Releasing the Old Story: Imagining Lovingly for Yourself

Ever since I started coaching people, I am noticing one thing that many of my clients have in common: when they are changing the story about their relationship, they forget to change the story about themselves. Often times, we forget about the most important person when it comes to manifesting an SP: ourselves. In this post, I will highlight some of the examples I have come across personally and if you recognize yourself in any of the examples, don’t beat yourself up over it. Simply become more aware of what you are doing because this could be the reason you still don’t have what you desire.

In our posts, we mention self love here and there. We define self love as giving yourself your desires, recognizing who you truly are – God of your reality. Neville talks about imagining lovingly for others. Often times, we forget to connect these two things. We think that imagining lovingly only applies to the seeming others. But what about ourselves? We mustn’t forget to imagine lovingly for ourselves as well.

And yes, imagining ourselves in the state of the wish fulfilled is a form of self love but we often get caught up in small things that do not belong into that state. We forget that we are always affirming and we get caught up in affirming the things that are contradicting to the things that we would encounter in the state of the wish fulfilled. I will now mention some of the most common things I have noticed people bringing up, without even realizing what they are doing.


“Nothing is working”
If you are one of the people who are doing their techniques, thinking they are living in the end and then go on and complain about how nothing is working, you need to stop doing that. What you are doing here is affirming that your techniques aren’t bringing any results. This is wrong for two reasons! First reason is that you are actually expecting for the technique to bring you your desire instead of doing what it was designed to do: allow you to experience the state of the wish fulfilled. Second reason is that you are doing something and saying it isn’t working. But, the Law is the Law. As long as you are saying that nothing is working, nothing will be working for you. You get what you focus on!
Do this instead: Besides learning that the result of the technique is allowing you to experience the wish fulfilled, start affirming that your chosen technique is almost magical. It works so easily for you, it resonates so deeply with you, it helps you catch all the right feelings quickly and effortlessly.


“I see no movement”
Just like with the previous example, if you are doing this, you are simply affirming that there is no movement. We all know by now that worrying about the how is simply useless. All we have to do is allow for our desires to come through. Sometimes we can simply decide so and sometimes we need to use the techniques. No matter which one of these approaches you are using, you shouldn’t be looking at your external reality and looking for evidence. You should be living in your imagination, knowing that what you want is already yours. In the terms of the mental diet, this means that you are flipping the thoughts about the lack of having something and turning them into the thoughts that you would have if you now had this thing or if you now were this person. With time, you will even start doing this automatically! But as long as you are looking on the outside and saying that nothing is happening, you are affirming that and therefore focusing on the lack.
Do this instead: The simplest solution here is to go on a mental diet and flip your thoughts around. Start affirming that this thing is already yours. Here, I would recommend not even bothering with the middle and creating affirmations such as, “I know the things are rearranging themselves in the background, I just can’t see it right now.” No, go straight to the end and stick with it. “It is done. This is my old reality. It doesn’t matter anymore because I have chosen a new one!”


“I don’t think I am good enough for this person”
Well then, guess what, you aren’t! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you think you are good for them or not. You are right in both cases because it all comes down to your perception. However, you can feel unworthy of something and still manifest it. I wouldn’t recommend it because it is very likely that you will fall into the state of being insecure and taking it out on your partner, if you allow for your thoughts to spiral.
Do this instead: Affirm that you are the God of your reality. If you are the God of your reality, how can you ever think you are unworthy of something? You have created all of this for yourself. Question these thoughts. Ask them, “How can I be undeserving of my own creation?” Come up with examples that will deny them: do you ever create a document on your computer, save it, walk away and then come back the next day and wonder if you are worthy of opening it?


“I want to give up”
If you want to give up, it’s almost always a sign that you have been pushing yourself too much. Wanting to give up is, in almost all of the cases that I have seen so far, a result of not living in the end, looking at the outside world, looking for evidence, affirming that your desire isn’t there yet.
Do this instead: If you feel like giving up, ask yourself what will you do next? You know you can’t turn off your creative powers. You are the operant power of your reality, whether you use your power consciously or not. So, what will you do? Go back to being sad and miserable and say the Law doesn’t work or continue studying and see that the only reason it’s not working is because you keep affirming that it’s not working?


“I want him back but he did this and that”
Start taking responsibility for your own creation. You can’t take responsibility for good things that happened to you and completely ditch the responsibility when things that you don’t see as good start showing up. The Law is the Law. It’s always working. That means that if there is something that you would consider negative in your life, you are the one who created it. There is no power outside of you. How can you, then, avoid the responsibility for these “negative” things? It’s not about blaming yourself. It’s never about that because blaming yourself means that you are repeating the old story. It’s about acknowledging that you have created it and that you have the power to make it go away. Knowing that you have created all of this should be inspiring and motivational, not make you feel guilty.
Do this instead: Forgive yourself for the negative creations but also acknowledge that the only reason they exist is because you gave them power, you selected them by focusing on them. It doesn’t matter what your SP did. The focus should be on you. No, it’s not always easy to accept that we have created them in ways that we deem as negative but the beautiful thing about it is that we can align with the version of them that we deem as positive, as good, them being the way we desire them to be, simply by changing our own perspective on them. Stop affirming that they did this or that in the past. Revise it if it’s bothering you and move on. If it keeps coming up, well, keep redirecting your thoughts!


So, you see, all of these things may sound like they have nothing to do with the self love but they do. We are imagining all the time. If we are imagining such unlovely things for ourselves, we must change that. We must start imagining lovingly for ourselves. Let me ask you a couple of questions.

If you now had what you wanted, would you be saying that the Law just isn’t working for you? I don’t think you would. And you know what? This may sound harsh but your situation is not special. Just because your circumstances are different than someone else’s, doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want. Your circumstances are your past creations. They are your old manifestations showing up. They are also irrelevant. So no, your situation isn’t special, it doesn’t require a special technique or some special manifestation power! It’s not beyond the repair, unless you declare that it is. If your wish was now fulfilled, you would be proud of yourself for persisting. You would be so happy that you persisted and stayed consistent!
Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you don’t put your manifestation on a pedestal and say it’s an exception to the Law. Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you take the leap of faith and affirm that you already have it.

If you now had what you wanted, would you be saying that things are still the same? No. You would be enjoying the feeling of already having what you want! You wouldn’t be looking at the outside world saying, “Where is my person”, or, “Where is my money, or, “Why is nothing happening?!” You would be enjoying the feeling of knowing that these things are already yours. So, living in your imagination is essential here. Living in your imagination means that you don’t affirm the absence of the fulfilled wish and you don’t concern yourself with the how.
Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you stop looking at the world of Caesar and allowing it to have the power over you. You start using your imagination as radically creative. You stop basing your judgment on your current circumstances or memories. Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you believe that your imagination creates reality and you surrender to your imagination. Anything that doesn’t conform with your wish fulfilled in your outside world is not worthy of your attention.

If you now had what you wanted, would you be wondering if you are good enough for this person? Sure, maybe some of you would, but as I mentioned earlier: if that is your current state, you want to get out of it before you start acting according to it and taking it out on your partner by becoming an insecure version of yourself. Instead, you would be happy that you are now together and this question wouldn’t even come up in your mind. You would know that you are the real catch here and because you are the God of your reality, they are lucky that you have chosen them. Not vice versa!
Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you acknowledge that you can’t be undeserving of your own creation. No matter what obstacles you see standing in your way, you know that what you selected for yourself is something that you deserve to experience. Obstacles are nothing but the illusions of the physical world. You are more than your physical self, therefore, imagining lovingly for yourself means that you do not allow for these seeming obstacles to stop you from getting what you desire.

If you now had what you wanted, would you want to give up? No, because you would already have what you want. There is no such thing as giving up if you are truly living in the state of the wish fulfilled. What is there to give up? Your fulfilled desire? That sounds silly, doesn’t it?
Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you don’t put yourself in the state of not being able to continue and in the state of wanting to give up. You don’t allow for the things I mentioned previously to culminate and bring you to this state. Imagining lovingly, in this case, means that you imagine yourself with your wish fulfilled and you don’t allow for anything contradictory to grab your attention.

If you now had what you wanted, would you be thinking about the things that happened in the past? Sure, maybe. But would you be so focused on the things that you deem as negative that they would bring you to the point where you want to scream and shout at your person? Those things wouldn’t seem relevant anymore.
Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you don’t allow for the thoughts of the old version of yourself to take over. The old version of yourself is the version that is stuck in the past, the version that keeps thinking about the old version of your relationship. With the reconciliation, you want to create a new version of your relationship and a new version of yourself. If this new version of yourself is focused on the old stuff, then are you truly the new version of yourself?


Imagining lovingly for yourself means that you imagine yourself as the best version of yourself. You no longer allow for your old insecurities and lack of confidence to come through. You are now a version of you that is confident, secure and know what they’re doing. Why would you want to bring that old version of you into the new version of your relationship? Image lovingly for others by imagining that your SP is now the best version of himself possible. Imagine lovingly for both of you by imagining that you are now in the best relationship possible. Imagine lovingly for yourself by imagining that you are the best version of yourself.

“If we remember another as we have known him, we recreate him in that image, and the past will be recognized in the present. Imagining creates reality. If there is room for improvement, we should re-construct him with new content; visualize him as we would like him to be, rather than have him bear the burden of our memory of him.”

The Law & The Promise, Neville Goddard

Apply this advice from Neville to yourself as well! Don’t forget about the most important person in your world: yourself!

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