January Q&A: Part 1

This month, we will be doing the Q&A in two parts! Second part will come out before the end of January so feel free to keep sending us your questions here.


1) “Manifesting multiple desires: I have multiple desires, healing my illness, getting a job, reconciling with my SP – all of which I consider big due to my quibbles. How do I go about creating each one of them at the same time? I am willing to put in the work but I wanted to know what is the best way I can go about it? Should I do separate SATS session for each one of them or combine them?”

Viktoria: When you have multiple desires, it would be better to combine them. Of course, you can focus on one at the time but that may cause stress and anxiety if you are looking at your outside world. The way you can combine them into one is by catching that feeling of everything already being alright into one sentence. I am sure you are familiar with the book The Law & The Promise where Neville shares a story of a lady who had so many things that needed “fixing” that she simply combined them into this: “Isn’t it wonderful? Something wonderful is happening to me right now.”
Or, another thing you could do would be coming up with a scene for one desire. Let’s say it’s your wedding scene. During that scene, you imagine yourself at your wedding reception while people are approaching you and telling you how amazing it is that you healed and got a job. In that scene, all three of your desires have been fulfilled.


2) Hello. Thank you for answering my previous question. I love your blog and it gives me clarity. I also love the simple layout:) I have realized that I had the kind of mind that would create scenarios and situations which could possibly keep me from what I want. However none of those so far have manifested. Lucky me that way. Now, as I manifest other things, new fears pop up and my new aspect of my mental diet is to not react to the thought, let it peacefully pass and affirm to myself that ‘None of my fears manifest’ and ‘There is nothing that stands between me and my manifestation, there is no other’. Is this cool?

Ivana: Thank you for your kind words, we really appreciate them!
Absolutely! Those are actually some great affirmations you mentioned here! They take away the fear of having these thoughts and take away the fear in general. And clearly, they are working for you because you said that none of these scenarios came to pass.
I mean, you could also use the Law to stop your mind from creating these scenarios. Just keep affirming that your mind is disciplined now. In that case, you won’t have to deal with any uncomfortable scenarios that may pop up randomly. Remember that you are in total control of your mind.
Not saying this to bring you down or anything like that, but acknowledging that your brain does this and fighting it off with affirmations indeed seems to be effective for you but remember that simply by affirming that your brain does this, you are creating more of it. Wouldn’t it be easier to create a reality in which only the loving thoughts flow through your mind?
Try it out! You already figured out something that is working for you but why not take it a step further and uproot this “issue” so you don’t have to deal with negative scenarios at all?


3) “Sorry for asking this but I asked advice to many people and even consulted counselors but situation is helpless… I am obsessed about my SP whom I am manifesting back for last 6 months… I accept that I am so obsessed about him that I think of him when I eat, drink, travel, take bath and even when I talk to someone else… How can I overcome this?

Viktoria: Well, first, why would you accept that you are obsessed with him if it’s affecting you in a way that makes you uncomfortable? Not to say there is anything wrong with thinking about your person so much but if that is the state you are in, you still have to do a mental diet and it may be hard because you are constantly thinking about him.
Also, why would you declare it’s helpless? Don’t you know you literally just created it to be helpless by saying that? You are looking for help but at the same time saying it’s helpless… How can anyone help you if you believe that it’s a helpless situation?
Use the Law to remove this obsession from your life. You have probably heard this before but the focus has to be on you. If the focus is on your SP all the time, you are neglecting the most important person in this – yourself. You are the one that needs to change and you are the one that needs to take their power back. Not to sound mean but he is irrelevant, as far as that part goes.
The way you can use the Law to remove this obsession is by telling yourself you remember when you couldn’t stop thinking about him but you have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter and that you don’t have to control every single thing in your manifestation, you just have to declare that something is yours and then you can focus on something else.
It can be as easy as that, as long as you are not attaching negative stories to it. This is the part where the mental diet comes in as well. Since you are thinking about him all the time, as you said, make sure that you are thinking from the end: think the way you would think if you were together now.


4) “Hey, I recently read your in one of your blogs that our subconscious mind sees in images and feelings. I am in a relationship, my partner and i haven’t had sex yet since I wasn’t ready and wanted to have a stronger connection first, in the back of my head I kept telling myself that he’d get desperate for it and he obviously did become desperate. I want some more time and I tell myself affirmations that “he wants to wait to have sex” in my mental diet. When i say this I feel relieved and happy but I do get a blurry image of “sex” as I say that word. I’m not sure if seeing that image would make my subconscious mind manifest that even though I don’t want it for now. Please help me with this!

Ivana: Your conscious mind creates the images but it’s the feeling that gets impressed on the subconscious mind. This is why you see a blurry image of what you are thinking about.
How does that image make you feel? Because that’s what’s getting through to your subconscious. It’s not about picturing yourself having sex with him. The point of creating that image, the point of visualizing it would be to catch the feeling of being intimate with him or whatever else you associate with sex.
Either way, if you are not feeling ready for it, don’t feel like you have to do anything right now and when you think of sex, simply affirm that you are both waiting for the right moment. Affirm that he is patient and that he understands you.


5) “To feel or be responsible for everyone in my reality makes me feel like some sort of universal caregiver. Do you remember the scene in Bruce Almighty when he wished to be God and he had all the emails and heard a zillion prayers and it really stressed him out? Yeah that’s how it makes me feel thinking about it like that. Of course I want the best for everyone to create a happy universe and I do start of my day with these affirmations a) I intend to experience the best of everyone in my reality b) I live in a safe friendly abundant universe c) Everyone in my reality is happy healthy and abundant. I just keep it general as idk that is simple and easy for me. What are your thoughts on this? I don’t want to be this Bruce Almighty figure and sort out the collective, I am happy to imagine for my friends family any readers on here I always imagine the best but I want to just focus on me and my life primarily.”

Viktoria: What is your view on “others”? Do you see them as separate from you? Because that is the only reason I can think of that could make you feel that stressed out. You are not here to fulfill everyone else’s desires. You are here to fulfill your own desires. As you are fulfilling your own desires, you will notice that others will start receiving their desires as well.
Your affirmations sound great, though. Just remember that they are you pushed out. You don’t have to worry about every single individual desire somebody has (like hearing everyone’s prayers). If they do come to you and talk about not having something they want, just imagine very briefly hearing them say that they’ve received it and drop it. That should make you feel better about it. But again, they are you pushed out. The longer you see them as separate from you and yourself as this “universal caregiver” like you described, the longer you will be in that reality.
What I like to do, besides the instant revision, is to just keep seeing the world as a lovely, loving, harmonious place. If I hear somebody complaining about not having something, I imagine them having it but I don’t stress myself out about it. It’s like giving them a gift: here you go, I imagined for you and since I am God, this is inevitably going to come into your life.


6) “Again I know everyone is me pushed out and I do have the affirmation I get the best of everyone in my reality. I have two scenarios that I’m interested in how you girls deal with them. Let’s say we have person A who is madly in love with me, bit of a creepy lurker and just not someone I fancy at all. I don’t want to be unkind and it’s not that they are a bad person (that doesn’t exist in my universe) but I don’t like seeing them suffer knowing that I am not going to be in a relationship with them. I don’t even know how I created unwanted paramours to begin with I accept I have and do I just intend they ride off into the sunset with someone else and I never hear or see them again and they are happy far away from me? They don’t even remember I exist they are so happy they’ve forgotten all about me and its’ like they just vanish to another reality where they are loved and wanted and happy. Person B is a work colleague or someone that I have daily contact with that they are lovely and I know mental diet wise I can select a version of them that I like but meh not feeling that I just want them to go away if that makes sense. I don’t harbour any ill will but it’s like I just don’t want this person in my reality. How do I get rid of them? Sorry to be blunt but yeah how do I get rid of them for good and with good (I don’t want any thing bad to happen to them just want them to again exist in a reality where they are appreciated and wanted but that is not mine).”

Ivana: The way you described dealing with person A seems like the best way to deal with it. The longer you see him as somebody who is in love with you, the longer he will be in love with you. Since you are not interested in that way, see him in love with somebody else, somebody who is a better match for him, somebody who only has eyes for him, somebody who is in love with him as well.
Nothing wrong with sending people away, in my opinion. I always imagine the best for everyone as well but sometimes we just want the person to go away, so I get you! So, you can imagine person B getting a job offer from somewhere else. This other place that is offering them a job is better for them, they like it better, they know they would be happier there, so they decide to leave. That way they leave your reality, you no longer have to deal with them, plus they end up with a job they really love and enjoy!
Also, we don’t know the bridge of incidents. Keep persisting in seeing these two people in situations where they are happier and better off. If the bridge of incidents turns out to be uncomfortable in any way, don’t blame yourself. Keep seeing them as these new versions of themselves until they get there. I am bringing this up because you said that you want them to go away in a good way and because you said in the last part of your email that you do not want to have any drama or anything like that, so I don’t want you to feel guilty if something “weird” pops up in the meantime! Just stick with it, continue thinking from the end.


7) “My question is how to remove someone completely from our life and our mind?”

Ivana: By focusing on something else. The longer you focus on them being in your life, the longer they stay. If you want them to go away completely, focus on other things. Ignore them. See the life the way it would be if this person wasn’t in it.
I think the “I remember when” technique would be perfect for this: “I remember when this person was in my life but now they are gone.” Of course, you don’t have to use this exact wording. You can adjust this sentence so that it fits your “natural” way of thinking. So, whenever you think of them, say this and move on to the next thing, focus on something else.


8) “How would I go about manifesting growing long, thick hair?”

Ivana: This would be something where using a congratulatory scene would be great! Doesn’t have to be a strict congratulatory scene where people tell you, “Congratulations on manifesting thick hair”. That doesn’t sound very natural to me, don’t know about you. But maybe you can imagine your hairdresser complementing your hair and asking you, “How did your hair suddenly get so thick and long, it’s amazing!”
Or you could imagine going to the Reddit board and sharing your success story. You can also add in people congratulating you.
You can do these scenes during SATS. Another thing is the combination of this with mental diet. When you look in the mirror and see the opposite of what you are manifesting, close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself having long, thick hair and when you open your eyes, be grateful for having long, thick hair now. Affirm it with, “I remember when my hair was not looking this good, but now it’s long and thick and I love it!”


9) “We know that consciousness is the only reality. And quantum physics is suggesting this aswell. I’ve heard about us walking around projecting our reality around us like a projector. Quantum physics suggests the world does not exist unless you look at it. Does this mean when I’m in one place (at home for example) then the rest of the world and the people in it don’t exist? That everywhere I go is the only place existing at that moment. Some LOA coaches say people aren’t out there living their lives and thinking their own thoughts. Is that so?”

Viktoria: This is a tricky but an interesting one. I don’t know how we could prove that things don’t exist when we look away. It seems logical but also illogical at the same time, doesn’t it? See, I can’t prove this to you. I can’t even prove it to myself, in the physical sense. The closest I can get to it is seeing that things that aren’t in front of me right now, I’m not capable of experiencing in my physical reality. I am in my room right now. I can’t see and experience being in my living room while I’m here. I have to move there. Here I am talking strictly about experiencing it in the physical reality, not through my imagination because through our imagination we can experience everything. So, I don’t really know how to answer this, besides with: I don’t know!
We received a similar question about people not having their own thoughts and we both think that their thoughts depend highly on our opinion about them and our concept of ourselves. We believe that people think on their own, but we can “intervene” because they are us pushed out. They can’t NOT be affected by us. If you are thinking that somebody is unhappy with their job, they will be unhappy with their job. If you are thinking that they love their family, they will love their family. Can we know if they are constantly having these loving thoughts about their family? Well, no. That’s another thing that we can’t really prove but we can observe their actions and reactions and see what’s going on that way. Shockingly enough, what’s going on is exactly what you are expecting is going on. That can lead to a conclusion that they aren’t thinking anything besides what we think they are thinking.
So to sum it up, yes, we do believe that they can’t really have thoughts that are “independent” of our own thoughts because, as I said, they cannot be unaffected by us since they are us pushed out and they exist in our imagination. Everybody is always playing a role, we are moving everyone around us, we just don’t realize it.
Another thing I would like to add, general beliefs are “transferred” to them as well. If you are constantly thinking how ugly you are and then you meet a new person and they tell you how ugly you are… Well, it’s still you. It’s all you because there is no physical other.


10) “I know that you mentioned that the Divine Timing is the time when we accept our desires that very moment it comes to pass. I am living, in the end, regarding happily and blissfully married to my SP but every day my parents are looking for grooms for me outside and it creates too much pressure on me, they want me to get married ASAP and they don’t listen to me, they are waiting that someone says YES and they send me with him even if I am not happy and every day I pray that all boys they approach say no to me but still I have to meet someone or talk to them on phone which shakes my faith so much.”

Ivana: Why are you creating this unlovely story for yourself? You are not imagining lovingly for yourself, or for your parents if you keep creating this story. If you have an SP on your mind, then think from that end. Think from the wish fulfilled: you are already with your SP. Your parents aren’t looking for a husband for you anymore. It may take a little while to get to the point where this stops showing up in your physical reality but it’s going to happen if you persist with it. Believe in your own power, know that what you focus on is what you get.
Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you stop dwelling on your current circumstances. You start living in the end. You stop torturing yourself with this story about your parents looking for a husband for you. You are already with your SP.
Imagining lovingly for your parents means that you imagine them being accepting of your relationship with your SP. They no longer have to worry about you getting married or anything like that.
All you are doing in this message is affirming your current circumstances. And yet, they don’t serve you. Stop dwelling on them. Dwell in the end. You are making yourself nervous and fearful from day to day because you are relating to your old story on such a deep level. Know that your current circumstances do not matter and accept only the things that are in line with your new story.


11) “Manifesting a text message from an old friend: In the process of building my faith about the law working specific people, I wanted to test it by manifesting text message from long lost friends because I don’t have any resistance in that case. I have imagined the text message thoroughly by feeling it once and then dropped it long time ago. I am able to manifest other small things but I am yet to receive a text from the people I imagined it coming from. How should I handle this? I don’t have any limiting beliefs for me receiving a text from old friends and random people. Should I repeat this specific imagination everyday until it comes to pass? I am trying this just to test the law and build my unwavering faith in terms of hearing from specific people.”

Viktoria: Yes, you can repeat this imaginal act until it comes to pass, but more importantly, look at the way you are talking about this manifestation. You literally just told us that “small” things are coming to pass but this isn’t. When you are manifesting something, you can’t go around talking about your manifestation as if it’s not here or say things like the ones you said: things you consider big don’t come to pass.
Also, calling things big and small will only create more limits in your manifestation process. There are no big and small things. The entire process is literally as simple as declaring you have something, focusing on the feeling of having it and building the conviction. Sometimes these last two things aren’t necessary at all, when your other beliefs aren’t getting in the way or you aren’t denying your manifestation with your inner conversations. This same process is used to manifest everything. That’s why there are no big and small manifestations, they are all equal – because the process is the same. But if you declare something is “small” and something else is “big” you are creating a limitation for yourself. What this limitation will manifest itself as is up to you. Most commonly it manifests as a time delay.


12) “Neville spoke about ‘Divine Timing’. However, many coaches say that it is one’s belief and that they manifest within a specific time period but do not recommend newbies to do so, as the latter tend to wait for the set date rather than live in the end, and eventually get disappointed if they don’t manifest by the timeline set and end up dwelling in an unwanted state. How does this really work?

Viktoria: I do tend to agree that it’s harder for newbies who are only now discovering this to live in the end if they set up a date and that they focus too much on the date, however, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you are manifesting something and your faith is so strong you can actually set an intention and not waver, then do it.
Personally, I don’t manifest with timeframes a lot but when I do, I first choose a timeframe that feels natural to me. A timeframe that allows me to sit back and relax, and when the thing comes to my mind, I can think, “I remember when this thing came to pass on this and this date.”
It is my experience that the more you learn, the less you feel the need to condition your manifestation by setting a timeframe. Not saying there is something wrong with that but I feel that things come to pass very quickly now that I’m used to thinking from the end after I set the intention. I simply don’t worry about it.
And that’s the bottom line here: if you want to manifest within a timeframe, you set it and forget it. Not literally forget it but you set the timeframe that feels natural. If I were to manifest a new house now, I wouldn’t set an intention to have by tomorrow. How am I supposed to believe that? In that case, even though I’m not new to these teachings, I would be too focused on the lack as well. If I set a timeframe of, say, a year, I find that believable. My mind doesn’t wander of and brings up the questions of, “How will I get the money? Where will this house be? What do you mean you want a new house by tomorrow, what even is a house?!”
The “issue” with setting the timeframe for a manifestation is that we tend to focus on the lack. A few days before the thing comes to pass, we may start thinking, “It’s not coming after all.” Then we negate the manifestation. To be more precise, you get what you just declared and you just declared that you won’t get your manifestation by tomorrow.
If you can focus on having the thing by a certain date, go for it. If you can’t, then don’t stress yourself out. It’s really unnecessary. One more thing, “I remember when” is a great technique when you are manifesting within a timeframe. Test it if you want!


13) “I don’t know who to turn to. My friend and I were three steps away from a near death experience today. I can’t wrap my head around what just happened. My emotions are all over the place and I feel traumatized and confused. I also feel both guilty and powerless at the same time. Guilty that I could have possibly created the scenario with my subconscious thoughts and powerless that I could not stop it from happening. We crossed the intersection and a double decker bus came hurtling downhill towards us in reverse, I saw things I could not unsee. A woman with a baby stroller behind the bus where we had been standing just moments ago going under because they couldn’t get away from it fast enough. It all happened so fast. The bus stopped on top of her having hit some concrete barriers. Underneath she started screaming for her baby. Male bystanders started running towards her. The moment I heard her scream “my baby!” three times I lost it. I don’t know why I turned to my friend (who I introduced to manifesting) and quickly repeated to her under my breath with such intent “The baby is fine, the baby is fine, the baby is fine” while I clutched her hands in a sort of praying position. It was about a few minutes but it felt like a long stretch of time before everyone could see the baby across the intersection but mother and baby miraculously survived. I don’t know how to process all this. I spoke with the counselor at school and she helped me to calm down as I was too distracted to absorb the lecture. I have been working for months since coming to know the law on believing that I am the creator of my reality but I don’t know how to wrap my head around this. I always affirmed that “I am the luckiest girl in the world” but this is the last scenario I would want to create to prove that. I’m stuck in fear, doubt, guilt and helplessness and I need to know what I can do to move forward with my faith intact.”

Viktoria: First of all, I want to tell you that I’m very sorry that you had to go through this experience. Some things we experience in our lives really do leave a mark. I hope you are doing better and I hope you can find it in you to see this from another perspective. You have quickly aligned with the reality in which both the mother and her child survived and that’s a proof of the Law as well.
I want you to know that just because you have been affirming that you are a lucky girl doesn’t mean that you have created this situation specifically. I mean, yes, on a deeper level, this happened to prove to you that you are indeed lucky but you didn’t focus on aligning with this specific situation. And even though you had this experience, you still aligned with the reality in which the people who were supposed to be “less lucky” survived. In my opinion, I think that proves that you are sharing that luck with others as well, when you choose to.
Do not blame yourself for this. Take some time to process it and forgive yourself. True forgiveness is forgetting. You created a miracle in a situation that could have ended tragically, not once but twice.


14) “My parents are now forcing me to get married to someone else and I am still in no contact with my SP… Can you please manifest my marriage with my SP as soon as possible?? I can’t marry someone else and I am in quite pressure mode and no time on my hands right now so I can’t manifest him in such a desperate condition… Please help…”

Viktoria: We appreciate that you trust us with your manifestation and we will imagine for you but the power is still in you. Keep thinking from the end in which you are already with your person. You have all the power in your reality.
Please stop repeating the old story and dedicate yourself to the new story. You say you have no time on your hands right now, and that’s fine if you are talking about scripting or SATS, but mental diet literally takes no time. You are always talking to yourself.
Manifesting isn’t working towards something. It’s focusing on something. Keep that in mind the next time you want to react to your current circumstances.


Part 2 will be published in around 2 weeks. You can send us questions for that Q&A post here! We do our best to answer every email we get but please note that we won’t answer the questions that have already been answered previously, especially when they are coming from the same sender. Just a reminder to everyone:
And as it was said in one of the blog posts: no one’s circumstances are special and require special techniques and special attention. Keep that in mind before you resend a question that was already answered or feel the need to repeat your old story in general!

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