State & Action

“To attempt to change the world before we change our inner talking is to struggle against the very nature of things.”

Mental Diets, Neville Goddard

Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine. We talked about action and where this urge to take the action is coming from. We have noticed that many of you guys are wondering if you should do this or that in order to manifest something. I will explain my own take on this part of manifesting and I intend for it to help you guys out!

Depending on who was your first LOA teacher, you may have heard conflicting things throughout your journey: take action, don’t take the action, don’t you dare take the action, action is absolutely necessary, how can you expect something to happen without the action,… Yadda yadda yadda. It seems like action is this thing that gets a bad reputation again and again.

Where is this coming from? Perhaps it’s the lack of understanding of how the manifestation works. After all, is there anyone out there who can tell us exactly how things work? We believe that Neville came the closest to it. We also believe that everybody finds their own way. People accept different teachers and do different techniques which further proves our point – it comes down to our beliefs. Or… Well, I guess it happens because we believe that’s the way it is. You may be seeing the evidence of something else in your world, according to your beliefs.

I would like you remind you that there is one thing that Neville repeats again and again:

“Ignore the facts of life (…)”

Power, Neville Goddard

How does this relate to the action in the physical world? Well, let me first share the rest of the story. During my discussion with my friend, we saw that we were introduced to Neville in a similar way and one that left us thinking that we literally don’t have to do anything but lay in bed all day, imagining we have better lives. This is not the fault of those who introduced us to Neville’s work or even Neville’s fault. We both, simply, came to the same conclusion when we first heard those words. It’s the logical conclusion, isn’t it? Let’s face it, when you are first introduced to Neville’s work, you will very likely judge it with that logical part of you. But… That’s now exactly how it works. Logic is rarely your friend when it comes to manifesting. Logic dictates that the cause of the thing exists in the outside world. That the thing that you are observing is a result of circumstances of the outside world. Yet, Neville is telling us the following:

“But, remember, the meaning or cause of the phenomena of life can be found only within consciousness of a man.”

Seedtime & Harvest (the book), Neville Goddard

Well then, if I don’t have to move a finger to get anything… I can just lay in bed all day and imagine I am not hungry or thirsty, I can imagine I don’t need any sleep, I can stay up all night without any consequences, I don’t have to go to the toilet, I don’t have to take care of my body at all, I don’t have to… STOP. If this is where your thoughts go when you hear that you don’t have to move a finger, it is a sign that you may be misunderstanding some of these things.

Yes, this is only an opinion that I share with my friend but if you break your leg and your first question is this: “Should I go to a doctor? Or can I fix this with SATS?” You are overthinking it and taking it way too far. If you could lay down now, amidst this pain and imagine yourself without it, you wouldn’t even be asking that question in the first place, would you?

The mere fact that you are asking this question is a sign that you are not in the state in which this thing is natural to you. Neville tells us to imagine things that feel natural to us. What would feel natural to you when you break your leg? To go to a doctor, right? Get it checked and get it fixed. Sure, you can always play around and speed up your recovery process or make the injuries less serious. Why not? But I will repeat this again: if you are asking if you can fix your broken leg with SATS, it means it’s not natural to you.

So what is natural? Natural is something that you wouldn’t even think about, you would just do it. It would feel normal to you. You wouldn’t question it at all. This feeling of naturalness is something that comes with a state. If we compare it to something else that happens on a day-to-day basis, it will be more clear.

Let’s take brushing your teeth as an example. When you are a small child, this habit is instilled in you by the people you are surrounded with. Everybody is always telling you to brush your teeth twice a day at least. With time, this becomes such habit that you don’t even have to think about it anymore. It becomes automatic. You get out of the shower, you brush your teeth. You aren’t standing in front of your mirror for hours, wondering if you should do this. This is because the habit of brushing your teeth is so natural to you already and has been for years.

Another example would be hunger. If you are hungry, you don’t sit down and wonder if this is a real sensation. You won’t wonder if you should do SATS to make it go away. You just do it. You don’t repeat that you are eating delicious food all day long. You simply eat when you are hungry.

I am using these examples to show you how “natural” feels. I am sure both of us could think of a thousand other examples. But how does that relate to the action?

Well, just like the feeling of naturalness comes from the state in which you are in, so does the action. Think about it: when you are in a relationship with somebody, do you actually wonder if you should message them or not? You just do it. It feels normal for you to have a beautiful communication with this person. That’s why if you are wondering whether or not you should contact them, it means that you are not in the state in which this feels normal and natural to you.

There are exceptions, of course. If you are in the state of being a bossy lady (or a gentleman) who doesn’t take no for an answer and you decide to message them and you so intensely decide that they will respond back to you, then they have no choice. The God made their decision – they have to play the role. They have no choice. This state can be tricky though, if you tend to release that feeling of being a boss of your reality, so to speak, when your thoughts get out of control.

That’s why I want to talk about the state in which the action doesn’t feel forced in any way and it doesn’t make you question your decision. In this state, you don’t have to come to our Reddit and ask us if you should do something. You just do it because it feels right for you to do so. You know that your inner state has been changed and that you will get what you want.

When we tell you to do what feels right for you to do, we don’t mean that you go on and apologize to your person because you’ve hurt them, say goodbye to them because you feel like giving up for the moment or drop everything and drive to their house because you want to see them. It is sometimes hard to distinguish the physical action from the mental action when we are talking about it. Most of the time, what people who tell you to do what feels right mean is that you have to check if your mental state is corresponding to the action you are planning to take. An easy question you can answer before you take any action, if you are thinking about it:
Am I coming from a place of lack? Am I thinking about doing this because I feel that this thing doesn’t exist in my life right now and I have to take this action in order to bring it in?

In case of an SP, this means that you don’t message them if you are fearful or anxious. You don’t message them because you think that they won’t come back unless you initiate the contact. You don’t drop by their house crying and begging them to come back because you miss them.

It means that you keep thinking of them as already being yours, until you feel natural about that. And in that moment you won’t have to think about the physical action. It will happen naturally. You won’t wonder what to say, you won’t wonder if it’s the right thing to do, you won’t need to ask anyone. You will simply know that this is the right thing to do. Why? Because you’ve changed your state. When your state changes, they change as well. If you are no longer viewing them from your old state, that old version of them cannot exist in your world anymore.

This is also why you will find differences in the success stories. Some people reach out to their person and get good result. Others don’t but their person reaches out to them. In either case, there is no force. There is no, “I will not reach out to them because I want them to reach out to me.” There is just this feeling of calmness and knowing that no matter what, they are yours and the outside world doesn’t have the power to change that. Only you do.

I know this is a long post so I will sum up the two most important points:

  1. Your state compels you to take action. You don’t have to think about the physical action. You just know it’s the right thing to do or you may not even think about it. You just get this urge and you act upon it.
  2. Doing what feels right to you doesn’t mean that you take the physical action in order to get results faster. It simply means that you pay attention to your state and adjust it so that your fulfilled desire feels natural to you.

Another thing I would like to say is that the physical action is not the demon that some of you may think it is. Creation is finished. There is never any need to worry about messing up your situation. Nothing can be broken beyond repair unless you declare that it is. Demonizing or overthinking the physical action is not doing anyone any good.

When it’s time for you to act, you will know it. You won’t have to seek reassurance in the outside world. It will feel normal and natural because it will be in accordance with your state. Don’t overthink it. Simply focus on your mental state and changing your inner conversations. The things in the physical reality will move and be moved (including yourself) as needed, in the most natural way possible. You don’t have to devise any means.

The only thing you need to concern yourself with is your own state.


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