Old Reddit Post: Not Looking For Evidence

This is an old post that I have posted on Reddit a while ago. The message behind it is something that I believe many of you could still benefit from so I am reposting the updated version here.

…Since I posted my success story I received many messages and questions from people who are struggling with their manifestation. I already told you that this journey is about you.

I have seen plenty of posts on self love but the biggest thing you can do to enhance your feeling of self love is to give yourself your desires. Manifesting process requires you to stop looking for evidence and I have received many messages from people who are doing the techniques but at the same time looking for something on the outside to confirm that their desire is going to come to pass.

You have to stop doing that. This is serving two masters: reality and imagination.

If you do a technique one night and then you think something should start moving immediately, you have misunderstood what the techniques are for. The techniques are to help you shift into the state of the wish fulfilled. You are the one manifesting, not the techniques. You are the magic you are seeking for.

When people tell you to stop looking on the outside this is what they mean: you can’t do a technique a couple of times or worse only once or be on a mental diet for 2 days and already be looking on the outside for evidence that it is working! The shift happens inside you before it happens outside.

The shift that I am talking about is you shifting into the state of the wish fulfilled. Sometimes the change on the outside is instantaneous. Sometimes it takes time for the outside world to catch up. Be that as it may, the change always happens on the inside before it happens on the outside. Looking for a change before you change your state will only lead you to finding evidence of the same old patterns that you are already familiar with.

Your imagination is what creates everything. Your imagination is more important than your current physical reality. In order to build your faith you need to ignore your physical reality until it starts showing you what you want it to show.

Many people think this means that all you do is lay in bed and imagine better things, stop paying bills, stop going to work, just lay in your bed and imagine. NO! You are already imagining the entire day anyway through your mental conversations.

Ignoring your outside world means that you ignore everything that doesn’t imply your end result has been fulfilled. Let’s say, for example, that you are trying to manifest a specific person. You are on a mental diet and suddenly they become distant. You ignore that. I know this is hard. I have been through it but if you want to overcome this you must ignore the “fact” that they became distant and keep doing your mental diet. You do this because you understand that the only reason they appear to be distant is because you put your focus there. Since this isn’t what you desire, you ignore it and continue seeing your specific person as somebody who is so happy to talk to you and share things with you.

This is where your faith starts playing the role. Faith is loyalty to the unseen reality! In that example I gave you, loyalty to the unseen reality is that you and your specific person are closer than ever. As I already said, you simply ignore anything that shows otherwise in your current reality. If you react to it you will create more of it. This is what keeps you stuck.

If you want a breakthrough you can free yourself by staying loyal to your imaginal act.


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