Reader’s Request: Wish Fulfilled & Action

How does the action in the physical reality become a part of the state of the wish fulfilled? Why do some people take action in order to get what they want and some don’t? It comes down to your beliefs and rules you set in your reality. That is the topic that I am going to be writing about today.

You all know that action is not necessary. In order to get something, you do not need to do anything in your external world. What you need to do is enter the state of already being who you want to be and things line up. Sometimes this means taking the action that leads us to that as well – in that case, this urge to act is coming from the state of the wish fulfilled. More often than not, we don’t even realize that this is our bridge of incidents when we are taking an action.

Often times people think that just because somebody took some action, their manifestation is “invalid”. Well, it isn’t. Everything was manifested and just because somebody took action doesn’t mean that their manifestation is any less valid than the manifestation of the person who didn’t take any action. They are all perfectly alright. That person that took action could have taken it from the state of the lack but if they got what they wanted, it means they didn’t take action from that state.

Don’t confuse this with the need to take the action because you feel that you just have to, because you don’t believe that the manifestation can come to pass without you interfering. That’s coming from a place of not having complete faith. But when you are in the state of having complete faith, if you feel like you can take the action and get what you want, why would you question that?

Let’s take for example losing weight. It was brought to our attention by the person that requested this topic that often times when people say they manifested the weight loss, there are people who ask them if they changed their diet or started exercising. If they answer these questions affirmatively, they say the results came because of that. But how many of you out there have been exercising with no visible results? How many of you have been on countless diets and failed? Or had them work for a while and then you went back to your old way of thinking, so the diet stopped working?

Your intention behind an action is just as important. No, you don’t have to move a finger. The true action happens in the imagination. But if you suddenly feel this urge to get up earlier and go for a run or you all of a sudden find fast food disgusting and start eating healthy, why would you ignore that and say, “Well, I’m not doing that because I want to lose weight without moving a finger so I am going to keep eating fast food and sitting on my couch.” Okay, it’s your right to do so. But do you see how counterproductive that can be? Sometimes we have these quibbles and our end result come wrapped in them: you want to lose weight but in your current state you believe that the only way to do that is to eat less, alright, then you are going to start eating less when you assume the state of having your ideal body. And it’s coming from the state of the wish fulfilled! If you are assuming that, in order to have your ideal body, you have to eat less and exercise more, the state of the wish fulfilled will have these two things ingrained in them. You start taking these two actions because that’s what you would be doing if you had that body anyway.

For most people, things such as weight loss or physical change in general, come wrapped in their quibbles. It doesn’t mean that their manifestation is any less valid. All it means is that they’ve set some rules in their reality that may not seem very compatible with the Law when you first notice them.

You can, of course, change your quibbles. Nothing is permanent, unless you decide that it is. You can decide that you can eat whatever you want and maintain your health and have an ideal body.

The thing that I’ve learned about the action is that it can’t force your manifestation into your reality. You get what you are, not what you want. If you are forcing it, it means you are coming from a state of lack. It means that you don’t think that your manifestation can come to pass unless you do something first – therefore, you don’t have it in your present moment, you are in the state of lack. But, if you change the way you see a situation – change your state into the state of the wish fulfilled – and you feel like taking action, it’s totally fine to go ahead and do it.

One thing you should always pay attention to is how you feel when you think about taking the action: are you anxious? Are you fearful? Are you doubtful? That means you haven’t changed your state. You are still in the state of not having it. The opposite of that is feeling confident about it. You just know that no matter what, whether you do something or not, it can’t go wrong because you already have it. The external circumstances have no power over your state.

“To attempt to change circumstances before I change my own imaginal activity is to struggle against the very nature of my own being, for my own imaginal activity is animating my world.”

Neville Goddard

The way I interpret this quote and the way it works in my reality is that no matter what, whether I take the action in the physical reality or I don’t take the action in the physical reality, all that counts is the state I am in. What am I doing when I am imagining taking action? And I have to imagine taking action before I do it because nothing can come to pass unless I first imagine it. So, when I am imagining myself taking this action, what am I expecting?

Let’s take another example. Let’s say I want to manifest an SP. How do I feel about contacting him right now? Am I anxious? Am I thinking he won’t reply because he said something mean in the past? Or am I confident and know that if I take this action, he will talk to me? The question here isn’t whether or not you should do it. The question behind it is what is your intention with this? Are you taking this action in order to get a reaction from him? Or are you doing it because you know that no matter what, he is already yours?

It’s like buying a lottery ticket. What are you doing in your imagination while you are buying this ticket? Are you telling yourself there is no way for you to win? Or are you confident that you can win and you don’t bring yourself down in your imagination because you have no reason to do so?

Intention behind the action is the equivalent to the state or the story you are now living. If you think about the action and it makes you feel fearful, then you haven’t changed your state. You are still thinking from the lack. But if you are already the person who you desire to be, then how can any action make you feel anxious? It can’t because you know that you already are this person and you won’t stop being this person if you take action.

Just because we know the Law, doesn’t mean we have to sit in the chair all day and imagine things coming to us. Do you sit down and imagine having milk when there is no milk in your fridge? Or do you get up and go buy it? Even with such mundane things, you can see the process of aligning with a specific reality: when you get up and go get the milk from the store, what are you thinking? That there will be no milk in the store? Alright, then there will be no milk in the store. Or are you 100% sure that there is milk in the store? Alright, you’re going to get that milk.

I repeat, you do not have to move a finger. But if you feel like taking action and you know that the state that you are coming from is the state of the wish fulfilled, why suppress the urge to take the action? Now I will give you a few examples of what I mean.

Example 1: You have your SP. Suddenly, you feel like messaging them. Would you be messaging them if you were together in the physical reality? Of course you would. This is just a part of your fulfilled wish.

Example 2: You are losing weight. You feel like you should stop eating McDonalds. Is that what the version of you with the ideal health and body would do? If that’s your assumption, okay, that’s a part of your end then.

Example 3: You are a millionaire. You suddenly feel the need to invest in some cryptocurrency. Okay, well, seems like something you would do if you were a millionaire, doesn’t it? If that’s what you’re planning to do with your wealth, then this action doesn’t negate your end.

As you can see from these examples, I am not talking about working hard to get what you want. I am talking about actions that align with where you want to be and who you believe you will be when you reach that place.

You are manifesting all the time. Some people have quibbles that make them take certain actions. But if they are getting the results that they want, it’s a sign that their imaginal acts are aligned with their end.

Don’t be afraid of the action. The only thing you really need to pay attention to is your state. Nothing can go wrong but we just want to make sure that we are not coming from a state of lack because that will only create more of it.

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