Getting Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Recently, when talking to a friend of mine, I realized something that should have been obvious to me from the beginning in this particular situation. I have been manifesting something but, admittedly, falling out of the state of the wish fulfilled. I was determined to figure out what it is that’s stopping me and I kept coming up with these ridiculous ideas about which one of my beliefs is limiting me from experiencing this manifestation to the fullest. 

Well, let me start off by telling you something that should be obvious to you if you have been reading our articles for a while: the only thing that was stopping me from experiencing it was that I kept looking for a reason for why it wasn’t showing up. Would I have been looking for a reason it wasn’t showing up, if it was here? No, I wouldn’t have. The mere assumption that there is something wrong with my belief system was what stopped me from seeing it in my physical reality!

We are asked to imagine lovingly for everybody. Often times, we forget that includes us as well, and especially if we are seeing others as separate from us. Putting myself in a position where I believed that I have a limiting belief that is stopping me from manifesting something wasn’t imagining lovingly for myself

You see, when we are manifesting we are asked to assume that we have already received what we desire. As Neville puts it:

“I need not remind you that you are now that which you have assumed that you are. Do not discuss with anyone, not even self. You cannot take thought as to the HOW, when you know that you ARE already.”

Lesson 1: Consciousness is the Only Reality

Assuming that we already are that which we desire to be is the shortcut to getting rid of your limiting beliefs. To me personally, all of the things that I would perceive as limiting are coming from my past experiences and present circumstances, as well as wondering about the “how”. Knowing that these things don’t matter, I have to give myself the permission to move past them. And so do you!

This is why I tell the people I am working with that they never have to dig for the reason for why they are where they are now. Yes, your assumptions put you into the situation in which you are now. You do not need to know which ones or which one it was. Often times, you will remember the exact period of time you spent imagining something for yourself and you will see the cause – the spiritual cause – for what is happening to you right now. But, there is never any need to sit and dig through your past until you find the exact thought or the exact moment you imagined something. 

The best way to start this is from a clean slate. When Neville was teaching the Law, he didn’t tell people to go back and remember what it was that got them to where they are now. I may be guilty of doing so, because I often ask you guys to pay attention to your thoughts in order to test the concept of everybody being you pushed out. However, when I do ask you to do that, it is not an invitation to look for the exact assumption. I am simply asking you to observe your thoughts in the present moment and see how the outside world reacts to it. It molds itself like a clay, to fulfill your assumptions about it. 

What I mean when I say that you should start from a clean slate is that, once again, you don’t have to sit down and go through the assumptions that brought you to where you are now. Instead, make a new assumption. When you see the results of this new assumption taking place in your physical reality, you will know that it was your assumption that put this into motion! And then, you will know that what you were seeing in the past was the result of the old assumption you had – and that old assumption was very likely opposite of your new assumption. 

People may tell you that you need to get rid of all of your limiting beliefs. This can often seem like an invitation to dig through your past assumptions and see where you went “wrong”. But you don’t have to! What seems to be limiting is probably on the surface anyway. It pops up when you think about all the reasons why something shouldn’t manifest in your life. And when these things do pop up, you flip them around with a mental diet!

Let’s take for example that you want to manifest a specific person. You may have assumptions and beliefs about the existence of a third party, about the existence of resentment, about the existence of distance. Whatever it is, you are always asked to ignore it. Assume the opposite, if your desire is to have the opposite of what is currently showing up.

Unless your current situation is where you want to be, don’t focus on it – ignore it. Take your attention away from the problem. Give your attention to the solution!

Limiting beliefs are a problem. Your belief in the limiting beliefs would qualify as a problem as well. Not having these limiting beliefs is the solution. Focusing on the opposite of what you identify as a limiting belief is the solution. 

I am not, in any way, saying that you shouldn’t work on yourself and challenge the things that you perceive as limitations. Yes, you should. What I am saying, though, is that there is no reason to focus on limiting beliefs. Focus on the solution of those limiting beliefs. Just like in the example with a third party where you have to turn your attention away from them, you turn your attention away from the limiting belief because you are perceiving it as a problem and turn your attention to the solution. The solution is the version of you that isn’t limited by this belief. It has already surpassed it and experienced the fulfillment of your desire.

Become one with your desired end and you will express it. Or, become one with your limiting belief and you will express that. The choice is yours. It always is! Your humanself is whatever you decide it is and it is limited only by how you perceive it to be. Decide that you are the version of yourself that you would consider ideal and you will become it, if you persist in that assumption. 

Test it. You don’t need another to test this principle. Test it with what you perceive yourself to be right now, your humanself. 

Let me finish this article with Neville’s words:

“You are still in that state where you were before the world was. The only thing that has fallen is your concept of self. You see the broken parts which really are not broken. You are seeing them through distorted eyes, as though you were in one of those peculiar amusement galleries where a man walks before a mirror and he is elongated, yet he is the same man. Or he looks into another mirror and he is all big and fat. These things are seen today because man is what he is. 

Toy with the idea of perfection.

Lesson 4: No One to Change But Self

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