Lately I have noticed that there are many people in this community who are wondering about signs and whether something is a sign or not. But how do we know what signs are and what do they really mean? These are the questions I will be discussing in this article.

Before I get into this topic, I want to make it clear that there are no universal signs. Personally, I do not believe in signs that show you that you are on the right path. There is no right or wrong path for you to take if the creation is finished. The signs I believe in and the signs I will be talking about are the things in your outside reality that show you where your focus currently is.

When people talk about signs, they often think of things such as angel numbers or seeing their person’s name or other similar things. These things are all great but in my experience, all they are showing you is that you are thinking about these things. Your focus has been on these things lately. This is also the reason why you do not need signs. You can get your manifestation without seeing a single signs. If you are already living in the end, you probably wouldn’t even notice things that seem like signs anyway.


“Signs Show You Are On The Right Path”

There is this idea out there that signs are showing up when you are on the right path. I strongly disagree with this approach and here is why. If creation is finished, you cannot be wrong or right. You can only choose things out of the unnumbered possibilities. You don’t actually create things in the moment you focus on them. All you do is align with them. You enter the state of having them in your reality.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this. There is no one way to manifest or, rather, align with your wish fulfilled. The notion that there is a wrong way of doing this is also something that should be left behind once you start consciously manifesting. There is no wrong way of doing it – it is working all the time, therefore you are either doing it or you are not doing it. You are either focused on the new story or the old story. There is no middle ground. There are no rules that say that you need to do this or that before something can show up in your reality!

Taking the wrong path is nothing but your fear of not doing it correctly. If you drop the story about there existing a possibility of you going wrong, then you know that taking the wrong path is simply not possible. Our ideas about right and wrong condition us to label things as such.

No, signs are not showing you that you are on the right path. There is no right path. There is no wrong path. There is only your path.


Living in the End & Signs

When we talk about living in the end, we are not talking about living in the end during your SATS session. We are talking about living in the end outside of that period as well. We are talking about thinking from the end – thinking from the state of the wish fulfilled.

No, nobody is asking you to think about your desire as if it’s already fulfilled 24/7. You have to be able to drop it. If you compare it to something that you already have in your life, you will see that that’s how it works. If you are a rich person, you don’t spend your day thinking about how awesome it is that you have so much money. You live your life, do other things, and simply don’t worry about the money. You know you have it. That applies to anything else as well. When you are living in the end, you don’t worry about the things that are showing up in your current reality. You know you have this thing in your life already.

When I was manifesting my boyfriend back, I would often encounter other couples who, strangely enough, resembled us: either physically or by the way they would behave. When I first started that entire process, I would get stuck at this part too. I would think that I am seeing signs that we will soon be together but months have passed and nothing was happening. I was seeing signs and that was that.

Once I took the leap of faith and truly started living in the end, I was no longer thinking of these things as signs. When I’d see them, I would think, “Cool, this couple looks like us!” That’s what thinking from the end is. You do not think, “Great! Seeing this couple means my manifestation is close!” Instead, you think, “Silly how many people actually behave the same way that my boyfriend and I behave towards each other.”

This is why I’m telling you not to bother with the signs and go for the real thing. Take the leap of faith. You may not even be looking for signs but you may still be thinking the way I described: that seeing something means your manifestation is near. No. Stop that. That’s not thinking from the end. A thing cannot be “near” and “already here” at the same time. It’s either there or here. It can’t be in two places at once in the same reality.

The reason I was seeing these couples was because I was always thinking about us and the things we did together or could be doing together. I was completely focused on him but not from the state of the wish fulfilled. I was thinking of it, not from it. And that is exactly why I’m here now, inviting you to see if you are looking for signs or categorizing things as signs. More often than not, when you do that, you are actually thinking of it.

“He can’t be so far off as even to be near, for it implies separation.”

Neville Goddard


Asking “Others” If Something Is A Sign

Of course, the purpose of this article isn’t to tell you what to do and what not to do. It’s just a simple invitation to pay attention and see if you are truly living in the end. This leads me to another thing and that are posts on Reddit or even in Facebook groups where people are asking if what they are seeing in their reality right now is a sign.

More often than not, I notice that people who are looking for that kind of reassurance are ones that aren’t really sure that they create everything in their lives. That’s why I want to say this: Nobody else can tell you what is a sign. There are no universal signs. You give meaning to everything in your reality. That being said, if you are calling something a sign and asking to receive more of it, realize that all you are doing is creating more signs. It is a sign that you are using your creative power to stay stuck in the state of looking for signs or, in other words, not thinking from the end. Consider this an invitation to take the leap of faith and start thinking from it instead of thinking of it.


What Are Signs Then?

Speaking from my own personal experience, I can tell you that what I used to call signs were either separate manifestations or simply the things showing me what my focus has been on.

When I say separate manifestations, I am talking about things such as angel numbers. Your belief in angel numbers is what is manifesting them in your reality. Your belief that you are going to see these numbers if you are doing something right is a separate manifestation. If you feel right about doing something and then you start seeing angel numbers, it’s because you associate these two things. At least, that’s how it happened to me.

When I say that there are things that are showing you what you are focusing on, I am talking about seeing similar things in your reality. Let’s take an SP for an example. When you start manifesting your SP, you may start seeing their name everywhere, their date of birth or even people who look like them. This is because you are focused on your SP. When this happens, take that opportunity to examine yourself and see if you are thinking from the end. How do you react to these things? Do you get sad and start thinking about the separation? Do you start thinking that your manifestation is near? Do you start thinking that it’s a sign? Or, do you smile and think how funny it is to see so many people with the same name as your partner’s?


Signs can really be a double-edged sword. It is my intention that this article will help you see beyond them. See what it is that you are really expecting when it comes to signs. How are you reacting to them? Are you still thinking from the end? Or are you thrown out of the state of the wish fulfilled when you encounter something you would consider a sign? Observe your reaction and see what it is that you are really doing. At the end of the day, this could be that one last tweak you have to make before you truly take the leap of faith.

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