Ignoring Your Reality: Radically Creative Imagination

I want to start this article with this quote:

“The inner actions must correspond to the actions we would physically perform after these things should be.”

The Law & The Promise, Neville Goddard

People often ask us how to ignore their own reality, which is so different from what they desire. What I am about to tell you is nothing revolutionary and nothing you haven’t heard before because it comes straight from Neville. I will show you the examples of it and hopefully that will make it easier for you to understand!

Neville talks about remaining unmoved by the things that happen in the world of Caesar. What does this mean? It means that, no matter what happens in your external reality, you do not react to it. Reaction is an imaginal act as well. What do I mean by that? This:

“He who changes an activity acts; whereas he who resists an activity, reacts. One creates; the other perpetuates.”

The Law & The Promise, Neville Goddard

It’s all imagination. When you react, you are simply acting in your imagination. See – (re)action. You are repeating the same imaginal act in your imagination and therefore, perpetuating it. Now, it’s not only about emotional reactions and I want to make that very clear: seeing something unpleasant and reacting emotionally is not the only thing I would include in this category. Things like repeating your old story, complaining and basing your judgment on what happened in the world of Caesar, all belong to reactions in my book. Because, technically, what you are doing in these situations is accepting the outside world as a “done deal”. You are accepting it and that gives it the power to stay in your reality!

By no means do I mean that you cannot react at all when it comes to your outside world. That would make us all look like robots, wouldn’t it? And that’s something we are not. (Don’t get me wrong, robots are a wonderful creation but I very much prefer to be God. :D) If you do react to something, it doesn’t mean that everything is lost. Otherwise, nothing would ever change in our external reality. However, it also means that you probably aren’t living in the end either. Once you decide to get something, that’s when you stop reacting. And how do you stop reacting? By believing that your imaginal act is realer than the world of Caesar. The world of Caesar are your old manifestations showing up. But what you are focusing on now is what is going to show up in your “future”. Once you realize the importance of this, you will no longer feel like dwelling on the things that do not serve you, things that you perceive as negative.

Once again, I invite you to test this. Don’t take my word for it. The easiest way to test this is through the “everyone is you pushed out” concept. Simply assume that the person who is going on your nerves is not going on your nerves anymore. Or change somebody’s mood in the course of the day by seeing them as happy when they are feeling down!

This is also where the idea for us to use our imagination as radically creative comes in.

“Imagination creates, conserves and transforms. Imagination is radically creative when all imaginative activity based on memory disappears.”

The Law & The Promise, Neville Goddard

You see, if you are reacting to something that is happening in your reality right now, you are simply perpetuating the same thing over and over again. However, if you decide to stop doing that and if you decide to actually change your world despite what your outer senses are telling you, you are building your “new” world without bringing in the memories of the past. You are allowing for your imagination to be radically creative, as Neville calls it.

Now, on to our examples, to make this more clear!


Example 1. Manifesting An SP – An Ex
Mary and Francis have broken up. Yes, again. Poor Mary and Francis must be breaking up everytime I write a new article but oh well. They have broken up over reasons that they would consider to be important and something that neither one of them can get over. Now, without going into why this happened, let’s assume that 4 years have passed since then. Suddenly, Mary finds herself wanting to get back together with Francis. But then, the memories of their past together keep coming up and she starts doubting and wondering if this is really possible. So far, she has manifested great things. She knows circumstances don’t matter. So why is it so hard to just live in her imagination? Because she thinks it means that she never gets out of that world. And yet, the only thing that is asked of her is that she lives in her imagination as far as Francis is concerned. And not even a 100%* but only when he does things that she wouldn’t want him to do when they are together: this includes third parties, ignoring her messages, ignoring her calls, being distant, not trusting her, not confiding in her, not being able to forgive her, blocking her or deleting her off of social media etc. Anything that she wouldn’t consider to be her end result: a happy, committed relationship with the version of him that is understanding, forgiving, caring, trusting and loving.

So, what does Mary do? Well, first she has to revise anything that keeps popping up in her head, that isn’t aligned with that end goal. Maybe there are some hurtful things that he said, like saying that he will never be with her again or saying that he can never trust her again or forgive her for the things she’s done to him. She should ideally revise those things and after these things are “erased” from her memory, she can allow for her imagination to become radically creative. When all the triggers are removed, she can start building a new story, ignoring the current circumstances completely.

If Mary and Francis are no longer in contact, she has to ignore that. It doesn’t mean that she has to go around all day pretending that she is talking to Francis. That would very likely stress her out, make her feel crazy and eventually give her a reason to give up. Instead, whenever she looks at her phone and notices that there is no message from him, she has to ignore that circumstance because reacting to it would only perpetuate them not talking to each other right now. So, instead of noticing this lack over and over again, she simply directs her thoughts to them being in contact, like this: “We are talking so much. There is nothing to worry about. Thoughts about the lack are coming from the old me and the old me is no longer here. Now I am the new version of me.”

See how she has to completely disregard that old version of herself, not only the old story about her relationship with Francis, but also about herself as a person? I will talk about that in more detail in another article but for now, let’s just say that her saying that she is no longer the old version of herself means that she is no longer insecure and feels like she can’t manifest this. The new version of her knows that she’s got this. She just has to focus on what she wants, persistently.

Example 2. Manifesting Money
Well now, Mary wants to manifest some money next. She doesn’t need too much, maybe around $10.000,00. Currently, she has only $2.000,00 in her bank account and some bills to pay. Here is where it gets pretty evident which state Mary embodies: when she goes to pay that bill, is she allowing herself to think how this is only going to put her shopping spree further into the future? If that is so, then she is not living in the end. Living in the end, in her case, means that she already has the money. The state in which she already has this money is the state of the wish fulfilled for her. If she is embodying that state, she cannot be thinking this way about her bills. She also doesn’t have to pretend that the bills aren’t there.

Often times, I hear people asking how could they possibly focus on having a lot of money when they have to pay their bills. Well, how do wealthy people feel about their bills? They surely don’t go around worrying about it and thinking, “How am I going to pay this $250,00 bill? I will only have $1.457.902.583,00 left on my account after that!” So, why would you do that? Your current bank account balance is a circumstance anyway. It doesn’t matter.

Therefore, the way Mary should be thinking when she is paying the bill is more along the lines of, “This bill is nothing compared to what I have.” Or, to tone it down a bit, “This bill is not that expensive. It won’t really affect my bank account balance!”


I will leave it at these two examples for now but I hope that they show you clearly that the crucial time for Mary to be aware of her thoughts is when the subject of her desire is involved. In the first case, she doesn’t have to go around thinking about Francis being her boyfriend all day long. In the second case, she doesn’t have to go around affirming that her bank account balance is where she wants it to be all day long. That kind of approach to manifesting, more often than not, shows that you do not believe that your imagination is real. It shows that you are still in the state of having to work to get things, instead of being in the state of already having them. And, it’s as simple as deciding that you already have this or that.

So no, ignoring your reality is not about living in your head all day long and ignoring the outside world in the terms of action: the world of Caesar shouldn’t be ignored. You don’t suddenly stop going to work because you want a new job. You don’t suddenly stop going to a doctor because you want to be healthy. You just have to assume that this is the old reality and this is where your body is right now. But your mind is already in the new one! Physical action shouldn’t be confused for the imaginal action. And imaginal action is where you build the new world. This is why people will tell you to watch your thoughts and not dwell on thoughts that completely contradict your wish fulfilled.

I will leave you with this quote from Neville:

“We must live wholly on the level of Imagination. And it must be consciously and deliberately undertaken.”

The Law & The Promise, Neville Goddard


*What I mean by “not a 100%” is that if there are things about Francis that she likes in her present world, she can keep those things. She doesn’t have to change him 100%.

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