Reader’s Request: Speeding Up Your Manifestations

From time to time we hear about people who want to manifest something by a certain date. For example, they want to experience their manifestation on a certain holiday. If they fail, they may end up thinking that it’s just not working: either the Law is not working for them at all or they can’t set a timeframe for their manifestations. Today I am here to tell you that you can indeed set a timeframe for your manifestation but the thing that was most important when you were manifesting without this timeframe, still stays the same: you should still accept your wish as if it’s already yours and live in the state of the wish fulfilled, whether there is a timeframe or not.

We see time as linear. We divide it into past, present and future. However, linear time doesn’t exist when it comes to our imagination. In our imagination everything is happening right now. Whatever you are imagining, you can view it only right now, in this moment.

Knowing this, let us now remind ourselves that the creation is already finished. This concept as well as the fact that we can only imagine in the present moment should be merged into one. We must understand that all things that we can imagine were already created. They exist as possibilities until we enter them. I like to view them as frozen in time until we enter them and animate them. Because, after all, we are the operant power and until we animate a certain scene, it cannot exist in our world.

I am sure I do not have to remind you that imagination creates reality, therefore making it superior to what you are now seeing around you. Your imagination is the place where you enter and dwell the new state before it externalizes.

Neville merges these concepts in Chapter VII of his book Awakened Imagination:

“The day I realized this great truth – that everything in my world is a manifestation of the mental activity which goes on within me, and that the conditions and circumstances of my life only reflect the state of consciousness with which I am fused – is the most momentous in my life.”

So you see, in your imagination everything exists now. Your outside world is dead. It’s the world of shadows, as Neville calls it. You are animating it with your assumptions. What you are seeing right now is the result of what you imagined in the past. Which means that what you are imagining now is the thing that will manifest in your seeming future moment. But, since imagination is superior, if you are living in your imagination, you are living in the moment that is more real than what you are now seeing on the outside – and it’s the actual present moment.

Reading this chapter further, we come across the part where Neville says the following:

“Think of the world as containing an infinite number of state of consciousness from which it could be viewed. Think of these states as rooms or mansions in the House of God, and like the rooms of any house they are fixed relative to one another. But think of yourself, the Real Self, the Imaginative You, as the living, moving occupant of God’s House. Each room already contains some of Los’ Sculptures, with infinite plots and dramas and situations already worked out but not activated. They are activated as soon as Human Imagination enters and fuses with them.”

As you can see from this part of that chapter, the way to activate the new state is to enter it in your imagination. Once you do, it becomes your actual present moment because you realize that what you are seeing on the outside is just a past state that is still outpicturing.

So you see, your humanself may be tied to the idea of a linear time. But your Godself knows that all it takes is for you to accept your desire as real right now. The only real time that exists is the present moment. This is why it’s important to claim your desire as yours and allow yourself to enter the state of the wish fulfilled. Think only from that state and you will see results very fast.

One more thing before I finish this article:

“You ask me, ‘But how do I know about the interval?’ You, yourself determine the interval.”

Neville Goddard, Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally

Become one with your desire. Enter it in your imagination and before you know it, you will be able to see it in your physical reality. I can’t tell you how long it will take for your desire to manifest. What I can tell you is that if you completely immerse yourself in this state, the manifestation will arrive quicker. Believe in your power to get what you want, when you want it.

You know when this human version of yourself or anyone close to you has birthday. That’s how natural it is for you to create with timeframes: you just view it as a fact and think from the end. Thinking from the end in this case means that you plan to go to their birthday party knowing that this person’s birthday is then. You don’t question it. You don’t doubt it. You just know it.

What you want is already yours. The creation is finished. If you want for something to arrive on a certain date, all you have to do is convince yourself that it is possible and that it’s going to happen. You have that power. It’s yours. It allows you to claim anything you want in this world, even within a timeframe. Don’t forget who you are because everything is possible to you.

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