February Q&A: Part 1

Hello guys! This is the first part of our February Q&A. It is going to be written. We also have a special guest here today – CJ, the third and the main moderator of our Reddit page. Ivana wasn’t available to answer questions this time, so I want to thank CJ for lending me a hand.


Agustín: So we want to be happy, and with this knowledge we try to get someone special, or the solution to a specific problem, or changing the way people see and treat us, or our dream job… That’s excellent and I’m very happy that we want to get those things, but is this all that is? I mean, we just discovered that ALL is determined by our own beliefs, assumptions and thoughts, so why we would restrain ourselves by following the “predetermined” rules of this world? What we are talking here is more of a “breaking rules” than a “bending rules” type of power. We could change the way social interactions work instead of imagine ourselves being loved by a specific person, the way money flows in every house instead of a well paid job, we could change the things we need to live, the world itself.

Viktoria: I cut your message into two parts because I think it’s an interesting topic to talk and think about.
You are absolutely right, you can change the entire society if you want to. There are no predetermined rules. They may seem to be predetermined because they were the beliefs that were instilled in you by your parents and other people that you were surrounded with when you were growing up. I understand what you mean but there is a reason I am saying this and that reason is that some of these beliefs are very deeply instilled in us and they may seem like unbreakable rules, in some way, but they are still the result of your assumptions.
We believe that we are the Gods of our realities. We believe in parallel realities, and that’s why we say that you create your own rules. If you want to change the “existing rules” of social interactions, you can do it. Just remember that what you are seeing is you pushed out. It’s being outpictured because it exists in your awareness. That’s why you can change it. You don’t have to conform to what is currently out there.
I tried to think of an example from the history, and I’m sure democracy would have never become an accepted thing, and it is a radical change just as well – compared to the systems we had before it, if it weren’t for the imagination. There are countless other examples throughout the history. Our society is changing all the time.
Since we know there is no fiction either, it is likely that all of these sci-fi movies and TV shows where, for example, the currency doesn’t exist anymore and neither does intolerance and all of those other things they show will become reality when we accept it as such. Which reminds me of my conversation with Ivana when she told me there are plenty of things from the Star Trek series that wasn’t a thing back in the day, when the original TV show first came out but now it’s a “real thing”. Tablets, touch screens, voice interface, automatic doors, video calls,… They weren’t a part of our day-to-day lives, they didn’t even exist just a few decades ago but look at us now! People who watched these shows when they first came out probably thought about these things I mentioned as something that is super futuristic, something that may not even be possible to recreate. But today we find ourselves using these things in our day-to-day life. It’s not fiction anymore.


AGUSTÍN: If someone thinks that they can get something but first they got to do something, or wait weeks or months, that’s exactly what they will get, if they think that they can get it immediately and without any effort, very people succeeded. So what is the line? Can we get all of our desires but always following a certain type of rules that ties us to this specific world? Or are these just another self-imposed limit that we can make disappear just assuming it? Can we really change radically this world? Or our desires are destined to arrive in a very “natural” (in our current world) bridge of incidents? By the logic of the law, if I feel certain enough, I can make anything happen, no matter how crazy it sounds right now, even change the colour of my eyes in a blink.

Viktoria: The only rules you need to follow are your own. There are no universal rules that are related to the Law and its working. And yes, you can get all your desires following a certain group of rules, if that is what you decide. You decide what works in your reality. If you know you can come up with a group of rules that have to work in any situation, then that’s what has to work. Speaking of it, even catching the feeling of the wish fulfilled may seem like a rule, from that standpoint.
I believe that any rules can be broken. They are all subject to our beliefs. Just because we perceive something as a rule that ties us to this world, doesn’t have to mean it cannot be changed. People thought they can’t fly but now we have airplanes. Yeah, we didn’t grow wings and started flying but I will get to that later, because you mentioned the feeling of naturalness.
You can change the world radically. I already gave some examples above so I won’t go through that again but when we look at these examples, I think it’s quite obvious that it all happens in a way that feels natural. “Oh, we would have had democracy sooner or later! Oh, we would have had touchscreens sooner or later, that was the next logical step!” Neville says this himself, that once the manifestation comes to pass, you can find the cause in your external world and you will think it would have happened anyway. That’s why he asked us to keep testing it. Else, you fall back “asleep”. You think it would’ve happened anyway and you go back to living on auto pilot.
The way things start feeling natural is through gradual change/adjustment. When the automatic doors were introduced, it seemed like the next logical step. We already had the doors we have to push and pull, why not create ones that get out of our way on their own? Now you go to any store and it’s weirder if they don’t have automatic doors than if they do.


EM: How would you go about changing someone’s sexual preference? Like if you were a straight women and your SP was a gay man? Is it possible?

CJ: Of course, anything and everything is possible. Everything is a reflection of what is in your awareness – everything on the outside is just an echo of what is alive within YOU. In order to change another, no matter what it is, you must first change you. Change your beliefs about them, your perception, your assumptions. How you go about that is personal preference, of course, but perhaps start by changing your inner conversations to match what it is you desire them to be. This, I feel, is always a good first step in changing our assumptions about anything. Construct a small conversation with someone and “hear” them tell you what you wish to hear. Replay this as much as possible throughout the day. Now, you may only be able to repeat a couple times at first but bring your awareness back to this conversation as much as you can. At some point, it will automatically repeat itself and harden into fact. You may wish to add a SATS scene (not everyone likes SATS and that’s ok).
If you have a problem with “hearing”, just practice. Listen to the person’s voice, if that is available to you, and go from there.
This can be done with anything and everything you desire.


QUEEN: No one to change but self how you define this in easiest way and how to change self?

Viktoria: In my experience, the easiest way to change your self concept is to test what Neville is teaching. Once I started testing the concepts such as “everyone is you pushed out” and “imagination creates reality”, I started seeing the connection between my outside world and my inside world. I also started seeing the connection between my self image and my thoughts.
We are always talking to ourselves. If we are talking to ourselves in an unloving way, we are seeing the world as an unfriendly, threatening place. Since our assumptions harden into facts, we start encountering unloving things in our reality as well and then we think that’s the proof that the world is a bad place.
That’s not the thing though. It’s just us pushed out. The fastest way to change is to see this connection and to change the way you are thinking. Remind yourself that you are the operant power of your world. There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry about. Nobody can do anything to you, unless you allow it.
To sum it up: learning who you truly are and testing this so that you find the connection between your thoughts and your outside world and see that the cause for the things on the outside is spiritual and not the other way around is the fastest way to change. I feel that the change happens almost instantly once you get to that point.


AMI: I want to transform my relationship with my partner, I want him to give time to me and make me his priority. I have been affirming and trying my best to live in the end and not repeat the old story but after some time, I notice his actions in my 3D reality and even though I try to ignore the reality and affirm positively, there is a voice at the back of my mind which goes what if he doesn’t change, and all such negative what ifs, and immediately fear sets in and I doubt my creative abilities. I want to believe and persist but this fear crops in very often. It makes me feel very negative. Even when I affirm I don’t see the evidence of it and I find it difficult to believe in myself even though I have manifested him and other things earlier. How do I make my belief stronger without the evidence and get rid of the fear!??

Viktoria: The way to make your faith stronger is to test it with other things. That is how you build your faith, no matter what your “main” desire is.
Another thing I want to bring to your attention is that you are saying in this message that nothing is changing. Are you looking for the evidence in your external world when you do your imaginal acts? That’s not how it works. The reason we do imaginal acts (=use techniques) is so that we catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Once we catch it, we stop feeling the need to look for the results in the external world.
I will give you an example of this: when you are driving your car, do you keep thinking that you need to get the car first? Do you wonder how to drive? Do you keep checking if you are driving? No, you just drive to your destination. You don’t focus on getting the car – you already have it. You don’t focus on having to drive – you know how to drive, so you drive to your destination. You don’t keep checking if you are driving – you know how a car works. You are not going to get out of the car every 2 minutes to see if it’s moving.
The same thing applies to manifesting an SP. We assume that we are already with our person. I manifested my person back and I know it’s not always easy to stay in the end. One thing I did notice after we got back together was that once my mental diet was in line with my wish fulfilled, I stopped worrying. I no longer thought about the how or anything in between. Negative thoughts were gone. There is no more trying, no more wondering. You feel free to focus on something else because you know that your SP is already yours.
That’s how you would feel in a relationship anyway, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t worry about any of the things you are worrying about now. You are worrying about them because you are not living in the wish fulfilled. You can’t worry about him not changing if he is already changed.
That voice you are hearing in your head is the fear. The fear is probably coming from the place of wondering if this is real and does this really work. I can tell you stories all day long about how it works in my life but I think the better way to prove that voice wrong is to test the Law, as I already mentioned in the beginning of this answer.
You have to tell that fear to back off and take the leap of faith. There is no other way. Either you take the leap of faith and test this or you keep listening to that fear and things stay the same.


Valerie: My favorite topic is EIYPO, but I struggle with the concept that there is no “other” and that no one is doing/thinking something outside of my awareness. Some people use the term “he/she sits in a ken box” unless animated by our imagination. This seems too far fetched, tbh. What’s your take on this?

Viktoria: This is a question that we actually get a lot. Different people have different approaches and I understand where you are coming from. We have already answered this question before as well: it’s not that your person is literally not existing unless you are thinking about them. It’s just that the world is moving according to your assumptions about it. It doesn’t stand still.
The question always arises: does this thing exist if I turn my back to it? Well, I can’t tell you. I can’t answer that question even for myself because my human senses can’t prove it. What I do know, though, is that it comes down to our beliefs. Does a thing cease to exist when I turn my back to it or is this 3D world solid? It may appear solid in my imagination but my human senses can only perceive one frame at the time. That being said, the keyword here is imagination.
Don’t feel pressured to accept other people’s ideas about reality. You are the one making all the rules in your reality. You can accept the idea of them “sitting in a ken box” as you described it but if it’s making you feel uneasy, you can imagine it in a different way as well. You can imagine that they are moving according to your beliefs and assumptions about them, even when you aren’t looking, which is what I, personally, do as well.


Valerie: When it comes to my SP, I’m in a vicious circle. We live far away from each other and communicate by text. So the circle goes: He texts, I’m happy. But when he doesn’t text, I get angrier and more frustrated day by day. Then, either he texts after a few days, or I do so. Then, I’m satisfied again. And the circle starts again. I hate to be so dependent. Sometimes, I just want to give up on manifesting him. What would you do to break out of this cycle?

CJ: The vicious cycle, as you already said, is created by you. You must learn to shut out everything on the outside unless it serves you. It takes some practice, but you will just naturally start to do that after a while.
When you see something you dislike, or what seems to be the opposite of what you desire (him not texting you), don’t react to it and just tell yourself, “He texts me ALL the time”, or “He’s probably super busy.” Turn it into a positive. If it gets a bit too intense, and you do find yourself reacting, just tell yourself it’s NOT real – the outside is dead – it’s an echo of your past assumptions.
Now, speaking of assumptions, you must change them in order to stop this cycle you seem to be stuck in. So, stop telling yourself you are stuck in it and change your inner conversations, so they reflect the fact that you two speak constantly and lovingly. Tell someone how much you two talk and “hear” them agree with it and how you are always on your phone – something like that. Find an inner conversation that works best for you and evokes the feelings of having what you desire and what feels natural for you.


YOGITA: How do we change our states when we miss the timeline marks, when we are feeling extremely sad and depressed for missing the mark?

Viktoria: Well, first of all, you should forgive yourself. It’s not the end of the world and the only way this can become a problem is if you declare it to be a problem.
Missing a deadline is not easy, I know. But the way you work with deadlines is the same as with anything else. You should be living in the end. When it comes to things that you think have deadlines, use the “I remember when” technique. That’s the technique that will help you feel like you have already made your deadline. There is nothing left to worry about. It already passed, everything went well.
The reason you are feeling this way now is probably because you keep thinking you failed or didn’t do enough or could have done something differently. If that is your way of thinking, it’s a sure sign that you are in need of a change, when it comes to your inner conversations. Beating yourself up over something like this is counterproductive. Instead, you could revise it or continue living in the state of the wish fulfilled.
I don’t know the exact situation you are in, so I can’t give you an example based on that. But, let’s say you missed a deadline to pay your bill. You keep assuming that you have already paid it and the next month you may see that they registered your bill as paid “by mistake” or they realize they charged you too much previous months and so they let it slide because you have already paid this bill before it even arrived.
Things can unfold in weirdest ways. Do not concern yourself with the how or the deadlines. Continue living in the end.


YOGITA: Nothing concrete is changing in your 3D, when you want something to happen but deep inside you know or expect that it will not happen – how to change that state.

Viktoria: First, you must stop saying that nothing is changing in your 3D world. If you are imagining something and then looking for the evidence, you are affirming the current reality and giving it more power than you give your imagination.
Sometimes the bridge of incidents is not obvious. That’s why it’s recommended to go to the end and dwell in the end. Else, you will be judging every single thing that happens in your 3D reality and anything that doesn’t align with the wish fulfilled could trigger you to declare this entire process to be a failure.
The state changes when you stop dwelling in it and decide to dwell in the state of the wish fulfilled. To get there, you can use the techniques, although that is not necessary.


YOGITA: How we can stop day dreaming about our desire I can understand it’s kind of escape from reality but how can we stop that.

Viktoria: The answer to this is going to be very short: stop assuming that daydreaming is a negative thing that you need to stop doing in order to manifest. This is a rule only if you declare that it is.


JULIA: I have successfully impressed my subconscious mind with a belief that everything that happens to me is for the best. So I constantly manifest “smaller” things like packages with clothes that would not fit me or makeup not suitable for some reason “magically” returned to sellers and bigger stuff. It’s amazing how easy life is once you have this belief impressed. But there is something I kind of go back and forth about: for example, if something really unpleasant happens, my first instinct is still to assume the end result without the unpleasant thing. But if everything that happens to me is for the best, my inner God / Higher self surely knows better or it could be a bridge of incidents for a manifestation. Like for example, if I get sick I would immediately know it is for the best (for example me getting immunity for another flu and not getting sick before a big trip in the future, but without even thinking of this scenario). I do this automatically, just know it is for the best, that’s all. But at the same time (with this example) I would prefer not to be sick. So I have two options: to “surrender” to the situation and not assume that I feel well or do it and get better the next day. What are your thoughts about it?

Viktoria: You can do it either way, really! You could even combine these two assumptions into one. You could assume that you have fought off the illness so quickly because your immune system is so good you just can’t get sick anymore. That’s what I’d personally do!


JULIA: My second question is about your experience with the following: in “Assumptions Harden Into Facts” Neville talks about “the liquid blue light” and the mesh-like spots he sees. I see the exact blue light he describes when I meditate and been seeing the mesh-like “worms” since I was a kid. Just wanted to know if you guys have experienced something like this and what do you think it is.

Viktoria: I have experienced that as well but I have no idea what it is, haha. Honestly, it used to be a little bit distracting for me because then I would start focusing on those colours instead of focusing on relaxing and playing the scene I have chosen. I am now assuming that this is what I start seeing when I am close to being completely relaxed.
I don’t know if these colours have any “universal spiritual” meaning but since everything is about our assumptions anyway, we have the freedom to choose what it means. What do you think it means?


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