Reader’s Request: Dreams

This topic was requested by a reader a while back and they asked what does it mean when you dream about your desire. I will cover that topic in this short article as well as tell you about my own experience with the dreams.


The Meaning of Dreams

When we are talking about dreams, we have to remember that one very important distinction that Neville taught us about: nothing has any meaning until you give it the meaning. We could be looking at the same situation and interpret it in a completely different way.

We could be looking at the same person and you could get annoyed by them because they are loud while I could be impressed by their confidence.

This is why we tell you that the dreams don’t have any meaning unless you give them a meaning. Therefore, be sure to give them a meaning that fits into the state of the wish fulfilled.

If you are dreaming about your desire being fulfilled, take that as a nod from your subconscious, telling you that you already have what you desire, that things are aligned with it.

If you are dreaming about the opposite of your desire, do not get discouraged. Depending on what you are dreaming about, you can take it as a sign that you still have something to work on or you can simply disregard it and think that this is a dream that belongs to the old man. To the new man that you now are, this scenario is simply irrelevant.


Thoughts translate into dreams

This is something that I don’t see discussed a lot but I have noticed it myself and I know there are people out there with the same experience as mine. It’s that “strange phenomena” when the thing you have been focused on throughout the day, enters your dream. 

Let’s say you were thinking about your friend messaging you. You haven’t heard from them in a while and you would really like to hear from them but you aren’t really doing anything about it. You leave it as it is. That same night, you end up dreaming about them messaging you.

This is where we return to what I said previously. Even if you haven’t done any techniques, you can now interpret this as a sign that your friend will message you.

It comes down to your interpretation, yet again.


Prophetic dreams

Before I say anything, ask yourself if you believe that your dreams can be prophetic. Do you believe that you can enter other realities when you are dreaming? Do you believe that you can see the “future” when you are dreaming?

If the answer is yes, it is very likely that you will experience such dreams. Personally, the dreams in which I enter other worlds have a very different feeling to them, so they cannot be confused with “regular” dreams.

If you ever feel that your dream was different and you are sure of it, it is likely that you entered another world. That being said, we have to keep in mind that life can easily be regarded as a dream, the way it is. Then it doesn’t come of as so unusual that we have the ability to enter other worlds while we are sleeping.


So, how do I interpret my dreams?

The best way to interpret anything, and not only your dreams, is to acknowledge them as something that is happening because you already have what you want.

If it’s a dream that implies the fulfillment of your wish, interpret it as you getting a peek into this other reality. After all, the creation is finished.

If it’s a dream that implies the opposite, it’s best to see if there are any things that you are holding on to, that belong to the state of lack, instead of the state of the wish fulfilled. For example, if you dream about a third party, examine your inner conversations and see if that is where your attention goes for the most part of the day.

Dreams are like messengers. It’s up to us to interpret them in a way that serves us best.

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