November Q&A: Part One

Hello everybody! Here is our November Q&A! Please note we will never publish the name of the person, unless given permission, so all questions are simply copied from your emails in this session. Since we received many more personalized messages this time, we will do this Q&A in several parts so we can answer your questions more thoroughly. They will be published every few days.


1) “I’m a skinny guy and I want to get my dream body, but everywhere I go I just read that I have to put in some work, even in Neville’s subreddit. It’s like reality is imagination plus carbs, protein and lifting. I don’t like gym at all and I’m using this desire to prove the law to myself but it’s difficult for me to process that imagining having my dream body by doing nothing is possible. Should I surrender and do the work or should I persist? It’s just like everybody seem to believe that you can’t do it. It surprises and confuses me since, on the other hand, they say it’s perfectly possible winning the lottery or changing everybody’s behavior.”

Issagoodsoup: Well, the first thing you have to do is stop saying that you are skinny! This is your old story. Second thing is that you have to understand that everybody is you pushed out. If you are looking for the answers but all you are finding is an answer that there is no way to change your body, you have to imagine the opposite: finding success stories about people doing this. You said that you are having a hard time believing that it’s possible to achieve this without moving a finger, so that is what you are seeing when you are looking for the answers. It’s really ironic because we get the answers that we already know are inside us. You can answer your own questions by simply asking yourself, “Do I believe this is possible?”

I have seen many success stories about people losing the weight and although that may not be what you are looking for, it’s still an evidence that you can change your body. Take Yeanoep for example, she talked about changing her skin on multiple occasions. There are success stories about people losing weight with affirmations, success stories about people changing their hair thickness, success stories about people setting “unrealistic” goals for themselves and achieving them in very short periods of time, success stories about people making their cheekbones more prominent, success stories about people getting rid of acne and pimples, stories about people who eat whatever they want and stay skinny (Abdullah is one of them), stories about people healing their internal organs which should fall into the same category as well because all these stories have one thing in common: they are about changing your body. See, all of this is the evidence that the Law can be applied to your body as well. There really is no reason to think that it cannot because your body is your ultimate creation. Although it may seem like this is a more stable part of you, it’s really just a vessel you have chosen in order to experience your life as a human. And while that may sound awkward at first, think about it: doesn’t your body exist in your external world? That’s the part of you that is interacting with your external world! You are consciousness and your body is merely your human expression, your human form.

All that being said, yes, it is absolutely possible to change your body! Will you have to eat more and lift weights? This depends on your quibbles. You can read about this here. Sometimes we build little rules for ourselves that we follow unconsciously already. These rules could be you thinking that you have to work out or that you have to eat healthier or use a certain product to get certain results. Examine your beliefs and see if you have these beliefs yourself. Because, at the end of the day, the only person whose beliefs matter is yourself! And if you do have those beliefs, you have a choice: you can either choose to get rid of your quibbles or you can choose to work with them. It is up to you!

But, from my own experience I can tell you that it is possible and that you can absolutely change your body. There are no exceptions to the Law!


2) “Can we change past totally? I mean not just healing or changing a traumatic event but changing the past where I had a totally different childhood? I wish my past would be very different than how my present is. I want to have that past which would support my desire more so is that possible?!

Issagoodsoup: Of course you can. Anything is possible to him who believes. The most important part of that statement is, “to him who believes”. This part often gets overlooked and so the first part of the sentence often gets taken as something that is set in stone and becomes a thing that people debate on, forgetting that the thing is possible only if you can convince yourself! We don’t believe that there are limits to what you can or cannot revise. Therefore, if you feel like revising your entire childhood, go ahead and do it. Once you’ve convinced yourself, your current reality will have to rearrange itself to comply with your new story as well. But when you are revising, keep in mind that you will very likely forget the way things were in your current experience. That’s a side-effect of revision that most of us experience. We simply forget how things were before. And of course, this isn’t a rule. You can eliminate only the consequences of certain aspects of your life which is, I believe, what you are trying to do here. If you do go through with it, we would definitely love to hear your experience!


3) “I wanted to ask you how to get past the doubts of, ‘It’s been so long’…. ‘We are in no contact’…. ‘If it hasn’t worked till yet why will it work now?‘ … ‘I have implemented so many techniques but nothing is working.‘ ….’What if the time gap has made him forget me?’”

Yeanoep: These are all very valid questions but also questions that can pop up only if you aren’t living in the end. Often times, we are afraid to take the leap of faith because we are afraid that things won’t work out. Based on your questions here, we believe that this is the problem in your situation as well. However, this is totally fixable! Test it on something else. Surely you have a friend you haven’t spoken to in years. Intend for them to message you. The only way people can forget you is if you decide so. The only way this won’t work is if you give up. In Neville’s words:

“If man does not always create in the full sense of the word, it is because he is not faithful to his vision, or else he thinks of what he wants rather than from his wish fulfilled.”

The Law & The Promise, Neville Goddard

So, to answer your questions more precisely: “It’s been so long” and “We are in no contact” are mere circumstances. These are your past manifestations. Remember that there is no such thing as a permanent state. Things are always changing. There is no permanence in anything, unless you successfully sustain the state. As long as you are sustaining the state of being in no contact with your person, things will remain the same. It would be much better to change that into feeling that you are now loved and in contact with your person. They simply can’t resist you. They are messaging you all the time. Wouldn’t that feel much better than your current state?

“If it hasn’t worked till now why would it work now?” Because if it hasn’t worked until now, you haven’t been in the state of the wish fulfilled. Based on your question, your desire doesn’t feel natural to you yet. It doesn’t seem like you are in the state of being relaxed because you know that this thing is yours: if you are asking where it is, you are not in the state of having it. The reason it will work now is because you decided to take that leap of faith, to abandon your doubts and beliefs in the external cause, bought the pearl and completely dedicated yourself to your new story. It may be scary and your conscious mind may question it, doubt it and make you think that there is no way that this time it will work, and this is where you have to convince yourself that this time around you are doing it correctly, you are going all in, you are completely embracing your desire as yours and it is done.

“I have implemented so many techniques and nothing is working.” Read about the purpose of techniques here. It’s not the technique that brings your desire to you, it’s your state. Techniques are merely there to get you into the state of the wish fulfilled. Doing too many techniques is often also counterproductive. It perpetuates the state of wanting. This is because you wouldn’t be looking for the next technique if you were living in the end. Stick with one technique. Good ol’ SATS will always do the trick! Use them with a mental diet and it will make you invincible.


…to be continued… 😀

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