November Q&A: Part 2

This is the second part of our November Q&A. You can read the first part here.


1)These questions might have been answered already, but you can select one of them which is not answered…
1. Living from the end,
2. First person visualization,
3. Thinking of it Vs thinking from it,
4) Negativity, fear…you feel like nothing is working, how to make yourself believe in it.

Issagoodsoup: The question of visualizing from the first person point of view has already been addressed and there is an entire post dedicated to it, here. We won’t go into details about it in this Q&A.
Living in the end and thinking from the end are one and the same thing. They go hand in hand. If you are living in the end than you are also thinking from the end. The way we like to describe this is that your thoughts are actually revolving around the consequences of your desired end. For example, if you have an SP that you are manifesting, you are living with the feeling that it is already done and because of this, you are also thinking from those premises. You are not going around thinking, “Is it working?”, “Why isn’t it here yet?”, “How can I speed this up?” You are going through your daily life with confidence and faith because you know that what you desire is already yours.
Negativity and fear are things that exist only if you aren’t living in the end. If you are living in the state that is not the state of the wish fulfilled, only then will you encounter fear. But, if you persistently occupy the state of the wish fulfilled, then there is no place for fear or negativity. Remember that states come with predetermined sets of beliefs and feelings (of what is natural to you in a particular state). We will soon make a post about that to explain it in more detail but this is basically what it is.
You should also be careful with the things that you declare to be true in your reality. In this message you are declaring that nothing is working for you. That is not true. That simply cannot be true if we know that we create 24/7. Take a look around you. Everything around you has been selected and brought into your reality by you. This includes negative things. And even if these negative things aren’t really fun to look at, we have to take responsibility for them as well. It doesn’t mean that we have to accept them. It just means we have to acknowledge that we have selected them as well. You are putting yourself in the state in which you believe that nothing is working and that is what you are seeing in your outside world! See? YOU ARE MANIFESTING THIS. You are manifesting it by persistently assuming that nothing is happening, that nothing is working. You are affirming it again and again. You can’t escape the Law.


2) “Manifesting with time limit, if you need something on urgent basis, desperately.”

Issagoodsoup: Forget the deadline. I know it sounds impossible. But here is why it doesn’t matter: you can only manifest in the now. You can muster the feeling of the wish fulfilled only in the now. This means that it exists now. If it feels natural to you now, then it exists in your present. You don’t have to worry about the “how” of the situation. Creation is finished. Everything exists right now. This is why you don’t have to worry about the “when” either. Release the stress and worry relating to a deadline. There is nothing to worry about anyway because, again, creation is finished.

A technique that really helps me release stress when I am manifesting something with a deadline is, “Isn’t it wonderful”. “Isn’t it wonderful that this thing has been resolved before the deadline? Isn’t it wonderful that I no longer have to worry about it?”


3) “I understand inspired action is taken without the manifestation in mind explicitly, but should I not bother about taking any specific action which directly affects my manifestation?
For example, (…) But in a month when I am visiting my country again could be a chance to reach out to her and meet her. (…) Should I not act upon this chance? Or should I let the universe take care of it however difficult it may sound? Do we always restrict ourselves to the imaginal acts and beliefs and let them unfold no matter the circumstances or we can act upon our rare chances and see if they work out? I know it’s not inspired action but I was wondering if we miss any outcomes if we don’t take an action in direct reference to our manifestation.”

Yeanoep: Please note I have removed the old story from your message to us because it doesn’t serve you and you shouldn’t focus on it in any way. Don’t give it any attention whatsoever because that is what is keeping it in place. However, I also wanted to thank you for bringing up this topic because I feel it’s something that sometimes gets taken to the extremes. For example, somebody gets sick and the person starts asking questions like, “Should I just do SATS or should I go to the doctor?” I know, it’s funny but I saw it happen and it made me think.

Inspired action is action that we take without the end result in mind. It’s something that we are compelled to do. However, there is also another type of action. This other type of action is… Well, I don’t really know if it has an official name in this community but it comes from your state. Like issagoodsoup mentioned, states come with predetermined beliefs and feelings. When you fall into a certain state, there are things that feel normal and natural and there are things that feel impossible to you. Now, any action that you feel you should take, ask yourself this question: Why do I want to do this? Be honest with yourself. Do you want to do it because you are afraid that your manifestation will not unfold unless you take this action? Or is it because it feels like this is the right thing to do? Do you feel that taking this action will lead to absolutely positive results? No doubts in your mind? Or maybe a little doubt but you know that it’s coming from your old self so it doesn’t really matter in this new state of yours?

Take action that feels good to you. Take action that feels right. If you are convinced that a certain action will bring good results, it’s all good. But if you are doing something because you are desperate or anxious or fearful (or feel that way about this action), it’s a sure sign that you are coming from a place of doubt and fear and not a place of confidence.

This brings me back to the example I gave you in this answer: if you fall sick, would you go and do SATS to imagine yourself getting better or would you go to the doctor and assume that going to the doctor would make you get better? I believe that the latter would feel more natural to most of us. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to taking action. Creation is finished. You can’t mess up anything. But still, do what feels natural to you, depending on what state you are in!

You see, it’s not the Universe that decides. It’s you. You are the Universe! And as long as you see this action as an action that will lead to good results, do it. I have taken action before. It wasn’t inspired action. It was action that felt right in the moment. I reached out to someone after they told me they will never talk to me again. I changed my thoughts before I reached out: this person missed me, he was checking on me, he cares about me a lot. When I reached out to him, that’s exactly what I’ve got. So no, you do not have to restrict yourself to an imaginal act only. If something feels right to you – I say, go ahead and do it. The only limits there are, are the ones you impose on yourself!


4) “My question is about revision. I have been doing mental diet and SATS and loved it, also reading Neville’s work, I feel great, but the fact I go back to the breakup often makes me wonder if revision can help, but I don’t really know what should I revise, since I don’t know what I did, and thought of hundreds of possibilities, like even a forum post I wrote in regards to her with not so nice things, I thought maybe she read it but then I say no, it’s not possible, then I say a third party, but then I say no, I don’t think she could find someone better, etc etc you get me. Veronica Isles once suggested that since I don’t know what made this happen I shouldn’t even bother with revision and go straight to the end. Another person suggested that I should revise the incident to a breakup where we both agreed to take a break and she thought I was a great person but needed to take care of some things in her life, etc. What’s your take on this? I think I could have managed a ‘normal’ breakup better and wouldn’t experience going back to it like in this case. Thanks for your attention and keep up the beautiful work you do.”

Yeanoep: First of all, thank you very much! It looks like this entire incident is making you come up with more stories as you think about it. You want to stop doing that. It really does not serve you to create other stories based on the current circumstances. Circumstances do not matter. They are your past manifestations, literally! The only thing you need to be focusing on is what you want. It’s like your body is still in the reality in which you are surrounded by your past manifestations but your mind should already be in the “future”, in the wish fulfilled. There is no place for your current circumstances in the state of the wish fulfilled!

Now, it comes down to your personal preference. You know we can all only speak from our own experiences so I will try and compare this to a similar situation in my life, where I went through a breakup that was like a result of patterns that were repeating for months. I didn’t know what to revise in that case either. In your case, you don’t really know what caused it. In my case, I knew there was a bunch of stuff that caused it and I didn’t know what to revise. I revised the break up directly. I think that’s a better way to approach it. What revision does is removes the consequences of your past imaginal acts in the present. Therefore, there is no need to revise it into a normal breakup if you desire to be with that person. Why not revise it so that the breakup never happened between the two of you?

Of course, when there are number of things that we “should” revise or there are reasons that we can’t even see clearly in our present situation, it’s hard to just move on and live in the end if this keeps popping up in your mind and bumping you out of your state. Veronica’s advice is good but it seems like you are still caught up in this old story and that’s why I would suggest doing the revision of the breakup!


Third part coming soon!

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