February Q&A: Part 2

Hello everyone! I want to thank all of you for submitting your questions for this part of our February Q&A. We will be back to our normal setting for March and Ivana will be back to answer some of your guys’ questions. This time around I am answering all the questions myself. You can submit your questions for the March Q&A here.


AMI: Hey, two days ago I finally took a leap of faith and stopped paying attention to the external reality. I stopped feeling needy to see results and I felt so relaxed and relieved the whole day. Today I found out I might be having something called vaginismus. It’s an unknown topic but many women suffer from it in silence. It’s a condition in which any kind of insertion or penetration in the vagina is difficult and there is a burning sensation. I find it very difficult to even insert a tampon or a menstrual cup. This condition is said to be caused mostly due to subconscious fears around sex and penetration due to which the vagina gets into a kinda protective mode and the muscles contract. I know that I have the fears that could have led to this. And only now I realise that this can affect my relationship physically in future. The treatment is very expensive and rigorous and long. I don’t want to undergo a painful treatment. Although I realise that I can replace those fears or just not consider that they exist and create beliefs that align with ease of penetration, but after doing the research about the condition, I feel very disappointed and I don’t feel enough, the thoughts of having a condition like this making me less of a woman or incomplete are terrifying me. I somewhere feel that I wouldn’t be able to satisfy my boyfriend if I don’t get this cured and it’s just making me feel that something is wrong with me. I could find only one success story/article about a lady curing this condition with the law but it was very vague, and so I’m not getting the confidence. I don’t know whom to talk to about this, I feel very lonely and somehow I have the trust that I can talk to you guys. I know this might be a very sensitive topic for a Q&A but I feel I feel I lack something becoz of this condition and I don’t have anybody to talk to about this. I know I can get rid of this with my thoughts and imagination, but becoz of the feeling of being incomplete I’m not able to think clearly as to how and what I should think as my new story. Please guide me with this. I don’t want to feel that there is something wrong with me. I want someone to talk to me and guide me properly so that I don’t keep going back to my old story of having this condition.

Well, nothing is wrong with you! Thinking that there is something wrong with you is the only thing that is “wrong” here. Remember that you always have the right to choose what is right and what is wrong, in your reality. In other words, you are the one setting the rules in your reality.
It’s also important to remember that if you have been doing something for only 2 days, it doesn’t mean that you are failing if you aren’t seeing any results right away. What really matters is that you continue doing the “work”. Continue living in the end.
I can’t stop you from going back to your old story. That’s something you will have to do on your own. Make a decision that you won’t repeat this story anymore. Mental diet will help you with that. Affirm that you already have what you want. Or do SATS. Any technique that helps you feel the state of the wish fulfilled and helps you think from that state throughout your day is good.
Read the story you wrote in your email. You are giving your current circumstances much more power than you should. You are God of your reality. Nothing can hurt you. Your body is literally your creation as well. It exists in your external reality, which makes it a creation.
Manifesting health is not any different than manifesting anything else. The process is the same.
There is nothing wrong with you. Did you forget who you truly are? How could anything be wrong with God?


OLIVIA: I have been following your blog for a few months now and I read all your articles and follow new ones. First of all, I want to thank you very much for all your work. I hope this question hasn’t been answered before…if so, maybe you can direct me to where I can find the answer…I read all the Q&As so far. My question is: How do we manifest consistently: small and big things? 🙂 …I sometimes do the list technique and write “smaller” stuff (things I have less resistance to) weekly, but even the small things only manifest sporadically and take time…which is then affecting overall faith…I know everyone always advises newbies to start small with lists, so when even those don’t work…it is hard to keep the faith. Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words Olivia! We are always happy to hear that we’ve helped someone with our articles. That is why we write.
I am wondering how you feel about the things that don’t manifest right away. Do you declare that they are failures? There has been some talk about this before. You can’t fail unless you declare that you are failing. If you are declaring that some things are a failure and that they won’t come to pass because they didn’t come to pass in a certain timeframe, it is like closing the door on them. They can knock all they want. The doors are closed and they can’t enter your reality.
Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day. See how you are thinking about the manifestations. Are you thinking from the end? Are you thinking they will happen, no matter what? Or are you thinking that they won’t happen because so much time has passed or because they never came to pass before?
A thing I noticed in your message is that you are calling your manifesting sporadic. This is something you may want to eliminate from the way you are thinking about manifesting. Think from the wish fulfilled: being the person whose manifestations come to pass all the time. They are not sporadic. You are God and everything that you declare comes to pass unless you declare it to be a failure.


APARNA: Hello I am new to this blog and was introduced through one of the Neville groups on Facebook. Firstly I would like to mention that the articles written on this blog are very inspiring and are an extremely good read. My question is that I do know about Neville and the law however I am not able to sustain the teachings or apply them consistently. In spite of knowing the concept of EIYPO I sometimes are not able to apply it 100%. I am also around people at work and elsewhere who do not understand this and keep talking and bitching about people and then i just fall for it and join them. During meditation my mind wavers and i am not able to concentrate. I hear and have read people mentioning they have felt this and that when meditating or when just meditating on “I AM”they have felt some energy…i have not felt any of this…so sometimes i just feel sad and dont know what to do. I start things with full enthusiasm ..be it scripting ..visualising…gratitude journal but then get bored and stop. Then when something goes wrong…i start all over again..and then i am back to square one..being confused. There are so many techniques…YouTube channels telling you about this technique and that technique which confuses me. I have even cried at times feeling confused and helpless. I feel my life has no direction and I don’t know what i want in life besides knowing the fact that i want to be married to my Special person. I feel I lack the faith & belief sometimes that anything is possible. All i want is to understand this law clearly and consistently apply it. Be in a happy space and ignore the current reality and what people around me say, do and think coz there are no others and this is what i really need to understand and apply always. Thank you for taking the time to read my question. Appreciation and Gratitude.

Thank you for the compliments Aparna! We appreciate them.
In the first part of your message you have mentioned that you are not able to consistently use the teachings. You should be aware that you are creating 24/7. You may not be doing it consciously all the time, but you are doing it anyway.
One way you can counteract entertaining unlovely things in your reality is by using the revision. At the end of each day, go backwards and imagine your day the way you would have wanted it to go, instead of the way that it went. If there are things that you did not like, revise them.
You mentioned the concept of everyone being you pushed out. This also includes these people that you are surrounded with at work and otherwise. You can change them by changing the way you see them. Stop seeing them as people who gossip and start seeing them as people who mind their own business.
If you are unable to concentrate during meditation and your mind keeps wandering, you should keep bringing it back. Keep playing the scene from the beginning everytime this happens. This could also be the result of you being too tired. In my experience, when I try to imagine when I’m tired and ready to sleep, my mind wanders too easily and it’s a torture to keep bringing it back.
Don’t compare your experiences to those of other people. I know that is hard sometimes. We want to experience all the mystical things that others experienced. But, you are capable of having your own unique experiences. Focus on that, rather than on recreating somebody else’s experiences.
Techniques are a great thing. However, they are not the way to “get things”. They are meant to change your state. Don’t worry too much about the technique. Focus on the state. Find the technique that helps you feel the state of the wish fulfilled and use it. Don’t jump from one technique to another, you will only create more frustration.
Test the Law. Nobody can do this for you. You will have to test it on your own. Don’t look for other people’s experiences and don’t compare your experiences to that of others.
There is no physical other anyway. They are not separate from you. They are you pushed out. You keep thinking that they are having all these awesome experiences and they will continue to have them. Keep thinking that they are doing this or that and that’s what you will get.
It’s all about you. You are the operant power of your reality. You are the God of your reality. Start imagining lovingly for yourself and the world will change. As I said, test the Law. Your experiences, seeing the things unfold and manifest for you is what will give you the necessary faith.


X: Dear Ivana: Thank you for the wonderful article on speeding up your manifestation. I have tried manifesting at a specific date a couple of times but haven’t been successful yet… I have revised those “missed manifestations” and it definitely helped me feel better. I would definitely like to reach the point where my main assumption is: I always manifest anything I want at the exact time I like! I would really like to prove to myself that I can indeed manifest what I want exactly when I want to! I have to admit that the reason why I want to manifest at a specific date is partly due to some form of fear/insecurity and so I kept falling out of my state… But now it feels like a challenge: any advice on how to stabilise your state and KNOW that the manifestation is going to come to pass at X date? And how to remove your doubt/fear in your ability/inability to manifest at a specific date? Thanks!

I thank you in Ivana’s name! She is on vacation but will be back in March to answer your guys’ questions.
What are you thinking when you are choosing a date? Are you choosing a date that feels “natural”? When it comes to manifesting within a timeframe, it sometimes happens that we choose a date that feels “far fetched”. If I imagined winning a lottery on Monday, it wouldn’t feel normal, if I know the lottery is played on Wednesday.
Choose a timeframe that you see fit. Maybe 2 weeks feels normal for the entire thing to unfold. Maybe 2 hours. Maybe it feels you can get it instantly. Of course, we know that we can have anything instantly because the only moment that exists is “now”. When it comes to timeframes, I think that it’s important to acknowledge how you feel about the time first.
As far as removing the fear of not being able to manifest within a specific timeframe, I would recommend testing it. Experience is the best faith builder. Manifest something simple. Seeing a specific car at a specific time or seeing a specific person at a specific time.
You may not even realize it but you are already manifesting within timeframes that you assign! For example, when you are going to the store to buy something: you decide that you are going to buy it in a specific store, in this specific time. You don’t question it. You just go there and get it. You don’t even acknowledge the possibility of them not having this thing in stock. Another example of that is when you are expecting guests at a specific hour. You simply prepare for it and don’t question it. Think about it! You are already doing it, every day of your life!


ANGEL: I have skin imperfections which affects my confidence to manifest my SP because I feel I will be judged for it. I can spend money on getting treatments and facials etc but I don’t want to spend that money. I have had success with changing some physical things like a few acne but I am not able to get confidence to change this seemingly permanent skin imperfection because I seem to notice it everyday. Could you please suggest how to change my focus and manifest better skin ‘as a state’. Also how do I maintain my dwelling state of always having clear skin despite binge eating or coffee drinking? Thanks.

Realize that you only creating a limit for yourself. This shows you your true power. If you are capable of creating a limit and respect it so much so that you give it the power to deny you your other manifestation, you can definitely take that power away from it as well.
Manifesting a better skin is no different than manifesting your acne away. You can use the same technique that you used there. Personally, I would flip my thoughts around everytime I started thinking about not having a clear skin and I would insist on seeing myself with clear skin when I look in the mirror.
Binge eating and coffee drinking being the cause of you having an imperfect skin is another limit that you have imposed upon yourself. It’s a quibble you have. You gave the power to these things and decided that they can have an effect on your body. Your body is just as much imagination as any other thing in your external reality.
Take the power away from these things by affirming that you are able to eat whatever you want and it doesn’t affect your skin. Do that in a relaxed state. Feel the relief of knowing that. Whenever you start entertaining the opposite, remind yourself that your imagination creates reality and that you already have a clear skin in your imagination.


REVA: Hi. I love doing SATS and I notice that whenever I do a new scene for me and my SP, it immediately leads to him contacting me. I wonder if there is a telepathic link that is activated at the moment of being immersed in my scene. Now, I am manifesting a marriage with my SP. My SP however is yet to come out of his current marriage.We have been in a relationship earlier and it is easy for me to live in the end of being his girlfriend exclusively right now, but making the leap to being married is a bit tougher because I have been single and independent for a long time. Now, Neville says go to the end which means to visualize after being married to him (I do want to be married to him). But it is easier for me right now to live in the end of being his girlfriend exclusively. So should i imagine scenes where he is single and free to be with me exclusively or just go straight to marriage. Thank you.

The telepathic link is being activated only if you believe in such a thing. Do your best not to look for reassurance in the outside world (based on other people’s experiences). If you believe in something, if you believe it is working for you, stick to it. Don’t think that your experiences have to be the same as somebody else’s or else they are not valid.
If you are finding it hard to take the leap of faith into the state of being married, then jump into the state of being with your person first. It starts with a relationship anyway. Once you are together, you can then start focusing on the marriage.
Don’t overthink it. Do what feels good for you to do. Of course, you could insist on repeating your marriage scene if you want to. That’s your ultimate end. But if you find it easier to live as if you are his girlfriend, then do that. And, at the end of the day, the only difference there is, is the ring on your finger. Don’t worry too much!


VEDIKA: Hi, I have been reading your blog and trying to find my way through Neville’s teachings through it. I had a great streak with ignoring the reality but recently it got to me majorly. And the logical part of me started to question everything. The thing is, I have never had a desire which was fulfilled. Even previously when I was involved with a buddhist philosophy, I saw no victory as they put it. So faith becomes a weak point for me. I did have a little breakthrough in the middle. I recently said that I see this particular person’s name everyday and I did, for a while there, but I did. I’m desperate, scared and really want my desires to come to fruition and I cannot afford coach. I would really love to hear from you. Thank you.

Well first of all, you do not need a coach. The coach is there to guide you until you are ready to take the leap of faith but they can’t manifest for you. At the end of the day, it keeps coming back to you and what you do or do not do with the knowledge that you acquire.
Second of all, you have been manifesting your entire life. This is the part where you want to start paying attention to your thoughts more. Why do you feel that you fail every time? You seem to have a belief that you can’t get your wishes. Many of us have been raised to think that wishes are just wishes and we need to be lucky in order to get something. It’s time to change that way of thinking.
I know it’s not always easy to keep your faith when you feel like you aren’t seeing any changes or getting any result. Take this time to reflect back and see what it is that you are doing in your mind all day long. Ask yourself these following questions. Are you constantly analyzing and overthinking? Are you imagining your desire and then looking for it and when you don’t see it, do you declare that it was a failure? Do you give up after a few days? When you think of your desire, or of conscious manifesting in general, what do you feel? Do you tell yourself that it’s all just luck and coincidences, that it doesn’t actually work? Answer these questions honestly and you will find that the reason you may not be seeing your manifestations (yet) is because you aren’t staying true to your vision.


SONIECIKA: I’ve met the one that I love some time ago, but we hadn’t really got acquainted, and he met someone else and now they’re together, and I’ve moved away. Due to the circumstances is it even possible to think that I might end up together with him someday? Is it wrong to want him as he’s involved with someone else. Thinking about this current situation makes me feel lousy and weak because I’ve missed out on him.

Circumstances do not matter. Your circumstances are made up of your past manifestations. You can change them. You created them in the first place and that automatically gives you the power to create something else, something to replace it with as well.
Is it possible for you to think that you might end up with him some day? I don’t know. I had my success story and it is possible for me to imagine things that seem impossible. Is it possible for you to think that way? The answer is within you, not in the external world.
“Is it wrong” is a question you should be asking yourself as well, not the others. Remind yourself that you are the one that is making the rules in your reality. My morality doesn’t have to be your morality. You don’t have to accept my rules or anybody else’s rules in your reality. You create your own.
Third party is your insecurities pushed out. Read the articles that I have linked.


SONIECIKA: My Italian language proficiency test is approaching. I am good at Italian, but I need to achieve the C2 mark and sometimes I make really foolish mistakes. How can I think myself into being graded with C2?

You already received your desired grade. How does that feel? Aren’t you relieved knowing that there is nothing to worry about? Why would you say that you make foolish mistakes if you already got the grade that you needed to get? Think from the state of already having it and you will see that these “foolish mistakes” simply do not exist in that state.


SHREE: If my friend is manifesting my marriage with my SP but I am a little doubtful, does it going to affect her manifestation for me even if I am negative?

Depends on your beliefs. A few questions you want to answer, in this situation. What is it that you believe? Why do you need another to manifest for you? Do you realize that it’s still you, yourself, manifesting, even if you ask another to manifest for you? If you ask somebody to manifest for you and you believe that that’s why the thing will manifest, it’s still you manifesting it. Do you see how it’s actually you believing it into your reality? You are thinking, “Yes, my best friend imagined for me, there is no way it will not come to pass, because she imagined it and everything she imagines comes to pass for me.” And it’s still you.
In this case, it’s more about your beliefs about her than your beliefs about the situation. It’s about how powerful you think she is. Nothing wrong with having her imagine for you but it’s the same thing that happens with spells and other rituals that we go through on the outside, believing that they will have a specific outcome. If you believe that a spell will turn the situation around, it will. If you don’t believe in magic spells, the spell has no power. So, ask yourself, do you believe that your friend can manifest things in your life despite everything? You know 2 plus 2 equals 4, do you believe with that same conviction that somebody else can manifest for you? No doubt in their power, the power you gave them in the first place anyway!
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a wrong thing to ask somebody else to imagine for you if you need a little bit of a confidence boost. But make sure that you are still consciously manifesting on your own as well. Be aware of what you are doing and thinking during the day. It’s still your reality and your power that is being “used to create”. You are the operant power.


That’s all for this time! As I already said, submit your questions for the March Q&A here. If you want to submit some topics for the new articles, submit them here. You can also submit your own articles here.

I am wishing you all a very lovely weekend!

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