November Q&A: Part 3

This is the last part of our November Q&A! Feel free to submit your questions for our December Q&A here.


1) “I am writing my manifestation lists everyday. I understand the idea is that fleeting thoughts create too and manifesting small things builds confidence. But should I bother if not all of my small things in the list haven’t manifested? It’s not like I am looking out for them in the outer world, I just went back today to see my list from a month ago and saw that quite some of them haven’t manifested yet. For example, a random $1 bill. Also, should I repeat the things in the list which haven’t manifested yet? What is the best approach to write manifestation lists.”

Issagoodsoup: Are you sure that it didn’t manifest? Sometimes I write a long list and then forget about it and later on can’t remember if I saw something or didn’t.

The thing with the list is that it’s supposed to be the easiest way to manifest: you write stuff down and forget it or at least don’t think about it for the rest of the day.

Yes, you can repeat the things that haven’t manifested yet. But you don’t have to. Sometimes when things from my list don’t manifest, I end up just rereading them and they happen soon after. One more thing you should keep in mind is, how did you feel when you wrote this down? What were you thinking when you were writing down that you found a dollar bill? Did you think that’s impossible or that you never find random money anywhere? If you were having thoughts like that, they are showing you what state you were in at that moment and that would explain why it’s taking a long time to see the results.

The best way to do your lists is to write down 3-5 things. When you write down only a few things, you will remember them better and notice them more easily when they do manifest. You don’t have to worry about remembering them, you will simply recognize them when they happen, as you already know. For me personally, I find it easiest to write my lists in the morning before work. However, I know people who are writing their lists the evening before. See what works better for you. I think writing the list in the evening works better when you find it hard to forget about the things you want to manifest. Otherwise, you can do it in the morning or really any time of the day!

And last but not least, don’t get stressed out if something doesn’t manifest the same day or even the same week. Just remind yourself that there is an abundance of things that you are manifesting and you will see it in your reality. For example, when I am manifesting things like seeing people in red shirts or something like that, once I see one person in a red shirt, then there are suddenly 10 other people in red shirts, proving that there is an abundance of people in red shirts in my reality at any given moment.


2) “How does the law work in terms of gaining knowledge or improving upon specific parts of my personality? For example, if I want to learn something new or work on my social skills to communicate better, I need to put some effort in learning about the subject and putting some effort in applying that to practice? Or I can persistently assume that I already have all the knowledge I need about the subject and hope that I will imbibe that literature/knowledge on it’s own, because according to the law everything comes effortlessly to me? What should be the ideal belief when we learn about law of attraction, and how much of pro-action should we be to make our life easier?”

Yeanoep: Remember that things always unfold in the most natural way possible. The bridge of incidents feels like something that would have happened anyway, most of the time. What feels natural to you right now? What state are you in right now? Are you in the state in which it feels natural for you to wake up tomorrow, completely confident and with better social skills?

Our actions come from our states. This is why we are repeating a certain imaginal act until it feels natural to us – because when it starts feeling natural, it means that we have entered the state in which this thing is already ours. So in your current state, this thing may feel unattainable but if you persistently assume that your social skills are great, as well as your communication skills, you will shift into that state and it will feel very natural because it will happen in a way that will seem natural to you. Now, what will that mean for you? Will you sit down and learn or really wake up tomorrow feeling more confident – I can’t answer that. It depends on what state you are in. This is what is meant when we say that things are effortless as well – you don’t feel like you are being forced to learn or hang out with people or anything like that.

As far as the pro-action goes, or really any action, we have already answered a question about the action in the previous Q&A. Action that feels natural in your current state, action that doesn’t feel forced, action that you do not question or take because you feel like your manifestation won’t happen if you don’t take that particular action – that’s the action that you should be taking. Taking any action in the outside world before you change your inner world is futile.

“To attempt to change the world before we change our inner talking is to struggle against the very nature of things.”

Mental Diets, Neville Goddard

For example, if you are trying to learn something quickly while your inner conversations do not match that and you are thinking things like, “This is so hard. I can’t do this quickly. It’s taking so long. Ugh, I hate learning”, then you are technically negating that you are already that person, because your inner conversations do not match. But if you are thinking something along the lines of, “Oh my, this is so easy! I love learning! I am memorizing things so quickly! This is so much fun! I love it”, then you will see the results of that. You will see the results of your inner conversations, always. Your inner conversations influence your actions! Thinking something is hard, makes it hard. Thinking something is easy, makes it easy in your experience.


Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions for our November Q&A! We have done it in three parts because we wanted to give detailed answers to all your guys’ questions. Once again, feel free to submit your questions for our December Q&A, here. You can also request that we talk about certain aspects of manifesting in a more detailed manner here. You can also submit your success stories or your inspirational posts here.

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