Creation Is Finished

Yesterday, I asked you guys on Instagram which topic you want us to cover next and most of you voted for this topic, so, let’s talk about creation is finished!

So, what does creation is finished mean? It means that any situation that you can possibly perceive right now is already created. It exists as a possibility and you can enter the state that contains it anytime you want. You are the one deciding which state or outcome you are going to experience, in your reality. In Neville’s words:

“Nevertheless, this experience revealed to me that I am supreme within my circle of my own state of consciousness and that it is the state with which I am identified that determined what I experienced.”

Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination

You have the dominion in your state of consciousness. If you are now conscious of being poor, know that the only reason you are in that state is because you are conscious of being it. Seeming others may perceive you as rich and that won’t bring you any wealth, unless you, yourself enter the state of abundance.

The same applies in reverse. You can consider yourself to be rich and if somebody says you are poor, it doesn’t mean you will suddenly become poor and lose everything. You won’t, unless you accept that as your new reality.

The reason I am mentioning this is because we ourselves determine what state we are in. If we continuously focus our attention in one direction and one direction only, we may acknowledge the existence of things that are opposite to that but we won’t accept them as true of ourselves. This is important to know because the fact that the creation is finished comes as a relief, but also as something that many people tend to forget from time to time.

Creation is finished means that there is no reason for you to worry about the circumstances. It means that you should acknowledge that the reason you are where you are now is because you have manifested yourself into this state. Knowing that, it should be a relief to anyone to know that you can just as easily enter any other state.

Creation is finished is the primary reason why we always tell you that circumstances do not matter. If you can see something in your imagination, it means it already exists and you can bring it into the world of Caesar. So far, you have created circumstances unconsciously, on auto-pilot. Isn’t it a relief to know that you can manifest them consciously as well?

“We, by a series of mental transformations, become aware of increasing portions of that which already is, and by matching our own mental activity to that portion of creation which we desire to experience, we activate it, resurrect it, and give it life.”

Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination

When Neville says that we become aware of what already is, what he means is that whatever you are experiencing in your imagination in this moment already exists. This is why it’s also easy to “change others”. Many of you often ask us if it’s possible to change this person or another and although the recommended approach to this would be to change yourself first, the answer is still yes.

If we believe that the creation is finished, then we also believe that there are countless versions of other people. This is why you can apply the principle of everybody being you pushed out and change the other person from being grumpy and unfriendly to being happy and friendly. This is why you can fix your relationships with others. This is why you can get your specific person!

“Think of the world as containing an infinite number of states of consciousness from which it could be viewed. Think of these states as rooms or mansions in the House of God, and like the rooms of any house they are fixed relative to one another. But think of yourself, the Real Self, the Imaginative You, as the living, moving occupant of God’s House. Each room contains some of Los’ Sculptures, with infinite plots and dramas and situations already worked out but not activated. They are activated as soon as Human Imagination enters and fuses with them.”

Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination

So you see, Neville liked to refer to these infinite possibilities as mansions or rooms. In today’s world you will find that many people talk about parallel realities. It’s really the same thing. Whatever metaphor you want to use in order to describe it is alright!

However, there is another dimension to this quote that I want to mention here and that is that the plan for something to unfold in your reality already exists in states that you enter. This is why you will find people who will tell you that states will inspire you to do things and that’s true. Think about it… Being in the state of being rich will probably inspire you to get even richer. You will see opportunities to invest or find new ways of increasing your income everywhere. Being in the state of being poor will probably keep you stuck on thinking about that bill you can’t pay and you may feel like asking somebody to borrow you some money. This shows that the state you are viewing the world from will always unfold in the most perfect way. If you declare yourself to be poor, you will experience it. If you declare yourself to be rich, you will experience it. You don’t have to move a finger to reach this point! Entering the state does it for you.

“As the appearance of our world is determined by the particular state with which we are fused, so may we determine our fate as individuals by fusing our imagination with ideals we seek to realize.”

Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination

To sum it up, creation is finished simply means that anything you can imagine already is. This is why circumstances do not matter. Your ideal already exists and the only reason you are not expressing it right now is because you aren’t assuming that you are it.

Take this as an invitation to take the leap of faith and assume that you are the person that you want to be. There is a version of you that already has what you desire. Fuse with that version of yourself.

Creation is finished means that your desire is a glimpse into a potential future. Accept it as fulfilled and start viewing the world from it.

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