Testing the Law: Success Story with Weight Loss

This story is a story that will show you that you can control your mind in such a way that you can even lose the weight without putting in much work. In the recent years, I have gained some weight and since I was always very self-conscious about it, once I stepped on the scale after three years and saw that I only gained a small amount, I was shocked because I felt like I gained at least 30 pounds more than that. I didn’t look it, but I felt like it. This is when I decided to test the Law. Clearly, if I can convince myself that I have “symptoms” of a 30-pound weight gain when I’ve actually gained much less than that, I can convince myself that I am losing weight and experience the consequences of that as well. Here is my story.

Keep in mind that the number on the scale isn’t going to be the most important thing in this post. The most important thing in this post is going to be how I convinced myself that I am losing weight by actually not changing anything.

It may baffle some of you that I felt like I gained so much weight but then I found out I didn’t. I believe that the reason this happened is because I was actually more focused on feeling out of shape, than feeling bigger. I would still look in the mirror and be like, “Damn, I don’t look like I gained that much weight.” So, as you can see, I was contradicting myself right from the start. I related being out of shape to gaining weight, but then… I didn’t look like I gained enough to explain feeling that much out of shape.

Another thing I would like to add is that I have always loved working out. I love the feeling that comes with it. However, I wasn’t consistent with it over the years. I would work out here and there. I really like strength training and I am not a fan of cardio, so because of that, I would often find excuses not to ride my bike or go for a run or do a random HIIT workout. I would go through phases during which I was riding my bike for 2 hours every day and then phases of not working out properly at all for weeks.

Now, when I found out that I’ve gained so little weight, I decided to get back on my bike and eat less. Some of you may ask why didn’t I just intend for weight loss? Well, because in order for my mind to register that I am losing weight, I feel that I have to sweat. My current state is one where I have to put in some work, in order to get some results so I just went with it because it didn’t seem important anyway.

Besides my workouts, I started tracking my calories. However, this is where is gets fun and where I started testing the Law just for fun. I did two different things in two weeks.


I set my goals and calculated how many calories I needed to consume daily in order to lose weight. However, there was this woman in my life who just recently lost a lot of weight and when I say a lot, I am talking about 200 pounds. She did it very fast but in a way that does not appeal to me: with pills and other lovely things one does not talk about without getting sick. Since this story was still alive in me, and I’m not going to lie, I did wonder if I should just do the same because what damage can I do to my body really, it would take like a week for me lose the amount of weight I thought I needed to lose in that moment. I didn’t do it, though. But for some reason, my body started acting the way hers did when she was taking those pills. I got sick and I’m talking about the type of sickness that makes you lose weight faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!
So, this part I did not manifest consciously but it was a good lesson for me: wondering about things affirms them. I didn’t even need to take the pills but I had the same symptoms. All because I considered that option and didn’t let my subconscious know that that is not the route we are taking after all.
Be careful with the way you are talking to your body: if you are thinking about a fast weight loss but you have beliefs like, “It’s possible, only I have to get sick in order to do so”, you may end up seeing those beliefs outpictured in your reality. It’s not like it’s the end of the world if it happens. You can always revise it. It’s just something that I would not recommend to anyone. It’s always better to have a belief like, “I can eat what I want, all of the food I eat is helping me lose weight. No special tricks. No illness involved. I am losing weight and I look great.”


Now, I will let you know that I did lose a bunch of weight when I was a teenager by counting calories and working out. During that time, I had no idea about conscious manifesting or anything like that. Honestly, I didn’t even know what calorie counting really is. I just did it because it seemed like the only way to go about it.
However, this time around, I actually knew more about the science behind calorie counting and working out. It’s ironic because it’s so obvious to me right now that calorie counting is super dependent on the beliefs of the person. If you talk to the professionals, they will tell you that there is no way for a regular person to accurately determine how many calories they’ve eaten and how many they’ve burned throughout the day. Of course there are ways to determine that and of course we have all these cool tools that come pretty close to it but they all agree on one thing: it’s super hard to determine the exact number of the calories, to the point.
Knowing this, I decided that I was going to add the least caloric food I could find on MyFitnessPal. It was the food I was eating but I was logging in the least caloric option on MFP. Since I believe that I am in control of my mind and not vice versa, it was easy to actually convince myself that I am eating less than I probably was. Knowing that I can’t know the exact number of the calories that I consumed, it seemed logical to choose whatever I wanted.


Results? I have lost 10 pounds altogether in a matter of 2 weeks. That is 2 pounds more than what I was aiming for, minus the timeframe. Even though there are people out there saying that it’s not safe to lose over 1 pound a week, I felt great and I haven’t gained the weight back. I ate what I wanted but I convinced myself that I was consuming less calories than I was.

I strongly believe that what I did during the second week is a sign that you can absolutely and definitely convince yourself of something as ridiculous as consuming little food while you are eating what you want and lose weight. During that week, I actually had a lot of fun. Sometimes I wouldn’t even add the sweets that I ate during the day and pretended I ate no sweets at all.

While my results may not be shocking and huge numerically, after all, it’s just 10 pounds, it goes to show that you can have fun while losing weight and that your beliefs truly do affect everything in your life. Convince yourself that all the food that you are consuming is adding to your weight loss rather than the weight gain. It’s all about your mindset.

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