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When people ask us what is the best technique or if they are doing the technique right, the answer is always: you choose your own technique and you can’t do it wrong. However, recently we have gotten a request from somebody who says that they just can’t seem to be able to manifest only with the mental diet, so this article is for all those who feel like they just can’t get rid of their negative thoughts. In it I will explain how mental diet feels for me, the way I approach it and give you an additional technique that you can use to ease into it.


Negative vs positive thoughts

First, I want to make something clear. When somebody from our team tells you to think positively, this doesn’t mean that you have to be happy 24/7. You don’t have to fake happiness. What they are talking about is thinking positively about your desire. And even then, it’s not about being excited because you received your manifestation. No! It’s about thinking from the state of the wish fulfilled.

What this means is that you acknowledge your manifestation as something that is a done deal. Many of us know that the thing has been impressed on our subconscious once we start feeling like our desire is a memory. These two feelings are very similar.

Think of a memory you have. Anything will do but the sake of this article, think about the last thing you did with your best friend. The last thing I did with my best friend was message her to ask her when her plane is landing. Do I ever question that I did that? No, I do not. Do I ever think it’s a false memory? No, I do not. Do I go about my day thinking I have to do this or that in order to get the answer from her? No, I already have it.

Compare this feeling to the feeling you have when you consciously manifest something. It’s pretty darn similar, isn’t it? Except, when it comes to your manifestation, there may be this distinct feeling of confidence, of knowing that it is done. It doesn’t mean you suddenly become “delusional” and think that it already happened, you just know that it’s inevitable from that point on. At least that’s what it feels like for me! Your thoughts change. You no longer think from the state of lack. You start thinking from the state of having.

In the example I provided, my thinking shifted from thinking of to thinking from. Thinking of in that case would mean that I am thinking that I still have to message my friend and ask her when her plane is landing. Thinking from means that I am now getting ready for her arrival. I know she is coming, I don’t have to ask her again and again! She is not here physically but I know she is getting on that next plane and she will be here at 05:00 hours, and that’s a fact in my thoughts. That’s something I am basing the rest of my thinking on.

So to summarize it, when I think of the act of her arriving, it feels like a memory, something that is already an established fact. Everything else is based on my conviction that she is coming. And that’s what “positive” means when we are talking about thinking positively.


Mental diet

Mental diet is the thing that helps you think from the end. It helps you think from the state of the wish fulfilled. Once you affirm something over and over again, you will notice that your brain automatically goes back to that way of thinking. I am not referring to affirmations that consist of one sentence that is being repeated over and over again. I am talking about affirming as a way of thinking.

The way the mental diet works for me and why it helps me is because when I am flipping my thoughts around, it feels like a gentle reminder that my manifestation is inevitable and that it makes no sense to think any other way than the way I think when I know that something is a done deal. And guess what? Your desires are always a done deal anyway because creation is finished! All you are doing is shifting into that state. You are choosing a state and then, if necessary, doing techniques until that state becomes your new dwelling place.

It’s not work. It’s effortless, just like that negative way of thinking you adopted before you found out about Neville and mental diets. I don’t think you felt exhausted because you were imagining negative scenarios all day long, did you? Or, felt exhausted because you based your judgment on the outside world and thought that the past events in the world of Caesar are the causes for the future events. You just… Thought that way.

When it comes to mental diets, you should always make yourself a priority. One thing I like to tell people I talk to about conscious manifesting is to simply sit down and have a little conversation with yourself. Tell yourself that you will no longer base your judgment on the world of Caesar. Tell yourself that you will be more aware and that you will see that the cause of the things that are taking place is in your imagination. Make a decision to dedicate yourself to the new story that you create, just like you dedicated yourself to the old story you created. It’s effortless. It happens naturally.

The whole thing is very simple but it may seem tough at first. When I first heard of mental diets, I, too, thought that I have to literally repeat an affirmation all day long or that I have to constantly watch my thoughts. I talked about this in one of the previous articles, but even the idea of repeating an affirmation all day long feels like a torture and immediately makes me feel like giving up, before I even start.

It’s about easing into the state of the wish fulfilled. It’s never about work. It’s never about effort. If your mental diet feels like a lot of work, if you feel like you just can’t seem to counter your negative thoughts or you think that every negative thought that you have is ruining your manifestation, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Pick one example from your life that you will use as a guidance.

I will continue using the example of my friend flying over. In this case, as I have already mentioned, I am planning things ahead based on my conviction that she will be here at a specific time. I don’t think about things that are opposite to that. I don’t think that she may not come. I know she will come. I don’t think about negative outcomes because it simply makes no sense for me to even give them any attention. This is not coming from fear or thinking that if I even for a moment think of a plane crash, that she may end up in one. I don’t fear that. I know she is coming over. I have seen us drinking coffee together and talking about good ol’ days already, therefore, it is done.

Find a similar example in your own life and use it as your guide. Everytime you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself of this example. Remind yourself of that time in high school when you were sure that cute little nerd would ask you to prom because he was your best friend and guess what? He did. No surprises there. You weren’t consciously wrestling with every single thought you had about the prom, trying to make it conform to your specific scene. You just… Accepted it.

That’s what mental diet feels like. To me, it’s not about work at all. I flip my thoughts around and treat it as a reminder that my manifestation is done already. I tend to forget things from time to time, so… It’s not that weird for me to have to remind myself of something. That’s the feeling I am aiming for when I am on a mental diet in regards to a specific thing and catch myself thinking from the state of lack: “Oh, right, it’s already done, what am I even thinking about. Silly me!”



Now, the technique I am about to share with you has been talked about by Neville but more so by Joseph Murphy. Since the person asked what she could do to make her mental diet easier for her and what other techniques she could use, the technique I am about to recommend is really simple and easy.

I have recently reread The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy while on vacation and I have to admit, it felt like reading a completely new book. It has been a while since I read it and I have almost forgotten what a treasure that book is. I would absolutely recommend reading this book, whether you are a beginner or an advanced conscious manifestor.

In this book, Joseph talks a lot about praying. As a person who grew up in a religious environment and knowing that most of you grew up in the same conditions, I find that prayer is that one simple thing that we were always encouraged to use. Praying for our well-being, praying for those around us, praying for good grades, whatever it was, I am certain that you have employed this method at some point in your life.

Neville and Joseph shine a new light on the topic of prayer. They tell us that our thoughts are prayers. As a catholic, I was taught that repeating specific words was prayer – spending some time in silence, repeating these words again and again, in hopes that the God will hear me and answer my prayers. But in actuality, prayer can be anything. Honest words spoken from your heart are the best and most effective prayer.

Let us now merge what we have learned growing up with this new understanding of the prayer and what it really is. Go into the silence, but, instead of repeating some words you learned as a child, give thanks for having your desire. Speak from your heart. Don’t repeat words mindlessly. You can use affirmations but do you remember when they told you that you need to think about the prayer, and not just repeat the words? They sure told me that many times growing up. I never understood it until I realized that what it really means is that I should be focused on the feeling of having what I want. Then, words will come easily. Feelings of ease and calm will come easily as well.

“All you have to do is unite mentally and emotionally with the good you wish to embody.”

Joseph Murphy

I want to clarify one more thing before I end this article. If you decide to use gratitude during your prayer, you are not giving thanks to somebody external. There is no being external to you. It may appear so in the world of Caesar but nothing is separate from you. God is all there is and you are God.

“There is a miraculous curative force in your subconscious that can heal the troubled mind and the broken heart.”

Joseph Murphy

The power you are looking for isn’t on the outside. It’s always been inside of you. It’s time to start using is wisely and consciously.

“It is a universal truth that whatever you impress on your subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of space as condition, experience, and event.”

Joseph Murphy

Get in a relaxed state and ask yourself this question:

“What would the feeling be like were it true if I already embodied that noble state?”

Neville Goddard

And then… Pray. Words will come easily once you shift into that state. To inspire you further, here is a success story from the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

“A woman, aged seventy-five, was in the habit of saying to herself, ‘I am losing my memory.’ She reversed the procedure and practiced induced autosuggestion several times a day as follows: ‘My memory from today on is improving in every department. I shall always remember whatever I need to know at every moment of time and point of space. The impressions received will be clearer and more definite. I shall retain them automatically and with ease. Whatever I wish to recall will immediately present itself in the correct form in my mind. I am improving rapidly every day, and very soon my memory will be better than it has ever been before.’ At the end of three weeks, her memory was back to normal and she was delighted.”

Joseph Murphy – How She Restored Her Memory from the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind



Those of us who grew up in religious environments find the prayer technique maybe the most “natural” to use. All we have to do is change the way we word things: instead of begging and sacrificing, you are actually feeling thankful for already having your desire.

You can have anything you want. Relax and for a few minutes, close the doors to the outside appearances and enjoy the feeling of having your wish. The words will come on their own, or you can come up with your own prayer that you repeat every time you do this. With time, you will start thinking from this state naturally and effortlessly.

Like with any other technique, the point is to feel your wish has been fulfilled. Remember that before you try any method, not just this one.

Another thing to remember is to look at mental diet as something that reminds you that the creation is finished and not something that exhausts you because you think that you have to constantly change all of your thoughts.

“You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.”

Neville Goddard

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