Manifesting & Positivity

Today I want to talk about the topic that gets brought up a lot and shine some light on this. It has been touched on before by Ivana in this post but now, I want to explore it a little deeper.

When we first find out about conscious manifesting, most of us get caught up in things such as vibrations, feeling good, letting go,… Sometimes, these things transfer into Neville’s teachings as well. We use the same wording but it means a different thing. Because this may not be the most practical way of expressing ourselves, I want to explore one of the things that often comes up and causes people to disagree – positivity and feeling good all the time.

Can you be positive and not feel good? Certainly, you can. I believe that you can be depressed and still be positive about something in your life. When I was a teenager, I used to perceive one of my friends as the most depressed guy ever, always pessimistic but calling himself a “realist”. One day, he met a girl. He fell in love and suddenly, because I was sure that their relationship would last, he admitted that, despite his attitude until now, he feels extremely optimistic about this relationship and knows that it’s good for him.

I am giving you this example, fully aware that it came out of my own consciousness. I saw him one way, then I saw him change but only in one area of his life. He still remained an angry self-proclaimed political activist in general.

Have you ever experienced the same thing in your own life? If you have, then you know that this is possible. Whether it happened to you or somebody else in your life, it doesn’t really matter. You must understand that the source for it was you. I believe that all of you can find such an example in your lives. Or should we call it… A loophole?

Let’s go back to the LOA community that we all come across sooner or later… Else we wouldn’t be here now, would we? Often times, positivity is used to describe the person always feeling happy and optimistic. If you aren’t positive and happy all the time… You can’t manifest!

That, my friends, is the biggest lie you will ever come across in your life. If we dive deeper into the workings of the Law, we can’t deny that it’s working all the time. If it’s working all the time and yet I am being pessimistic, depressed, frustrated, angry… Then… How is my life still moving on? How am I not stuck in one perpetual cycle, in one moment in the time, because clearly I can’t manifest and because I am manifesting everything, including time, how is the time moving forward when I am not feeling okay?

Well, that’s when you want to stop and think. If the Law is working all the time, then it’s independent of my mood. It still depends on my assumptions and my assumptions may be affected by my current emotional state but they do not depend on it. Let me give you an example.

It’s 7:55 in the morning. I start working at 8. My coworker is still not here. I start thinking that it’s impossible for him to get here and assume that he will be late. I am pacing around my office cussing him out. He will arrive but he will arrive late. He has a role to play! I assumed that he will be late and I got frustrated over it. It all started with my assumption and the outcome is completely dependent on my assumption, not my emotional state, as I explained above. On the other hand, I could have assumed that he will be late and be happy about it. Maybe I wanted to catch up on some work and he would have interrupted me because we have to collaborate today. So… I am happy and he is still late. Once again, my assumption is what is causing this.

Then… Where does the posivity come in, you may ask. Well, in the assumption that he will come. The definition of positivity is that it signifies the presence of something. Do I need to feel good and be optimistic in order to assume the presence of something? No. I am capable of assuming that my coworker is arriving late to work, no matter how I am feeling. I am assuming this and accepting it as a part of my reality today. I can feel however I want to feel about it.

And in my other example, with my friend? I assumed that the presence of this new relationship will make him see things a bit differently, at least in that area of his life. I could have assumed that with frustration because, O-M-G, how dare he not be the pessimistic person that he always was! Or, I could have assumed this would change him into an optimistic person. Either way, I assume that the relationship exists and then I choose what this means for my friend.

I would like to caution you not to accept things such as, “You always have to think happy thoughts” as a rule in your reality. We are still having this human experience. We all react from time to time. If we assume that we always have to think happy thoughts or else we can’t manifest, what we are doing is creating the feeling that we need to restart our techniques or assume the opposite again and again, because we experienced something other than happiness. But in reality, what we just did is set a rule that when we are not feeling happy, we are manifesting the opposite of what we want. The irony is… The Law is working either way.

“The law is no respecter of persons and will bring good or evil to any, according to his use or misuse of it.”

Ernest Holmes

You make your own rules in your reality. Don’t make the rules that do not serve you or will not serve you in the long run. Choose to make rules that free you, rather than enslave you. Put no rule on a pedestal and think that unless you do this, you cannot have what you want. There is nothing to do. The creation is finished.

Positivity isn’t about feeling happy all the time or thinking happy thoughts all the time. It’s about assuming that you already have what you desire. Whether you feel sad or happy in this moment, you can align with any circumstances through your assumptions. Positivity is about affirming the presence of something and no, I am not talking about affirmations as a technique, but affirmations through assumptions.

What are you assuming today?

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