I Shifted Into A Parallel Reality

Today I want to share with you something that happened to me a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful experience that really proved to me that parallel realities really do exist and that the creation is already finished.

I always in some way believed in parallel universes. Probably because I am a big fan of Star Trek and if you are as well, then you know about the episodes where they shift into what they call “a mirror universe”. However, they always shift into this one universe where everything is completely different: “good” characters are “bad”, peaceful alliances are aggressive, tolerant communities are xenophobic.

What I have experienced a few weeks ago wasn’t like that at all. There isn’t one universe where things are the way they are now and then another where things are completely different, like in Star Trek. In my opinion, there are unnumbered parallel realities and the differences between some of these realities are minor.

What happened was, I fell asleep in this reality and woke up in one where things were slightly bit “off”. I was talking to my mom and wanted to use the toilet. When I got there I realized that the toilet looked exactly the way it looked in the past. The toilet in my reality has been completely renovated. That was when I realized that something was going on. At first I thought it was a dream. After all, I knew I fell asleep what seemed like seconds ago. I tried to change the things the way I always change them in my dreams, when they become lucid: set an intention and they change instantly.

But… It wasn’t working! I closed my eyes, imagined it again and it still didn’t work. I started freaking out a little bit but I knew I can’t let the panic take over. I went back downstairs and sat at the table. There was a girl in my kitchen. I didn’t recognize her at first because I only saw her back. I wanted to ask my mom who this is but I quickly realized that if I did that, she would probably think I’m insane. After all, the version of me that she knows in this reality knows what’s going on in the house.

When the girl turned around, I realized it was my mom’s cousin. She doesn’t come around so much in this reality. Maybe once or twice a year. No wonder I didn’t recognize her at first.

Then I went outside and I saw that my boyfriend was there. I hugged him and wouldn’t let him go, probably because I needed to just hug someone out of the blue without looking like a crazy person, and well, I can always hug him. He hugged me back, of course, but he asked me if anything is wrong because I wouldn’t let go. I avoided the question and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk with me.

Even though I was planning on telling him what’s going on, I wasn’t 100% sure I should do it. I felt like everyone was a stranger in this reality despite the fact that their faces were the same as they are in my reality. We’ve got to the bus station and something just wasn’t right. The panic was rising and I couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly I remembered: All I have to do is imagine that I’m already home, in this reality. And so I did it… And woke up in my bed again.

I know it wasn’t a dream. If it ever happens to you, you will know it as well. Those versions of them are just as real as those in your current reality. The only difference is, you are not focused on those versions. The way I see it is that they stay “frozen”, for a lack of a better word. They exist as possibilities, until we start entertaining those realities and choosing those versions of them. That’s when those worlds become animated.

Now you may be wondering why did I say that those versions of them know a different version of me if it’s all just “frozen”. It’s because I didn’t recognize that reality. I didn’t know how people were acting towards one another in that reality. It doesn’t feel natural for me to end up in a reality that is so different from mine. I think we move from reality to reality very gradually, every second of the day. That’s how situations become natural to us. We become used to them. Although we are always shifting, we don’t notice it. Small things change and when we look back, everything is different. And yet, it doesn’t feel weird.

I wanted to share this experience with those of you who may have experienced the same. I know a couple of people who shifted into completely different realities, just like that. To me, it’s a proof that creation is finished. All possibilities exist right now. We just have to choose one.

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