emotions). Imagining was discouraged, “facing reality” was the norm. Now that I have discovered Neville and taking that sense of power and creation back for myself, how do I stop trying so hard to fill in the gaps of communication with my SP, who texts me once every 2 weeks and whom I don’t see more often than once every 2 months? I feel as if I’m not doing anything to advance the relationship, then I feel anxiety. My imaginings are vivid, joyous and beautiful but when I see a random aloof text message from my SP, the contrast is somewhat upsetting and I feel the need to ask what’s going on, what is the matter, etc. How do I simply sit back and let it unfold without this sense that I need to watch for what’s coming around the corner (and try to steer it)? My affirmations that I am worthy and deserving of love and daily communication are now being reflected back to me generally from others (and in one case, from a person I’m not romantically interested in!), but not from my SP.

Mental diet!
In this message, you have repeated some things that could be resolved with revision, in my opinion. If there was a specific incident that led you to believe that you have to deserve people’s love, I would definitely revise that. Another thing I see here is that you are saying that your SP is messaging you every two weeks. When living in the end, that cannot be something that you accept as a normal thing in your reality.
It sounds like this anxiety that you feel is affecting the way you view your relationship with him and stopping you from fully living in the end. Ask yourself this question: would this anxiety exist if you were now in a relationship with him? How would you feel if you were now in a relationship with him? How would it feel if your wishes were now fulfilled? Focus on that feeling instead, whenever you feel your anxiety arising.
Personally, I dealt with social anxiety and I got better once I started asking myself these questions and telling myself things like, “They are thinking only what you think they are thinking.” Sometimes anxiety is a result of overthinking or even us being afraid of what others may feel or think. This is when you have to remember that he is just playing a role that you have assigned him in your reality.
As for that last part of your message, it sounds like you may be putting him on a pedestal in some way. Don’t make him an exception. He must reflect your assumptions. It’s just that right now you are assuming that he isn’t. That’s the irony of it. You are saying that everybody is reflecting these affirmations except for your SP – so you are speaking that into the existence, you are seeing the results of that assumption. He is special to you but remember that he is just like any other person in your reality – he is you pushed out, he is under your “influence”, he isn’t an exception to the Law.


S: I’ve been implementing mental diet and was feeling great, but when I reached out to my SP the response wasn’t great. What is the best way to ignore this?

Alright, so I didn’t copy your entire message because the first part was for Vika and she will answer it the next time she will be participating in the Q&A.
The best way to “ignore” it is not to accept it as the end. Yes, he may not have given you the response that you were wishing for. You can acknowledge that. It is still a part of your consciousness and that’s great because that means you can change it. You change it by assuming the opposite. You go, “Oh, this wasn’t the response I wanted, so I will keep focusing on the response that I do want. It is done.”
You know, if you message someone and they don’t respond in the way that you want them to respond, that’s when you need to pay the most attention to your inner conversations, even more than you did up to that point. Because, now you have this thing in front of you and well… How will you react to it? Will you freak out? Will you assume that you failed? Will you assume that he will get back to you later with a different response and apologize for his current response because he is just not in the good mood? The choice is yours.


APARNA: Hello, thank you for answering my earlier question. Neville says assumptions harden into facts. I am working with an airline and I have day shifts…but sometimes we are asked to work in shifts as well which I am not happy about. I love my current job and want only day shifts and flexibility in work timings and weekends and public holidays off. Now I would like to apply the Neville quote here that assumptions harden into facts by assuming that my job gives me all of this. The question here is do I need to visualise or just assume that this is what it is and it will show up in my reality. I am not able to imagine any scene so wanted to know if just assuming is good enough. Secondly how do I avoid wavering and ignoring my current reality and ignore people who think not so good. I know it’s what you believe that will show up in ur experience…but I did try and claim that I would not do night shifts but for some reason that did not work and we had to do night shifts I was a bit disappointed and wondering did I do anything wrong.
But then I just went to work as normal and tried to be normal and calm so that I don’t bring more of this into my reality. Now I have just started claiming that I do only day shifts and I have flexible work timings. Any advise will be appreciated.

Well, first of all, you do not need to visualize. Visualizing is just a technique, like any other. It’s okay if you use some other technique. Feeling is the secret, not the technique.
This question is quite similar to the previous one, in the terms of not accepting the current reality as the “end”. Okay, so you intended for something and the opposite showed up: now it’s up to you to either declare it a failure or continue assuming that what you assumed is true and it’s still going to happen, even if your current reality looks completely contradictory to that.
You didn’t do anything wrong, my dear. You can’t do these things wrong unless you assume you can. You make your own rules which means that if you decide that there is only one right way of doing it, then every other way is wrong and that’s the only way for you to “go wrong”. However, since this is the Law of assumption that we are talking about, we have to remember that it’s always our assumptions that harden into facts. If we accept something as a failure, it hardens into fact. If we view it as a little bump in the road and think to ourselves that it’s just a bridge of incidents, that hardens into a fact as well.
Since everyone is you pushed out in your reality, you would benefit from assuming that everybody is always thinking positively or is in the same page as you. You mentioned that there are people who don’t think good thoughts in your reality, so you will see that outpictured as well until you assume the opposite.
Lastly, to avoid wavering, keep testing the Law. That will help you build your faith and you will see that you didn’t fail. You just assumed that you did. Now assume that you didn’t and that your thing can still happen, even if it seems unlikely right now. Through your experience, you will surely come across things that will seem like failures but when you don’t accept that as the “end result”, you will see them change.


A: Dear Viktoria, dear Ivana: Thank you for your answers to my question in the last Q&A! I had a question with regards to reaction: how would you revise a conversation that would literally have not taken place at all had your wish been fulfilled? I reacted to one that literally would not have happened had I objectified my desire during this lockdown: seems like it’s a purging period which is great but I would appreciate your advice as I couldn’t think of a way of revising it…Thanks!

Thank you for trusting us with your story! I think you can acknowledge what had happened but don’t accept it as the end. You know, this may have happened because of the current circumstances but since the current circumstances do not matter, you do not have to worry about it. Simply continue living in the end.
Another way to deal with it, and something I do sometimes, is to “merge” the thing that happened before and the thing that happened after the event that I wish to revise. For example, let’s say I dropped my pen and want to revise it. What was I doing before I dropped it? I had it in my hand. Then I dropped it and picked it up. After that, I started writing or continued holding it in my hand. Let’s say I want to completely remove that middle part where I dropped the pen and picked it up. I go back and assume that I held it in my hand all along. I didn’t drop it.
If you feel like you can do this with this conversation, that could be helpful. Don’t get me wrong, though, and think that I am telling you to suppress your memories. Not at all. You are still replacing/revising them, only that you are replacing this with something “passive”, like you holding your pen for 2 minutes, instead of 1 minute and 50 seconds because it was on the floor during those 10 seconds.
Another way to go about it would be to use the “I remember when” technique and “remember” that that day went perfectly. Nothing bad had happened.
You could also change it so that you end that conversation differently. For example, if your SP said that they can’t see you on Friday and that’s the end of the conversation, you add something in there. Something like, “I can’t see you on Friday… Oh, wait! I just remembered! I can see you on Friday, I have a day off from work!”


Thank you all for your lovely messages and support! We really appreciate it!
If you have any questions you would like to ask us, send them here. They will be answered in the first part of the April Q&A.

Wishing you all a lovely day!

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