March Q&A: Part 1

This is the first part of our March Q&A. Thank you for submitting your questions!


SHREE: Regarding visualisation, can I imagine a scene going intimate with my SP? I intensely feel those special moments between us. How can I imagine such scene implying it’s after our marriage?

Viktoria: You can imagine any scene that you feel would happen naturally after you guys get married. Imagining an intimate scene works just as well. Scenes are personal and you should choose what resonates with you in this moment.
There are various ways you can imagine this happening after you’ve already been married but you can use some of the “universal” symbols such as seeing a ring on your finger, calling each other husband and wife, etc. You can incorporate that into the scene if it feels natural. However, if you can imagine a scene that includes intimacy and you can assume that this is happening after you’ve been married, that is good enough as well. You do not have to imagine a symbol of marriage in that case. It’s the assumption/the feeling that matters more.


APARNA: I would like to know how to get rid of my fears and anxiety when I see something that I don’t like in my reality. I try and affirm… Try to have positive thoughts but somewhere in my consciousness there are fears and doubts. How to overcome them. Thank you for your guidance.

Viktoria: It was mentioned a few times before, in a couple of other Q&As that trying implies working. The first thing you want to get rid of is your assumption that you need to work (or try) to get what you want. All the “work” is done in your imagination by assuming the state of the wish fulfilled.
Fears and doubts are normal. They are nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Do not give them attention. The more attention you give them, the longer you keep them alive inside you. The best way to deal with doubts is to test the Law. Test it until you know that it’s always working. In the beginning, you may feel like it would have happened anyway but as you build the courage to take the leap of faith and start manifesting things that you may deem as big, you will see that it’s definitely not a coincidence. You can also dig into your past and find the correlation between your assumptions and the things that happened to you. If digging through your past is triggering or it keeps you stuck, then it’s better to test it from this moment on, instead of digging through it.


LAU: How can you deal with ego? I did manifest something in the past, but when it comes, I feel like hopeless and powerless. I can even feel my body pain. I can’t do any techniques to manifest, I can’t fight it too. What should I do?

Ivana: If by feeling hopeless and powerless you mean that you feel like it would have happened anyway, know that it is common for people to feel that way when they are manifesting something. As Viktoria mentioned above, the more you test the Law, the less you will feel like the things that are happening would have happened anyway.
That being said, do not repeat the story about not being able to do any techniques. That story doesn’t serve you. I understand you may feel some resistance towards techniques and I am wondering if this is happening because you may have forced yourself to do them in the past? Know that you do not need techniques in order to manifest. You are manifesting 24/7. Everything in your life is a manifestation. It is all based on your assumptions. Knowing this, you should now also see that you didn’t always do SATS or scripted every little thing that happened or is happening to you. You simply assumed it to be true. “An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact.” 
I would recommend doing the I AM meditation that Neville described in the book At Your Command. You can find it here.
Become aware of your thoughts. For a short period of time, become an observer of your thoughts. You will see the correlation between what you are assuming and what is happening in the outside world. Test the “everyone is you pushed out” concept. Assume differently about someone and don’t let yourself be discouraged if you don’t see the change right away. Remind yourself that imagination creates reality.
It’s about becoming aware of who you truly are, awakening to your true power.


SANDY: Please can you explain self-love and working on yourself? The manifesting process is to change the old/current story to a new story coming from the state of wish fulfilled and dwell in that state more than you do in the current state. Create a new story and affirm it until it becomes true in your subconscious mind and it feels more real than your current reality? Isn’t that manifesting in a nutshell? If that is the case where does self-love and working on yourself come in and what are the best ways to do this? How do you establish if you lack self-love? 🙂

Ivana: Well, first of all, I just want to say that my view on self-love may be a bit different than other people’s. I do not believe that self-love consists of telling yourself that you love yourself all day long. To me, true self-love means accepting who you truly are, assuming the best for yourself, giving yourself your desires because you know you deserve them and assuming the best for those around you as well because you know that they are simply you pushed out and that you will “suffer the consequences” of your imaginal acts that include the seeming other. It also means to stop seeing yourself as separate from your manifestations and your world.
By that definition, for me, loving myself means that I assume that I am already the ideal version of myself. If I fall off the wagon for a bit, that’s alright. I remind myself of who I truly am and get back on. I don’t dwell on things that do not serve me. With that being said, the lack of self-love would imply I am doing the opposite: calling myself a failure, saying I can’t get what I want, calling myself unlucky or too dumb to understand manifesting, imagining that others are against me which puts me in an even more uncomfortable situation.
I hope that helps you and resonates with you! And yes, manifesting in a nutshell, as you said, is assuming that your wish is fulfilled and persisting. You automatically start thinking from that state. It feels like an established fact and it makes no sense for you to think from the state of desiring it anymore.


REVA: My SP had a work related issue due to which he has become stressed and this and maybe some other factors have made him less romantic. In the beginning, he would call, text , meet etc and then it reduced. I do know that I should not be noticing this and I also know that when we are married, he wont need to communicate via phone that much. But I still want him to be romantic and tell me romantic stuff :):). So, if I create a version of him who expresses how much he cherishes and loves me (through affirmations and imaginal conversations), along with the married life, am I not creating two things? I am imagining him being loving and romantic and I am imagining us married, but I do not want to be married to a grumpy him. Is this messing with the middle? Or can I go ahead? Thank You.

Viktoria: This doesn’t sound like messing with the middle to me. Of course you don’t want to be married to a grumpy version of him. You want to be married to the best version of him possible. I do not think that these two things are mutually exclusive. You can manifest him being the ideal version of himself and you marrying that version.


A: Dear Ivana & Viktoria: Thank you for your valuable content! I am manifesting marriage & children with an SP and had a question regarding a fear/limiting belief that keeps popping up. My main fear is obviously failing to manifest this big desire I have as I am terrified to end up alone: feels worse than death. And since learning Neville, I feel like if I fail I have only myself to blame. I guess my concept of God prior to Neville was of some force that was looking after me. Although I still believe that God is looking after me, and God and I are one but God is greater than I, I feel like I am responsible and God is neutral, so I get anxious and worry… I am 38 years old and I have a recurring limiting belief that is triggering me and causing me to fall out of my state. That is that if I get older, I will become less desirable to my SP or anyone and my chances of having children will decrease. That is creating a feeling of race against time and although I know all things are possible, transcending my limiting beliefs about time seems challenging. Hence my need to manifest fast. The other thing that is triggering me out of my state is when I look for results/notice the absence of my wish fulfilled. However, when that happens, I have recently been doing imaginal acts and revision on the spot and getting myself straight back into the wish fulfilled. I wonder how you would go about getting back into the state of the wish fulfilled when “your circumstances” seem real and overwhelming to you. How to remain faithful easily and effortlessly no matter what! Thanks!

Ivana: Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate them! Thank you for reading our articles. 🙂
Personally, if the circumstances seem to be overwhelming and my limiting beliefs are getting in my way, what I do is I take some time to meditate. I find that being still helps a lot with thoughts and feelings such as anxiety. Once these emotions go away, my approach wouldn’t differ from yours, to be honest. I would assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled again.

Viktoria: When I was manifesting my boyfriend back, my circumstances seemed overwhelming as well. He was with someone else, we weren’t in contact, he seemed happy without me, I had a feeling that I needed to get him back as soon as possible as well. I am 26 years old but I felt that if I don’t get him back as soon as possible, he will spend the rest of his life with the other person because it will be too late for me. See, you and me aren’t the same age but we assumed the same thing! It will be too late if we don’t get it fast.
That’s what made it hard for me to let go. It made it hard to relax and trust the process, as people like to describe this. I feel you may be in the same situation and I know how hard it is to deal with thoughts that come from that state. But you can overcome it. If I have done it, so can you!
What helped me was the mental diet. But the mental diet that was centered around me and my concept of self. I realized that the reason I was thinking the way I was thinking was because I felt like a victim of circumstances: 3P, time, age… Working on myself meant accepting that I am God and that these circumstances do not have any power over me. If I am God, then these things bend to my will, and not vice versa!
Realizing who you really are comes with the knowing that everything that you have been perceiving as an obstacle is actually nonsense. What helped me, as well, was reading Neville on a daily basis and testing the Law, also on daily basis. This is what, personally, helped me the most. Seeing things manifest day after day, things that I have decreed to be true, that was what made me realize my true power and helped me realize that time is just a concept that has no power over me. I used to use the phrase “I remember when” a lot whenever I noticed that I was thinking from a limiting human perspective. That would help me shift back into thinking from a God state immediately.


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