Reader’s Request: Messing With The Middle

This post was requested by a reader who asked very interesting few questions that I believe many people have. Today I will shed some light on the topic of messing with the middle and answer these questions. Always remember that things don’t have to be complicated and that we can have anything we want, no matter what.


Question A: “If I have desire to marry my SP and also want to be in a relationship before marriage or want his calls, texts, many Neville coaches say it delays manifestation.”

The person asking the question is talking about the topic of messing with the middle. If you remember my earlier posts, I have spoken about not messing with the middle, as well as the fact that you can manifest in increments if you want to. Through my experiences, I have come to the conclusion that messing with the middle is often just a limiting belief.

In this particular case, I do not see how manifesting a relationship or a text would be messing in the middle. To me, it makes no sense that somebody would say that manifesting a relationship instead of manifesting a marriage right off the bat is delaying your manifestation. Why would marriage be the end result of all relationships? It doesn’t have to be. Perhaps a person only wants a relationship and that is their end result. In that case, manifesting a relationship is definitely not delaying anything.

Since we know that everything is a manifestation in our realities, you can build a more general belief, such as, “This person loves talking to me”. That belief leads to texts, calls and other ways of communication. You do not have to manifest a message after a message intentionally. You could but you could also build a more general belief and go from there.

If your end result is texting, then you aren’t delaying anything by manifesting that outcome. If your end result is a relationship, I would suggest a more broad approach, where you once again assume that your communication with this person is great. That’s how it would normally be if you were now in a relationship, wouldn’t it?

That being said, there is no way to prove or disprove that manifesting a text when your end result is a relationship is going to delay you getting that end result. It comes down to your assumption. In this case, I would like to invite you not to view it as something limiting. Instead, view it from the state of the wish fulfilled. “He texted me, like always. We are talking every day” would certainly be a better attitude than, “Omg, he texted me! He finally texted me! But what does this mean? Is he interested in me? Will he continue talking to me after this?”

Instead, ask yourself this question: Doesn’t it feel normal for me to actually text this person and get to know them before I start a relationship with them, or do I only text people I am in a relationship with?

If the answer to that question is that yes, you do like to get to know people before you start a relationship with them, then texting doesn’t delay anything. For most people, it is normal to spend some time texting, going on dates and getting to know one another before they decide to take it to the next level.

We also have to remember that linear time is a construct that exists in the 3D world but in actuality, everything is happening in the present moment. The only thing that can create a delay is your belief that you are creating one.


Question B: “Some say it is just like another desire you have. Ex. If you are manifesting a pizza, doesn’t mean you cannot crave a burger.”

You can view your desire to communicate with your person in two ways: as a separate desire as described or as a part of your living in the end.

For the sake of the example you have given us, let’s equal pizza to the SP you are manifesting and burger to the contact you are manifesting. Surely, you could simply manifest getting both the pizza and the burger, or a pizza burger. A pizza AND a burger in this case means you are manifesting communication separately from manifesting a relationship. Getting a pizza burger, on the other hand, means you are manifesting both at once. You are manifesting a relationship with a great communication.

So yes, if you are craving both, you can manifest a pizza burger. But if you don’t like that type of burger, why should anyone force you to eat it? You can order things separately.  You can choose to do it either way but one does not have to exclude the other.

If you focus on manifesting great communication, I would recommend manifesting it from the state of the wish fulfilled. Make it feel natural that you have a great communication with this person because you are already together. That way, when that message comes through, you won’t be freaking out and not know what to do next. Instead, you will continue thinking from the end.


Question C: Not even in SP case, if I desired a job and till then if I am also manifesting some other job to do… Is it messing with the middle or should I stay idle till I receive it in 3D?

The general idea is that you cannot mess up. That should be the main assumption when you are manifesting. You see, the creation is finished. That’s why you can’t mess up. Let’s look at a few scenarios.

a) If you manifest another job so that you have something to do in the meantime, that’s okay. Yes, it is a separate manifestation in this case but it’s not something that will mess up your other manifestation.
b) If you are manifesting two jobs at once because you can’t make up your mind, you can’t mess up either. You will have to make up your mind if you believe that you will but there is nothing wrong with manifesting getting two callbacks, is there?
c) If you are manifesting having multiple jobs at once, then naturally, you cannot mess up either because you are imagining multiple jobs for a reason.


The topic of messing with the middle is certainly an interesting topic. However, we always have to remember that one person has one type of limiting beliefs while the other has another. I have not come across anyone yet, who does not have beliefs that couldn’t be considered limiting. Important conclusion that we have to draw from this is that they are all speaking from their experiences. Because we are talking about the Law of Assumption here, it is normal that different things work for different people. Different people have a different set of rules. There are no universal rules that you have to follow in order to get what you want. You also do not have to accept another person’s rules in your reality.

You have the freedom to choose. Use that freedom wisely. Use it so that the rules that you set for yourself serve you and are natural for you to follow.

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